We study the stars, believe that there are always some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. What is the real optimism of Capricorn, the July horoscope? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Capricorn (December 22 ~ month 19th)

July by the full moon kicked off, July 1, Full moon in your constellation Capricorn, bringing all the major business peaks. You will need to focus on relationships that are close to you, and most likely your partner, but you may also be prepared to meet a formal business partnership. However, if you have been dissatisfied with one of your relationships for a long time, it is very likely that this moment will tear you apart.

Mars in your constellation cancer, if your partner, or anyone close to you, has a grudge against you, the message will come into your ear. Pretending not to know this is going to make the problem worse, so your partner can say what's on your mind and see what's going on. You may want to defend yourself, but because the full moon and Pluto are combined, you may be reacting too strongly. Remember to give the other half respect and listen and understand the situation.

If you or the other half can travel together, it will be a good time to open up new opportunities for this relationship. Once you get to the place of travel, you may not have a big problem with your argument. Neptune will be very friendly, so choose a comfortable big natural environment to travel to, it is best to have a lake or sea. (Look together: There is the breath of the village Spring tree!) Japan Inland Sea trip to the island

Because of Venus and Jupiter's beautiful hands, July 1 You will hear good news about money (Jupiter and Venus will maintain a two-degree gap in orbit throughout the July, so such stellar encounters can last for a while). You may receive bonus checks, settlements, royalties, gifts, bank loans, property inheritance, court reconciliation, alimony payments. Your loan will be approved, or you'll get a college tuition grant, a student loan, a smooth mortgage and a lot of money. Venus will meet Jupiter and this is an annual rare encounter, and both planets will help you with money. At the beginning of July, you are likely to have a large amount of money to be recorded.

On this day, as well as Venus and Jupiter, you may find that your career is going smoothly and that there is something to celebrate. If you work in the creative field, your good ideas will shine. Schedule a report, interview, or review meeting, which is a four-star day for work and money! If you can't schedule it on July 1, try to schedule it after a two-day period, the rest of the month.

This new moon, symbolizing the beginning, July 15 will appear in cancer, and again with the intimacy you have given or prepared to commit. The new moon will be under pressure from Uranus (the elusive development), and any relationship you want to build in the Tue, whether it be love or work, will face the challenge. Pluto will be strong again, and you will be able to effectively confront what you find difficult to deal with.

Single Capricorn, if you haven't started dating anyone, will not feel that way, because this is the seventh House of Marriage and commitment--the House of husband and wife--lit up. A discussion about property will float on the stage without warning or something to do with your family or family.

When it comes to money, the second full moon of the month, July 31, will require you to pay your bills or make financial decisions. This will be a friendly full moon, as he receives a steady glow from Saturn (your Guardian star). Review your insurance needs and discuss it with your retirement broker, and it will be a good time to take a weekend refresher course on how to invest properly, prepare for your old age, or make an appointment with your financial advisor. Your efforts at this Full moon for finance will be followed by feedback.

July 21, 22nd will be a good two days, received from Saturn-your Guardian star of the friendly light. July 21, you may have a very big deal to talk about when the sun and Saturn are synchronized, and if so, you will be satisfied with the results. It's a good day to sign a contract. (Extended reading: The Art of Communication from an MBA, from the three key negotiating skills of the Wharton School of Business )

July 22, you will have good luck with 21st, if you sign a contract today, Mercury and Jupiter will work together to bring you a stable and long-term partnership or situation, such as the completion of a housing transaction. Venus retrograde, so we have to take away the unnecessary decoration, remember to keep your original hairstyle, do not make any drastic changes. During this time, don't start a new relationship or get engaged. Wait for the time, you can look forward to the end of this year, you will shine.

July starts with a full moon, July 1, in your sign, Capricorn, bringing to culmination something-dearly to. You are very focused on a close relationship, most likely a romantic one, but you might is getting ready to make a bus Iness Partnership official. However, if you are have been unhappy in either type of relationship, this moment could pull you apart.

With Mars in your opposite sign of cancer, if your partner-or anyone near You-is holding a secret resentment Get a earful. Waving off the matter would is the problem worse, for the problem to grow. Let your partner take he or her time to fully voice the what the problem happens. The urge to defend yourself is overwhelming, but with the full moon conjunct Pluto, your may come on too strong. Pay your partner the respect of listening to a full airing of the situation.

If you and your partner can travel together, it would is the right time to go to a new setting. Once there, the problem that your ' ve been discussing may isn't loom so large. Neptune would be very friendly, so choose a soothing natural and a view of lake or sea.

As a result of the A beautiful conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on July 1, you'll likely hear good news about money. (Jupiter and Venus would orbit within two degrees all month, so this aspect would be in play a long.) You'll receive a large check that represents a bonus, commission, royalty, cash gift, bank loan, inheritance, or funds FR Om a court settlement or divorce decree. Or you'll get approval for a line of credit, university financial aid and/or a student loan, or is offered an attractive Mortgage, as some examples. Venus would have a rare annual meeting with Jupiter, and both this benefic planets with the are. It is so very possible which this month, and possibly at the start of July, a generous chunk of money would find a path to Y Our door.

Also as a result of the meeting of Venus and Jupiter, July 1, you'll find that your career would go so, it seems You'll have something to celebrate. If you are work in the creative realm, your ideas'll sparkle. Schedule A presentation, interview, or performance review on July 1-when it comes to work and, it's ll be a Four-sta R Day. If you can ' t make it for July 1, then try-schedule it for a or two later, or as said, sometime this month.

The new moon, signifying beginnings, 'll appear in cancer on July and again has to doing with a relationship Already committed to, or would like to. This new moon is fending off pressures from Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments. Any relationship your try to forge in the second half of july-romantic or business in Nature-will pose. Pluto'll again be prominent, and you'll forcefully react against any point this to hard.

Single Capricorns who are not dating anyone seriously won't feel this influence, as the seventh House of serious commit ment and marriage is the area brightly lit. A discussion about a piece of appears to is the topic that surfaces unexpectedly too, or could have to do with a MA Tter going on with your family.

Speaking of money, the month's second full moon, July, 'll find you paying bills and instituting financial decisions. This is a friendly full moon for it would receive a stabilizing beam from Saturn, your ruling. Review your insurance needs, and confer with your retirement broker. This would is a perfect time to take a weekend course about you to invest appropriately for your of age and long-term goals, Or to schedule a meeting with your financial advisor. The time you are take to manage your financials in this Full moon'll pay dividends to your later.

Two days that'll be outstanding for your include July and July for each day would involve a friendly beam from Satu RN, your Guardian planet. You are might have a very big deal to negotiate on July when the Sun and Saturn work in sync, and if so, your would come away Smiling. This would is a great day to sign papers.

On July have a similar set of glowing aspects. If you are sign papers on this day, Mercury and Saturn'll work together to bring a stable and long-lasting relationship or S Ituation, such as if you are close to house.

Venus retrograde makes this "a time" we all need to go through no-frills time. Keep to the hairstyle your ' ve had, and don ' t make any radical changes. This is no. meet someone new, nor to get engaged. Bide your time, and I can look forward to the last quarter of the year, which'll be glorious for you.

Capricorn should notice the day:

July 1 : Full Moon in Capricorn, joining hands with Pluto, hedging with sun and Mars. This is the time of the lake, and you will have a chance to understand what you really think and know what will make you truly happy. This is an important moment. The perfect collaboration of Venus and Jupiter on this day can be seen in the night sky. They will bring you amazing results, about your career and your money. This kind of astrology will last for a whole month and you will have a lot of time to feel its effect. The money vision looks promising.

July 2 : Mercury dances with Uranus, bringing a surprise trip to work. It's also a good day to brainstorm and come up with ideas. Your idea is going to be the best.

July 3 : There will be a heavenly shock wave, a graceful dialogue between Mars and Jupiter, and good news about money.

July 15 : New Moon appears, suitable for making a firm decision about love and work. Is this a good time to formalize the relationship or the time to break up? This time, there is no gray area, you will know where to go. If you are together, you will be happy, if you break up, you will find yourself relieved, because the last few days is too torture. A family or house-related thing, there will be a sudden problem.

July 21 : The Sun and Saturn (your Guardian star) will run beautifully, and this is a good day for a deal that will have great stability and potential for profit.

July 22 : A good day with 21st, Mercury and Saturn will combine power to make it a good place to sign contracts, deliver speeches, travel, or pay important text documents. Money will enter your bank account in a variety of ways.

July 25 ~9 Month 6th : Venus retrograde. Don't change your appearance, or do a big party. Don't get engaged for the time being, because Venus is sleeping. Venus will wake up on September 6 and become stronger on October 9. (Share with you: wearing a ring does not mean having loyalty )

July 31 : Full Moon, you will need to pay the bill or rearrange your financial situation.

July 1 brings a full moon in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto and opposed to the Sun and Mars. It ' s a moment where you'll get to know your own mind, and what it's that'll make your happy in life. This is a important moment.

The magical and beautiful conjunction of Venus and Jupiter - visible in the night sky - will have a marvelous effect on your career and money, also on July 1. This aspect will be at play all month, so you will have plenty of times to feel the positive effects. Your outlook for money is very positive.

July 2 will bring a superb interplay between Mercury and Uranus, which could bring on a surprise quick trip for work. It will also be a great day to do creative brainstorming. Your ideas will be first-rate.

July 3 will bring more heavenly vibrations, this time with Mercury in conversation to Jupiter - more money should result.

The new moon of July 15 will open a portal to make a firm decision regarding a romantic or business relationship. Is it time to make your union official, or is it time to break up? There will be no middle ground, but you will know which way you want to go. If you come together, you will be very happy. If you break up, you may now feel relief after a long period of suffering. A housing or family matter may pose a sudden problem.

The Sun and Saturn, your ruler, will be beautifully oriented on July 21, a wonderful day to make a deal that will have the potential to be stable and that will have great profit potential.

A similarly strong and favorable day arrives the next day, July 22. This time Mercury and Saturn will combine forces, making it an ideal time to sign a contract, give a speech, travel, or hand in a written document of great importance. More money will find its way to your bank account.

Venus retrograde, July 25 to September 6, is not a time to change your looks, or to give a large lavish party. Put off getting engaged, if possible, while Venus sleeps. Venus will awaken on September 6 but will be in much stronger form by October 9.

The full moon, July 31, will give you an opportunity to pay bills and get your finances in order.

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