We study the stars, believe that there are always some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Daring and strong Aries, what about the July horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Aries (March 21 ~4 month 19th)

Your July will be very busy flying, because this month is not only two full moon, there will be a new moon. The first full moon will be very friendly and your position in the field of expertise will be materialized, you will be happy to see that, when praise, a positive reputation, or even a promotion, are likely to find you, and this Full moon will be the only full moon in 2015 to light up your tenth house (career Palace).

Obviously, you are making rapid progress in your field of expertise, because this Full moon will be joined with Pluto, so that your power, prestige, and respect for others in your career will be emphasized. You are sharp, the actual judgment (Pluto in Capricorn) plus the exact intuition (Neptune in Pisces), these two planets will give you their unique gift at the same time. (Extended reading: Let your intuition take you further: "You don't need to see the whole staircase, just step out the first steps")

Of course, July will also be a bit stressful, especially in the July. At the beginning of July, news or events about family and family will distract you from focusing on your career. Your Guardian Spark Star, right in your family house, makes a mess of everything, and it looks like the things that matter to you, your possessions, the things you do with one parent, and so on, will require your devotion and your career to pay attention and continue for a long time.

Not all family-related things can be difficult or fun. You might want to redecorate your home, drawing designs, and if so, Neptune will be very kind to help you, especially on July 13, and will prove to you that you have the gift of decorating or entertaining, or even both!

Emotionally, this month your love life will suddenly explode with beautiful fireworks. July 1, Venus will be in the children's Palace (fifth house) and represent the good luck of Jupiter meet, this encounter is unique. Your job will be a bit hard at the same time, so you'll need to find a way to socialize after work, even if you can't leave your desk early. There are many reasons for the July 1 to be special to you, family, family, career, love, romance, pregnancy, children, as well as creative expression, etc., will be surrounded by luck.

Before the new moon on July 15, more planets will migrate to your home house, but not all family-related plans will be clear until July. This new moon will have a temper with Pluto (related to Money or authority), Uranus (unexpected events), and you may feel you have been pushed to the limit.

In the next few weeks, try to stay flexible and witty. The family, the family, the career, and the freedom you long to desire will all be mixed together in the July, until you find a way to integrate these different elements. You have to find your priorities, it's not easy, when you think things are just as important to you, and others may have to rely on you. (See together:"Ding Juan Column" and the family agreed to moralize tacit understanding, is the most memorable memory )

Before the middle of July, your family and family related events will occupy a lot of your attention and continue for a while. Some of the elements in your plan will be a bit messy and you will need to make a decision in a short time, and at the same time, an important person in your field of work may be demanding. It seems that this important person will completely not care about the other aspects of your life under the pressure, so even the explanation is saved. You have always been very brave and very soothing to powerful people, and it is time for you to play this talent.

This month, your ability to find a new relationship will be greatly enhanced, so it's important to you if you are single and have a little more social life this month, especially July 1, but other times are great. If you have found the other half, July will make you closer to each other in a powerful way, and let you see how deep your love for each other is. You're going to be surprised.

The best day for a social life, July 31 is the time of the second full moon in this month, when a group of planets gathers in your fifth house (the Children's palace), including Venus (Love), Jupiter (Good luck and happiness), mercury (new News), The sun (where you glow and heat). At the same time, the July 31 full moon in Leo will light up your interpersonal palace. You may be invited to a very important and luxurious social occasion. Many of your friends will attend, including new friends you want to meet. You may meet new humanitarian and idealistic friends, many of whom will be involved in good work. You have to go, because it's going to be a very magical night and it will be very enlightening.

If you meet a new person after July 31, this relationship is likely to be subject to forced separation, as Venus will be retrograde on July 25 ~9 6th, and your new target will need to travel a lot, or work in other cities, or even have to run the library frequently for an important qualifying exam. Be patient, everything will be all right before the fall.

You are are certain to is on your skateboard, rushing this, there, and everywhere, for July brings not one but two full moons Plus a new moon. The full moon would be very friendly and are due to arrive July 1, and'll crystalize where you stand professionally. This could easily is the moment you hoped to see-a time when praise, positive publicity, or a promotion would come to yo U, for this Full moon, the only one of 2015, would light your tenth House of Honors, awards, and achievement. Apparently you ' re making exceptional professional progress to this Full moon would conjoin Pluto, revealing the power, PR Estige, and respect you have already earned in your industry, your ' ve shown astute, practical judgment (Pluto in Capricorn) Along with a finely functioning intuition (Neptune in Pisces)-both planets'll contribute their unique gifts at this T Ime.

July has its pressures too, however, and those would be evident mid-month. In early July, news and events going on at home or in regard to a family member would distract you from your career. Mars, your ruling planet, is now in your home sector, stirring the pot. Clearly, activities are going on your residence, the other property you own, or a matter in regard to a parent, and that Si Tuation would need just as much attention as your career, and possibly more, and over a longer period.

Not all of the home-related focus'll be arduous-some might is fun. You are making design choices for a renovation or redesign, and if so, Neptune ' s friendly stance in July, especially NE Ar July, would prove that your have a flair for decorating or entertaining, or both!

Romantically, this month your love life may suddenly burst open with delightful fireworks. Venus will have her one and only meeting with good fortune Jupiter on July 1 in your house of true love. Your work life will be demanding at the same time, so you will need to find a way to socialize after work anyway, even if you can't leave your desk as early in the day as you had hoped. July 1 is special for you for many reasons. Home, family, career and love / romance / pregnancy / children / and creative expressions are all areas for you that will be showered with luck.

By the new moon, July 15, more planets will have migrated to your home sector, but by mid-month, not all elements of your residential or family plan will click into place. This new moon will be unhappy with Pluto (money or authority figure) and Uranus (unexpected events), and you might feel stretched to the limit. The more flexible and resourceful you can remain in weeks to come, the better. The area of home, family, career, and your persistent desire for freedom will all clash in the wild crosscurrents of mid-July until you find a way to integrate these disparate, incongruent elements. You'll have to prioritize - not an easy task, as all areas of your life seem equally important to you, and others will be depending on you.

By mid-month, your home and or family will grow to get the lion's share of your attention, and this will go on for weeks and possibly months. Some elements of your plan will spin off the rails, so you'll need to make split-second decisions, while at the same time, a VIP at work might be demanding. It seems this VIP will be completely uncaring of the pressures you will be under elsewhere in your life, so don't even try to explain. You are good at putting on a brave face and placating power figures when necessary - that talent will come in handy now.

The sweetest part of your chart relates to your ability to find new love, so it will be imperative for you, if single, to socialize this month, especially on July 1, but at other times too. If you have already found the person for you, events in July will bond the two of you closer in a powerful way and show you just how deep the love you share can be. You may be surprised.

Your favorite social moment in July will occur on July 31, the month's second full moon, when a group of planets will convene in your fifth house of true love, including Venus (love), Jupiter (good fortune and happiness), Mercury (news), and the Sun (the place you will shine). At the same time, the full moon in Leo July 31 will light your friends / events / people sector. You may be invited to an important social event, one that will be lyrical and luxurious in every way. Many friends will be in attendance, as well as new people you will want to meet. The guest you are likely to encounter will be idealistic with a humanitarian bent and many will work for the common good. Go, for this event has the likelihood of being an evening so magical, it will be positively inspirational.

If you meet someone new after July 31, enforced separations may mark the early part of the relationship, as Venus will go retrograde starting July 25 until September 6. It may be that your new love will need to travel a great deal, work in another city, or take important qualifying exams and never make it out of the library. Be patient. By the fall, things will improve dramatically.


7月1日:金星和木星在獅子座,談戀愛的好時機。 另外,這天也會有加薪等關於錢的好消息,因為金星是掌管你第二宮(財運宮)的守護星。 這天的滿月在你的事業宮,你在事業方面的消息將會讓你很開心。

7月2日~7月3日:旅行的好日子。 如果你不能馬上出走,就用這兩天寫作或是腦力激盪一些新的點子吧,你將會有很不錯的想法!



7月15日:新月出現在你的家庭宮,接下來的兩周,你將會需要放非常多注意力在家庭相關的事情上。 你的工作仍然會很緊繃,在此同時你還要分散注意力給家庭方面的事。



7月31日:這天將會有另一個滿月,帶來一個有趣的社交活動,你千萬不要錯過,你將會發現你自己認識許多友善的面孔,且這個社交活動將會非常豪華。 這個活動可能與運動、慈善、政治募款、婚禮、生日有關。

July 1 brings Venus and Jupiter together in Leo, a great time for love.

The same date, July 1, may bring superb financial news about your growing salary, for Venus is the natural ruler of your second house of earned income.

The full moon in your career sector on July 1 will show you where you stand in your career - news could make you jump for joy.

If you are decorating your home, the lovely interplay between Mercury and Neptune will spice up your creativity on July 13.

The new moon in your home sector July 15 plus two weeks will bring a lion's share of your attention to your home. Still, your work will be demanding, and your need to think about family or your home space will split your attention.

July 2 and July 3 will be great days to take a spontaneous trip. If you can't get away, then use these days for writing or brainstorming for new ideas - you will be capable of coming up with winners.

July 6 won't be the day to ask for favors of a highly placed executive.

Venus will go retrograde from July 25 to September 6. This is not the time to change your looks dramatically by cutting your hair or coloring a completely different shade (women) or for a man to shave or start to grow a beard. The results won't be what you had hoped.

The month will bring another full moon, July 31, and bring on a fun social event not to be missed - you will find yourself among many friendly faces, and the event itself may be quite luxurious or different in a major way. It may be that you are at a sporting event, charity function, political fundraiser, friend's wedding, or birthday party.

蘇珊米勒(Susan Miller),美國最著名的星相學家,師承母親。 她於1995年創立網站「Astrology Zone」,每月親寫星座運勢,創下平均單月六百萬人次瀏覽記錄,也為《紐約時報》撰寫每日星座專欄,被網友暱稱為「神婆」。