We study the stars, believe that there are always some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. What about the leadership of Leo, the July horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Leo (July 23 ~8 month 22nd)

It seems that although many people will travel in July, you choose to stay at home and finish your work well. Every minute of the month will be very busy, July 1, the full moon appears, will bring your work plan to an end. This Full moon will be very strong and powerful because it will work with Pluto. Neptune is very friendly to the full moon and Pluto, so if you're working on a creative plan, it looks like you're going to have a good income or a raise for the project, and if not, the next full moon is worth looking forward to. Foreign markets will be very fortunate for you, so try to expand your artistic expression, goods, services, and exports.

July 1, Venus meets Jupiter (good luck and gifts), this is a rare annual event. It is noteworthy that both Venus and Jupiter will appear in Leo, for the first time in recent years. Indeed, this is not an ordinary day, because this day has a great potential to help you find love, and bring you good job information. July 3, Mercury will meet Jupiter, this is a very rare encounter, this day you will be a perfect day, you are surrounded by friends, may be a grand, happy Party, or BBQ, picnic, to a very red restaurant to eat.

Your career looks like an impressive victory, and you may receive a very good message about your area of expertise, around July 1. Venus will be retrograde on July 25, with careers, romances, and appearances to be completed in early July, as Venus retrograde will send weak waves. (together: a letter to the workplace fresh people "Go your own way, let the work with You")

Venus is the guardian of your tenth house of business, so Venus ' movements will have a great impact on your career. Venus is also in charge of love, appearance, and interesting things, remember to participate in social activities at the beginning of July, not to wait until Venus retrograde, because the magic of Venus will be temporarily rested.

July 16, Crescent moon in cancer, this is not your big moment, because it will light up the very quiet area of your palace bitmap, representing thinking, building strategies, preparing for the future. You may feel that some infighting is taking place in your company, and if so, those who want to hit you will later feel sorry for themselves. This month, the end of the month, you will be strong and confident, because Pluto will be hedged with the crescent moon, anyone who has ever envied you success will find that their plans to pull your hind legs are ineffective and even counterproductive. Don't be too concerned about people who are sensational but have no talent, you will stand out.

When Saturn returns to Scorpio on June 14, it means you will need to face up to a long overdue question about the assets you own or rent, or a family member may need your help. Saturn will stay there until September 17, so it looks like you're going to choose a way to get things done. If you think the solution you choose is not ideal, you can make adjustments later.

July 6, a very difficult day, the top will be on your assumption today to ask a lot of questions, remember to put your head down to flash over the fierce fire. The best way to do this is not to have an interview or report that you want to get approval on this day, or to do it on a better day. (Extended reading: The director does not say, but you must understand the thing: learn to actively report progress )

July 31, your partner will be your center of gravity, as a romantic full moon appears in your pair of Constellations (Aquarius). This is a good time to make a commitment because Saturn is very active, sending out good waves and you may get engaged and even get married. On the same day, Venus enters the Leo, but Venus is already retrograde, so you'd better not make the final announcement, you can start planning, but don't make sure it's as if it were carved into stone, until Venus ends retrograde on September 6, even better after October 9.

It May is July when many people are away, but your appear to have opted the to stay the back into town and get work do. The month is busy the minute July takes off. The full moon, July 1, would bring a work project to a finish. This Full moon would be a powerful one and for it would come arm-in-arm with Pluto. Neptune'll be friendly to both, so if you are are working on a creative project, it appears you'll get exceptional praise, a nd someone behind the scenes is so impressed, you are likely to the a generous fee or a salary raise for this project -or if not, would for the next one. Foreign markets'll be lucky for your now, too, so look into expanding your import-export of your artistic or Your goods/services.

July 1 also marks a day when Venus'll meet with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, a rare annual event. Even more remarkable, both'll meet in Leo for the "the" in years. Indeed, this is no ordinary the day for it has a huge potential for helping your find fun and romance, and bring outstanding NE WS about your career. Two days later, July 3, Mercury'll meet with Jupiter in an equally event. July 3 'll be is a perfect day to being surrounded by friends for a big, joyous party, barbeque, picnic, or dinner out in a hip Talked-about Restaurant.

Your career seems to is bubbling up some impressive victories. It appears hear VERY good professional news on or near July 1. Venus'll go retrograde later, at July, so when it's comes to career, romance, love, or improving your looks, you'll d o best to is out with about early in the month, not later, when Venus in retrograde would emit a weak vibration. Venus is the natural ruler of your tenth House of Fame, the reason Venus ' activities are so important to watch to Would come up in your career. Venus also rules love, beauty, and fun, another reason to circulate early into the month, not later when Venus'll shut N for a rest.

The New moon in cancer This is due on July won ' t being a big moment for your, for it would light a quiet area of your chart, One dealing with thinking, building strategy, and preparing for the future. You could sense a bit of political intrigue going on behind the scenes in your office, but if so, those who try to steal CRE DIT for your work is sorry they ever hatched plan. Mid-to-late month, you are strong and confident, for Pluto would oppose the new moon. Anyone who has been jealous of your success would find that their plot to steal your thunder would be ineffective and even B Ackfire. Pay very little attention to the antics of less talented, for your would people the rise.

Saturn is back in Scorpio as of month, June, and this means you are revisiting a long-term question Property for May own or rent, or regarding a family the WHO needs your help. Saturn'll remain in this area until September and so it appears you'll finally choose a direction to solve things and for all. If you are feel the answer you choose are not the ideal one, you can always make more changes up ahead.

A difficult day, when higher ups would dig in their heels and question all your, would be assumptions 6. Which is a, keep your head and out of the line of fire. It would is best to avoid scheduling a interview or presentation to ask for special favor. Wait for better.

Your Partner is the center of Your attention at the romantic full moon in Your opposite sign of Aquarius on July 31. This is normally a good time for making a commitment. With Saturn in the wings, sending all good vibrations to this Union or venture, your may become engaged or wed, or if Alrea Dy attached, daydream about future goals you ' d like to take on together. On the same day, Venus'll enter Leo, but by then, Venus'll be retrograde, so for that reason, I would prefer Ake any final announcements. You can plan but don ' t etch them in stone until after September 6, and better yet after October 9.

The day the Leo should notice:

July 1 : Venus and Jupiter are Leo, bringing good news for your work and a great day to find love and happiness. It's going to be a perfect day for a haircut or a spa. Five-Star Day! This day, the full moon in Scorpio will bring an end to the project you have in hand. This is a positive full moon, receiving the shock waves from Neptune, and you will be able to show your creativity and impress the boss.

July 2, 3rd : Mercury will receive signals from Uranus and Jupiter. Travel and friendship will be tied together like a teacup and saucer. It's also a good day to sign a contract.

July 8 : Mars and Neptune Dance together, will bring you a strong sixth sense. Listen to your intuition and go with the feeling. (Share with you: Let your intuition take you further: "You don't need to see the whole staircase, just step out the first steps")

July 15 : New moon will enable you to be very attentive to the work at hand, away from those who waste your time, or those who are always prying into you. You will be very productive. Within two weeks of the advent of the new moon, it will be a good time to find solace in your soul and soul. If necessary, get a therapist to talk about your problem, and when you get the help you need, you'll feel liberated. Be aware that someone may speak ill of you behind your back or want to disturb you, but they will not succeed, in fact, those actions will make them look sad. Next month will be your wonderful month, they will give up.

July 25 ~9 Month 6th : Venus will be retrograde. Venus will become very strong on October 9, avoiding plastic surgery, Botox, or any drastic hairstyle change. Hey, you need to pay attention to Venus, and it's not a good time to go to big, expensive parties or foundations or get engaged. Because Venus is in charge of fun, love, luxurious life. If you're thinking about going to a SPA, change the time to October 9.

July 31 : The full moon will bring you an ideal relationship. Talk about the future, but don't rush to the conclusion. Don't make a big decision until Venus resumes the line.

July 1 brings of Venus and Jupiter in Leo, bringing your great news in your career, and also the chance to find Love and happiness. This would also is a perfect day to the about visiting of the salon or barber shop, or for enjoying a spa treatment. This is a Five-star day.

The full moon in Capricorn July 1 'll also bring a work project to fruition and finish. It ' s A positive full moon, and with a positive vibe from Neptune, you'll be able to show off your creativity in a way th At impresses the "powers" at the top.

July 2 and July 3 are days when Mercury'll receive signals from Uranus a, then. Travel and friendships go together like cup and saucer on both dates. These would are ideal for signing papers too.

July 8, with the interplay of Mars and Neptune, could show you once and for all if you are downright psychic. Take seriously what your intuition tells you.

The new moon July 15 will bring an opportunity to work on a project in solitude, away from people who burn your time, or who have prying eyes. You will be very productive.

This new moon, July 15, plus two weeks, will be a perfect time to find healing of your mind, body, or spirit. Seek out a therapist to talk over a problem, if necessary, and feel liberated after you get the help you need.

If you sense some weird political intrigue going on behind the scenes on the part of people who report to you, keep an eye on those individuals. They won't likely be effective - in fact, their moves will be pathetic - but you will want to pay attention to them nevertheless. By next month, your superb month, they'll give up.

Venus will go retrograde July 25 to September 6. Venus will be even stronger by October 9. Avoid plastic surgery, Botox, or doing radical changes to your hair style or color. Men, you need to pay attention to Venus too. It's not the time for big, expensive parties or fundraisers, or to get engaged, as three examples, as Venus rules fun, love, and luxury. If you were thinking of visiting a spa for a week, change that reservation for after October 9.

The full moon of July 31 will bring a relationship that is dear to you to a culmination. Talk about the future, but etch nothing in stone. Until Venus goes direct, you won't want to take big actions in matters of the heart.

蘇珊米勒(Susan Miller),美國最著名的星相學家,師承母親。 她於1995年創立網站「Astrology Zone」,每月親寫星座運勢,創下平均單月六百萬人次瀏覽記錄,也為《紐約時報》撰寫每日星座專欄,被網友暱稱為「神婆」。