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Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Intriguing Scorpio, what about the July horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Scorpio (October 23 ~11 Month 21st)

July, your career path is like God help! As early as the last 12 months, you have felt Jupiter in the Leo favor of your tenth House-fame and glory, a very important turning point for your career. The benefits you earn (July and August) will bring you a lot more dividends for the next ten years. If you have a plan for an important VIP proposal, now is the perfect time to get to 8/11 before Jupiter leaves Leo.

The sooner you act, the better the result. Venus, a planet that dominates beauty and love and also governs money and profits, will retrograde from 7/25-9/6 to your tenth House of achievement and fame. Everything you do at work is best done in 7/25 days, even though as long as Jupiter stays in Leo 8/11 ago, you will have a good wealth gain. Dear Scorpion, before the 7/25-day Venus Action, you also hurry to move!

7/1 is a good day, Venus and Jupiter join hands to take care of your tenth house, bring you no enemy of the workplace advantage! It's an annual event, and every year Venus and Jupiter join hands, and they all pick out different constellations. This time they reach the highest point in your constellation and help push you to the peak of your career. As long as you are trying to show your determination to the universe, start acting, money comes from. Uranus and Jupiter also meet secretly, bringing a sudden good luck. (Extended reading: Enter the workplace only to know, learn these most useful: the importance of workplace English )

At the same time, Venus is in charge of love and beauty, but when retrograde, it will converge on its energy. So, at 7/25 to 9/6, it's not appropriate to bet on love, such as a hasty engagement or a first date. During this period, it is not advisable to make drastic changes to your appearance, such as hair-cutting or cosmetic surgery. You can simply comb the exterior or buy the replacement cosmetics, but a rash appearance change will not give you a satisfactory result. Venus begins its trajectory after 9/6th, and the energy is fully restored before the 10/9th number. So if you can wait, wait until 10/9 to come back to love and beauty of bold action!

At the time of June, Mission manager Saturn briefly visited Scorpio until 9/17, during which time you felt the pressure of work increased, especially for the Scorpions who fell to 19-23 on their birthdays.

If you are eager to take a vacation, the last half of July will be a good time to travel. The 7/1 Full Moon brings a good omen for a small trip, and a short trip brings you endless joy and relaxing luxuries.

The new moon of July, 15, guides your travel, but at this point things may not be as planned. The new moon receives the shade of Uranus, so the sudden state of the family will hinder you from moving forward. You may have a business trip and it looks like you'll have a job to do during the trip. It takes a little more than a few weeks to get to the final sign of the contract.

The Blue Moon, the third full moon this month, will be in 7/31, bringing a sign of completion of the household chores. You may relocate or complete the renovation, because Uranus's blessing shines, and you will thank you for your earlier decision. Make sure all your files are correct, and Mars and Uranus are fooling around, and legal loopholes can slow you down and make you frustrated. (Look together: the family to do housework, the "housework" into a daily happy thing )

Despite the end of the July, your career will continue to bring good news. The tenth House, which is in charge of workplace fame, shines brightly, despite the need to worry about housework and keep pace with the work. After Jupiter left the tenth house in August, Mars will be stationed, bringing more glory and praise. Your performance over the past year has been outstanding, and you can expect praise and applause from the end of this month and August. As for love, wait for the moment while Venus is retrograde, patient and so on. The stars seem to be listening to the universe and will promise all your inner desires.

It ' s July, and your career continues to go exceedingly. You have been enjoying the presence of Jupiter in Leo, filling your tenth House of Fame and honors over the past twelve Mo Nths. This is a important turning point for your professionally, for the gains you made (and would continue to make in July and A Ugust) 'll pay you to dividends for the coming decade or more. If you still would a proposal to a important VIP, does now, prior to August, the date Jupiter would leave Leo.

The sooner you act the better. Venus, a planet associated with would money and profit (aside from love and beauty), 'll go retrograde from July to Sep Tember 6 in your prestigious tenth House of reputation and achievement. It would is best to get all your professional actions done prior to July, even though your would have good fortune jupite R in Leo until August 11. You'll do better now with Venus moving direct, dear Scorpio, down in advance of July 25.

You are are very fortunate to have Venus conjunct Jupiter on July 1 in your tenth house of Career achievement TS would give you the competitive edge for your need to score a very big victory. This is the annual event, but each year Venus and Jupiter meet, they choose a different sign. This is they are meeting at the highest point in your chart and would help with your reach new professional heights if Y Our section by showing the universe your intent-take a action where you need a great outcome. Uranus would be communicating with Jupiter and so when luck strikes, it would be sudden.

As a aside, Venus also rules love and beauty, but when retrograde, would withhold its greatest powers. For this reason, it would is wise to venture forward into love, such as to get engaged or have a-I, during this July 25-september 6 phase. It ' s also not a good idea to make a dramatic change to your looks, either such as to change your cut or color, or to have Plastic surgery. You can does general grooming and buy replacement cosmetics and other grooming aids, but sweeping, would not changes pl Ease you. While technically Venus would turn direct on September 6, Venus'll need time to ramp the up into her former, and strength Matically, that won ' t happen until October 9. If you can wait longer, October 9 are your day to resume venus-ruled activities.

Taskmaster Saturn returned into Scorpio last month to stay briefly, until September-so/may feel career stress T during this time. This would especially apply to those scorpios with birthdays, fall to 23.

If you are yearn to get away, this would is the perfect time to take a vacation-do so sometime in the ' the ' half H. The full moon July 1 would put on the right frame of mind to pack and go to a pretty location near base. Taken then, a little trip would offer the opportunity for plenty of fun and a to touch of luxury, too.

The new moon July would also coax to travel, but from this point in the month, things won ' t go exactly to plan. That New Moon is under siege from Uranus, so news that surfaces at home at the last minute may interfere with your le Aving town. You could have to travel for work, as it appears your would have a goal to complete if your do book it. Completing any negotiation would take skill and much patience, and it could take weeks to nail the contract.

The month ' s Blue moon-the month ' s second full moon on July 31-will-a bring home-related to matter or fruition. The May is moving or finishing up a renovation, and if so, you'll enjoy your decision for a long, a suppor tive beam from Saturn. Make sure all your paperwork are in order, for Mars and Uranus would act up and a legal glitch could cause you delays and F Rustration.

Although you are wrapped up in a home or family matter at month's end, your career'll continue to bring good news. You have a crown of the stars in your prestigious professional tenth House, so even though your'll need to monitor Home-relat Ed events, you won ' t skip a beat at work. Once Mars enters this same sector just as Jupiter prepares to leave your prestigious career sector in August, you can cou NT on more accolades to be coming your way. Your performance over of the past year has been extraordinary, so you can expect thunderous applause for work-do at Mo Nth ' s or in August. What about love? That ' s coming, the But not now with Venus retrograde. Be patient. It looks like the universe is listening and would grant you every heart ' s desire.

The days of Scorpio worth noticing

  • 7/1 Full Moon in Scorpio, come to a small trip near the mountain. This is also a good time to sign a contract.

  • Venus and Jupiter Rendezvous in your tenth house, and you will receive praise from the big, the client and the media. The path of the workplace everything goes smoothly!

  • 7/2, 7/3 will be a great time to travel, write, and make public speeches. A manuscript is also suitable for brainstorming in 7/2, and a new task is coming.

  • Travel will be put on the calendar again in 7/15, and this new moon will cause minor damage because it has a bad angle to Uranus. Your assistant may ask for help, or your project needs to change direction.

  • The new moon will also inspire international ties, something that will happen in the law, may be related to a dispute, or a trademark or patent application is more likely. 7/15 Mars head-on collision with Pluto, you will meet some stubborn person.

  • The issue of academics or immigrants will also come around 7/15. If you work in the media industry, you will launch a new project related to publishing, broadcasting, and networking.

  • After 8/8th, your career path will become extremely busy. So take this month's trip and do your work and stay at home next month.

  • Venus is retrograde between 7/25 and 9/6, Venus is in charge of love and beauty, and all the objects that beautify life. At this point, avoid holding a grand feast, or change your appearance. After 10/9, Venus will regain his powerful energy. (Share with you: believe in love, believe in yourself: Love is not perfect, only complete )

  • 7/31 this month's second full moon will surround you with family, real estate and other family-related matters.

Take a quick short trip to a mountainous region at the full moon in Capricorn, July 1. This same full moon may bring a contract to sign, and it's a good time to do so.

Venus will meet with Jupiter in your solar tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame. You are about to get an abundance of praise from a VIP, client, or the press. When it comes to career, you can do no wrong.

July 2 and July 3 would be great days to travel, write, or do public speaking.

Hand in a manuscript, and also, on July 2, do creative brainstorming. New assignments may come in now too.

Travel may again be on the agenda July 15, the new moon, influential for two weeks after the new moon appears. Not everything will go smoothly, however, for Uranus will be in hard angle. You may hear your assistant is leaving or that a project needs to change direction.

This same new moon may encourage the growth of international relationships, a legal move in the courts that may or may not have to do with a dispute, but instead be related to filing a trademark or patent. Mars will oppose Pluto on July 15, however, so someone will be quite domineering and pushy.

Anything having to do with academia or immigration would also come up near July 15. If you work with the media, you may initiate a project that is related to publishing, broadcasting, or the Internet.

After August 8 next month, your career will get very busy. Plan to travel this month and be back to home base next month.

Venus will retrograde July 25 to September 6. Because Venus rules love, beauty, and anything that embellishes elements in life, avoid giving a large, expensive party during this time, and do nothing to change your looks just yet. Wait, if possible, until after October 9, when Venus will be very strong again.

The month's second full moon will occur on July 31 and finish up a home, property, or family-related matter.

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