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Sagittarius (November 22 ~12 month 21st)

A consultation on finance will be the focus of your early July. July 1, the full moon will be very friendly to you, and give you a stable financial base to prepare for the future. Pluto will work with this Full moon, hinting that you will have the potential to make a large sum of money from the negotiation of the deal you are talking about.

There are some signs that you will have good news about your family and assets, or about your family, and that family is probably one of your parents. If you are buying and selling a property, you will be very pleased with the process, as the July 1 full moon will bring a lot of money.

On the July 2, Mercury will receive light from Uranus, an excellent day for brainstorming innovative ideas. In short, be sure to make time to think, because the new concept will continue to appear, especially those can be used in your work of ideas. Write them down! (Extended reading:"strategic thinking" is actually "design thinking")

July 3, news and your reputation and your career will make you happy, because Mercury, in charge of your reputation and achievements (tenth House), will receive light from Jupiter (your Guardian star). Obviously, your destiny is climbing up, and you will see significant evidence in the next few months, in the second half of 2015. You may not have seen the clue right now, but you just have to wait and live, dear Sagittarius, and you will see it slowly.

Money will once again be an important thing in your heart, just as the new moon comes on July 15. Since the new moon will be surrounded by Mars, Pluto and the Uranus cluster, it will not be a good time to sign a contract after the new moon appears.

During the negotiation phase, you may encounter a lot of obstacles you never expected, so the process will be very difficult. Mars and Pluto Hedge, will make the other side become very domineering, momentum bully, it is likely to be unable to accept any disagreement with him. If you can, negotiate in the first week of July, if you do, try to get things done as quickly as possible. If you don't want to be involved in all the chaos that happened after July 15 (the New moon is very influential, and the effect will last for two weeks after it appears, it won't be affected).

If you can't get it over in a short period of time, find a lawyer to read your contract and make sure you get all the advice you need before you post it. It doesn't mean that things don't go the way you expect, but you have to be extra careful to get the results you want.

The new moon, which will appear on July 15, will be in your eighth house (the Palace of Disease), things related to other people's money, such as bank loans, venture capital, sponsorship, advertising fees, your partner or predecessor, credit card companies, student loans, taxes, mortgages, settlements, royalties, license fees, and large sums of money, etc. You may encounter difficulties, so be alert, imaginative, and have strategies. July 21 and 22nd are more suitable for signing contracts.

This month is a great place to travel. Whether it's a personal trip or a trip to work, you'll enjoy the success and happiness of your travels this month. There are two of planets that bring you help, they meet only once a year, and each time they pick a different constellation to meet. This time, July 1, the two planets will meet in the Leo, in your Nineth house (the relocation House), for your internationalization and distance travel to bring help, this day is tailored for you. This is a four-Star day! But if your birthday is near December 13, this day will be a five-star! Remember, Jupiter and Venus will move very slowly, and this whole month will remain within reach of each other.

Other areas where you will be able to make a difference are: study, higher Education, media (publishing, broadcasting, networking), related to law, migration and citizenship, and matters related to international travel and international relations.

You may have a short trip around the full moon on July 31, and I hope you can go because you need to rest. A weekend of fresh air and sunshine will bring you great benefits. Uranus (Aquarius Guardian Star) will be retrograde from July 16 to December 25, and Neptune is in charge of your third house (The Brothers Palace), bringing you a short trip. Make sure your car is not checked for any problems, and reconfirm your hotel reservation to make sure that there is no problem with their appointment records. You will be able to leave the company more easily before the holidays, how much work you can complete.

If you need to sign a contract, the contract is likely to be finalized around July 31. I'd like you to take care of this before Venus retrograde on July 25, but it seems a little hard to reach. It would be unrealistic to say that it would be a bit impractical to wait until Uranus resumes to do it again (July 26 ~12 month 15th retrograde).

So you can sign it at the end of the month, if you want to get a lawyer's consent. The best time to sign a contract and start a new investment is July 21 and 22nd, but if you really can't get the dead line in two days, do it before July 31. From July 31 to August 2, it was a great time to be in love with Sagittarius. (See together: busy, not the reason to refuse to love )

Lots of attention and possibly a financial negotiation'll is on the agenda the moment the month begins. The full moon on July 1 would be friendly and would allow you to set up a stable financial base for the future. Pluto would work beautifully with the full moon, indicating your have the potential to make quite a bit of $ from a larg E deal you are negotiating.

Certain indications are also pointing to possible good news due regarding your home or other property, or concerning a fam ily member, too, and this family member would most likely is one of your. If you are are buying, selling, or renovating, you are very pleased with the way talks, for the full proceed Of July 1 should swiftly bring accord and a nice bundle of cash.

On July 2, the Mercury would receive a beam from Uranus, a superb day to brainstorm for innovative ideas. By the means, set aside time for creative thinking, for fresh concepts would keep coming to you, especially ones that can B E used in your career. Write them down!

On July 3, news and publicity about you and your career'll have you jumping for joy as Mercury, ruler of your reputation , prestige, and achievement sector (tenth house), would receive the dazzling beams from Jupiter, your ruling. Clearly your star is on the rise, and you'll have solid evidence of this a few months to now, during the second half O F 2015. You could not be clues to this truth yet, but just for you and see! Stay The course, Dear Sagittarius, for soon many of your projects of would be coming up roses.

Money will again be on your mind on and in the days that follow the new moon, July 15. This new moon will be under siege, however, from Mars, Pluto, and Uranus, so the days that come just after this new moon would not be a positive time to sign a contract. During the negotiation, you will likely encounter a lot of resistance that you never expected, so the process could be arduous. With Mars opposing Pluto, the theme of the other side will be bossy and domineering, with the person almost saying, "It's my way or the highway."

If possible, negotiate during July's first week, and if you do, try to wrap things up quickly. You won't want to tangle with aspects coming July 15 and beyond. (A new moon is influential for two weeks AFTER it appears never before.) If you cannot wrap things early, ask your lawyer to have a close look at the paperwork you are sent - under these aspects you need all the advice you can get. This does not mean you can't get things your way - you can - but you will have to work carefully and persuasively toward that end.

This July 15 new moon is in your eighth house of other people's money - bank loans, venture capitalist and sponsorship money, advertisers, your mate or ex, credit card companies, student loans, taxes and mortgages, commissions, royalties, licensing fees, and big money deals. You may encounter bumps in the road, so you will need to remain alert, imaginative, and resourceful. I like July 21 and 22 for signing papers.

Travel is written all over your chart too. Whether you travel for personal or professional reasons, this month you will enjoy happiness and success on those trips. These two benefic planets meet only once a year and always choose a different sign in which to meet. This time, on July 1, these two benefic planets will meet in Leo in your ninth house of international and distant travel, making July 1 tailor made for you. It should be a four-star day! If your birthday falls near December 13, it will be a five-star day! Remember, however, that Jupiter and Venus will move very slowly, staying within reach of each other all month!

Other areas of gain for you include: academia and pursuits for a higher education, the media (publishing, broadcasting, and the Internet), legal matters and the courts, matters related to immigration and citizenship, and international travel and relationships.

You may be able to take a short trip near the full moon, July 31, and I hope you can go, for you will need the rest. A weekend away in the fresh air and sunshine will do you a world of good. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, will go retrograde July 26 until December 25, and Uranus holds sway over your third house of travel. Make sure your mechanic feels your car is in good working condition and confirm your lodging reservations, to make sure they did not get deleted in error on the hotel's computer. Get as much work finished off at the office as possible so that you can make leaving the office easier.

If you need to sign a contract, as said earlier, the paperwork would likely be finalized near July 31. I prefer you sign prior to the day Venus goes retrograde, July 25, but that may not be possible. It would be unrealistic to wait for Uranus, ruler of your third house of agreements, to turn direct (Uranus will retrograde from July 26 to December 25). You can sign at month's end if your lawyer gives approval. Your two best days for signing and agreeing verbally to any new venture will be July 21 and July 22, but if you simply can't make that deadline, do so by July 31.

Romantically, the weekend of July 31-August 2 will rate a "10" for Sagittarius in anyone's book.

Sagittarius to note the day:

July 1 : Full Moon in Capricorn, is very suitable for dealing with the financial affairs of the day. Neptune will be very active, and can also help you to use creative to harvest a sum of money, whether it is your personal creativity, or you support, invest in the arts and literature workers. Venus and Jupiter meet today, is the gift of the universe to you, such happiness will only appear once a year, and each time in different constellations. This year, the two planets will meet in Leo, a friend of your fiery constellation, in your tenth house (career Palace). This will be a happy time for you! Travel, media, academic, legal-related matters, etc., will shine for you.

July 8 : Mars and Neptune join hands to help you come up with creative ideas that are all original. Your creativity will explode. A business related to family, assets and family will bring good news.

July 15 : New Moon in cancer will bring chaos to your financial negotiations, as crescent and elusive Uranus form a difficult angle, as well as Mars and Pluto hedges. During the negotiation you will always come to me, and you'll need a lawyer to make an end for you.

July 21, 22nd : very suitable for signing a contract, stable Jupiter will help you to achieve a long-term consensus.

July 25 ~9 6th : Venus will be retrograde, but it will become strong after October 9. Don't change your appearance during the retrograde period of Venus, or hold a big party, it's not a good time to get engaged. (Extended reading: dear, I love others )

July 31 : Full Moon appears, you may have a short trip, and this trip will bring you total enjoyment and joy.

The July 1 Full moon in Capricorn are a favorable one for your to address all kinds of financial matters. Neptune'll is active and help you to reap the creative efforts, yours or of those people you support the Who are Arti Stic or literary.

The meeting of Venus and Jupiter, due July 1, is one of the gifts of the universe. This is happens annually, always in a different sign. This year two luminaries would meet in fellow Fire-sign Leo, in your ninth house. What Happy time This should is for you! Travel, the media, academic pursuits, legal issues, and more all would glow for you.

On July 8, Mars and Neptune'll work together to fill for you with ideas, all of them original. Creatively, you are ' ll be on fire. A home, property, or family matter may bring good news.

The New Moon, July in cancer, 'll bring some turbulence in financial negotiations, due to a hard angle from surprise-a -minute Uranus and the opposition of Pluto and Mars. Talks'll be the "place", and you'll need your lawyer close.

Sign papers July or July when stabilizing Saturn'll help your set up accord for the long road ahead.

Venus would retrograde from July to September 6, but would become much stronger and more vital a little later, by October 9. Do don't make sweeping changes to your appearance or give the big parties during this retrograde. It is isn't a time to get engaged.

The full moon, July, could find you taking a small trips to a nearby location, but nevertheless, it'll be a trip for you tho Roughly enjoy.

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