One is a Taiwanese chess who has won countless titles and a tireless CEO in the entrepreneurial circle. They have known each other since childhood, for more than 10 years, continue to talk about chess, also talk about life.

Zhou Junxun, I used to know him, because he is Taiwan chess, seven years old chess, 14 years old to become professional chess, he has won countless, anyone, this is a very good life appearance. This day I again know Zhou Junxun teacher, tore up my eyes "very good life appearance", he did not diffuse a kind of victor's pride and temperament, but let me see a cultivator life wrapped in thick cocoon but firm forward scene. He doesn't care about the title of Taiwanese chess, and I think it's more appropriate to describe him as a stubborn chess player.

This day I follow the woman fan CEO Wei Xuan came to Haifeng chess courtyard, not so much is to participate in a visit, more like to participate in a comfortable but profound old friend to talk, two people do not sit on the sofa chatting, but chose to sit at the end of their most familiar board, the chessboard is their two most comfortable way of dialogue, go with the memory of two people grow up. Although it is a joke, I was listening to the efforts of this chess life and struggle, but also hear more Wei Xuan story, see the so-called "success", so-called "chess", the so-called CEO behind the "obsession." The real achievement of them may not be instantaneous success, but they have gone through a solid every step, those who really painful, struggling, can be tempered with such a gentle style. (Recommended reading:"Female leadership column" Don't be afraid to be the light because the world is dark. )

A good chess player, you have to learn how to lose chess.

Zhou Junxun, known as Taiwan's chess, was asked how to achieve better results in Weiqi. He said directly, "to be a good chess player, the most important thing is to learn how to lose a game." "We always think that the more powerful chess players accumulate countless crowns, how do we learn to lose?"

Zhou Junxun Teacher continued: "Because of an excellent professional chess, he will lose a lot of chess in his life, must learn how to face the loss, to be forced to grow in the loser." 」

What is the feeling of losing a game? He smiled and said, "Every time you lose a game, it's like a dead one." "I don't know how much pain" chess "brings to Zhou Junxun teacher if every time I lose a game is like a dead one. Wei Xuan said she understood that pain, chess for so long she is most afraid to face is "win". But why is it so hard to win or lose? Two people say, because the winning and losing is caused by their own, master chess skills and skills are always the same, will cause the key to winning or losing is often related to personality. So it's especially difficult to lose because you know exactly what kind of "loser" you're doing.

Wei Xuan curious teacher how to adjust "lose" the state? The teacher calmly replied: "The adjustment is in fact impossible, but as a professional chess player, if the game, tomorrow there will be the next race, there is no time to let you depressed pain, the pain of time is a day of the night." So there is no time to continue the pain, you have to stand up quickly. "Zhou Junxun continue to say" chess has no other know-how, is always working hard, people have to go through a lot of failures and setbacks, not too many opportunities to waste time. Wei Xuan unceasingly nods, said actually the enterprise and the chess very resemble "like tomorrow always wants to come again." It was painful, but there was no time to continue the pain. "Only must keep honest the ground to own defeat and the insufficiency, is always fighting against oneself." (Recommended reading: A letter to yourself: meet a better self in a failure )

Stand in front of the victory, learn the common heart

Zhou Junxun teacher Talk about the most profound "lose" is LG Cup lost the second game, in fact, the competition Zhou Junxun teacher won the championship, but talking about the second game, he still Ninze that pain. The teacher said, "one is because the chess is my good game from beginning to end." The second is the chess game I really want to win, I know win is the world champion. Three is my chess without any disadvantage, I go down to the back of the affirmation that I will win, in the mind: "I want to get the first world champion of life!" "I started making mistakes the last one hours of the game," he said. 」

Zhou Junxun teacher said that disk chess, eyes and a little remorse, Wei Xuan deep sense of said "because at that time complacent, the heart is no longer in chess." "This chess game lost half the eye, Zhou Junxun pain can not say, he was so 呆愣 in the scene, the game end a while, the door opened, Taiwan media rush in, ask Zhou Junxun" lost Feelings ", the teacher said nothing, he said his first time in front of the media so cry.

Zhou Junxun teacher knows that this chess game is not someone else, but himself. The teacher continued to talk with Wei Xuan: "So I particularly like Wu Qingyuan to Lin Hai teacher's" ordinary Heart ", because the ordinary heart hardest. After that chess game, I was able to use my usual heart to get a bigger temptation on the chess court. 」

The way of life: The victory and defeat, to maintain the peace of mind

Zhou Junxun said he was looking at an excellent chess player: "The gap between the top players is very small, a good chess player, his character determines how much he can achieve." The most important thing is how to maintain peace of mind when the winning or losing comes. "(Recommended reading: 10 minutes a day, find the courage to face life )

The teacher said that the calm, is not by the fame and fortune easily fluctuation, in order to express themselves as usual, he talked about the go world widely circulated a "true Chess nameless Bureau", meaning that when the game is magnified, the next chess is usually not the best. How to stay indifferent, stay calm and keep quiet in the game. Let the heart read more constant temperature and deep, is I Zhou Junxun teachers feel the bearing.

The teacher said go is a tree, the next step may have to think of all the changes within 50 steps, very early can predict the game of chess, life or victory, so the process of calm is often the key to success. A game of chess psychological time is always faster than the clock time, very introverted layout, very stable harvest. This is what I often see in the Wei Xuan of the characteristics, she trained her not only, whether standing in front of the victory, or failure before, I feel she read the heart of the static-entrepreneurial intention.

In the face of winning or losing, is undoubtedly the life of all the subjects, I from Wei Xuan and Zhou Junxun teacher saw the "know", not really face win or lose perfunctory, but see in the "win" outside more important things.

The "Win" in life is after leaving the comfort zone

After talking about how to see "Lose", Wei Xuan also curious teacher how to see his "win", Zhou Junxun teacher still smiled and said "to win before, to learn to lose." 」

He first talked about a phenomenon, he found it easy to know when he was at his best, and if he had been in Taiwan for some time, usually the worst of the overseas races, and if he had just finished training abroad before the game, he would have been the top eight of the world. If the opponent is not strong enough, you will be accustomed to playing chess does not need to go all out, if in a place has been winning, in fact, it will only let oneself accustomed to ease, encounter the real battlefield but easy to lose. (same field Gayon: you have to endure the ordinary in the comfort circle, or like to chase )

Wei Xuan heard this paragraph, eye socket red, she deeply agreed to say: "If only to win, will not progress." Only if you are defeated can you really win. 」

I think that's because she's obsessed with women. Each time the spirit of the call we need to use higher standards to see ourselves, I hope we can have an international level, a lot of people in such a request will feel too hard or why so, but Wei Xuan always so request that they also look forward to the team, never stay in the comfort zone, I think this is not just the vision of work, but also the pattern of life.

Go all out, out of the comfort zone, this is their attitude towards everything, no matter is good bureau, bad Bureau, all do their best to fight.

Go all out: I practiced 100 times, I practiced 10,000 times.

Zhou Junxun Teacher continued to talk about the words: "I have won the championship, many children will want me to sign a book, I most often write the word is" all-out. I have always felt that I was relatively stupid to go in the world, I can have the achievements of the present, a big reason is the effort, my quality is to a favorite thing will go all out, others practice 100 times, I may have to practice 10,000 times, so I am satisfied. 」

Zhou Junxun Teacher said that he is not smart, even in the Weiqi industry, smart people are not easy to become the final champion. Because Weiqi needs a kind of actually, go all out, a kind of life bet on chess on the boldness. I also found that most of the children in the Go classroom did not go to school in the Taiwan education system, but saw the goal of Weiqi as single-minded, and they made me respect because they had walked a way that was not so easy. Whether it is on the entrepreneurial road adhere to the Wei Xuan, or a step on the chess road Zhou Junxun teacher, in my eyes they are undoubtedly the life for their own chess, life this game chess, they are always playing chess. (same field Gayon: face, conquer, get rid of "fear", you are the person who control own life )

I don't know how to play chess. I watched two of them, one at a well-written in front of the chessboard, I think the way of go is reflected in how to face the win and lose, in the face of winning and losing is undoubtedly the life of all the subjects, I from Wei Xuan and Zhou Junxun teacher saw the "Chess Road", is the more important thing in addition to winning-everything is ordinary heart, quiet can cause far.

Because they have to constantly understand themselves and talk to themselves, their opponents in life are always themselves, more willing to leave the comfort zone and take a particularly hard road. They are very stubborn to themselves, a kind of cognizance will not abandon the pride. Wei Xuan and Zhou Junxun teacher under the life of this game chess, there is the face of the calm even desire to lose, there is standing in front of the victory is not proud not greedy. Next article " Accept different!" Exclusive interview chess Zhou Junxun: Birthmark This class, I learned 35 years have not graduated ", let us embark on the chess Zhou Junxun through the rugged gloom, see a more extensive life scenery.

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