For life to leave a monologue, every week this time, I long for you to leave a time for yourself, parting from the reality of the turmoil, women fans only read poems for you.

When we love the world
You're alive.

We live this world as we love it.

--Tagore, the flock of birds

Good morning, ❤. I love my free day, let's learn to be considerate of ourselves, to understand the world, to embrace every moment of life.

Image source: Jade Lu

Should I compare you to summer?
You are more lovely and more temperate than summer:
The wind will blow the May's core,
Summer rental time is too short:
Sometimes the eyes in the sky are too hot,
His golden countenance was often darkened;
All things that are beautiful are always 凋败,
To be ravaged by chance or natural metabolism:
But your eternal summer will not fade,
Don't lose the goodness you have,
Nor can death bragged you in his shadow,
When you are with time in eternal lines:
As long as people can breathe or see clear eyes,
This poem will last forever and give you life.

--Shakespeare, the 18th of 14 lines of poetry, the timid lover-- 400 years of English love poems selected

You are as energetic as summer, and more than summer.

〉〉 in the name of poetry when we talk About love

Lift your heart to worry about is the sea breeze
A little tide is patting the thousands of trees in our harbor.
All the boats, you'll never see their names.
And you think all the lights are familiar
Every light is like a past, a love
At this time, our port is really quiet. When the wind and the lights
When the light of sorrow and the past is like a small tide
You will love to walk quietly, just like I do
Walk by, there's a beautiful, 14th pier.

--Zheng Chou, Song of the Night

In the name of the poem 〉〉 every light is like a past, a love

You're the one who made the love come alive you make my heart go hot
You made me who I am
I see my image in the depths of your eyes

You said you liked trees.
You can see the whole forest when you see a leaf
See the one that died and the endless endless

You made me realize that loving you is such a solemn thing.
And you made me realize that love for you will spread

You said we should reconcile with the past.
Sit down with the past and have a cup of tea
I didn't forget that.

--Chongwen, "Love Your Past", included in the Ice Room tea Collection--Poetry and spring Art Museum of the 16th article

〉〉 Reading Chongwen in the name of poetry

Image source: Abby Rockwell

I stopped at the crossroads and waited for you.
I hope you'll follow up and ask
Let me whisper it to you.
This is where my life turns.

For a long time, my only dream was slow
Emerge from the window of the dusk--
You're running fast, I'm in the back
Pick up the jewels and jewelry you left behind
Throw them one by one into each other's tearing waves.

And the moon rises from the sea
A cloud fills the moonlight and sinks peacefully in the silvery rain
You finger, gasp: once a child was lost there ...
Oh, yes! I think: Is your sigh of the tide
Cover the footprints behind him ...

So we said good-bye in silence.
As if you were a distant neon bright, at Simon
The noisy lane in the noisy area, silent
I insist, just silent not to tell you
Once I waited for you at the turn of life

--Chen Khawa, the place where I turn my life

I am in the corner of my life, waiting for you, even if we eventually want to not, do not forget to meet the brilliant.

In the name of the poem 〉〉 Goodbye, is another spring

Image source: Chris Koyle