We look at the stars, and we believe there are some things that are destined to be, and that the Susan Mueller column of women's memes, together with us, will come to understand this neuroscience.

Suzanne Miller is an American star expert, known as a God, and is called the "God of God".What about the elegant and good constellations of the sky? How did the transportation trend in July?Let's hear what God said.(A small reminder: Please use your sun constellation as the Lord, and refer to the ascending constellation!))

Libra (September 23-October 22)

The first three weeks of July will be a critical moment for your career in your career, so if you're serious about looking for a new, more prestigious position, you need to start scheduling interview times.Because of the unexpected challenges of Uranus in the new month of July 15, you may have to face competitive pressure.If you're sure you're going to try a new job, you're going to have to do your homework for companies interested in you, and you don't want to be interviewed, and you don't know anything about the company's recent direction.(Sibling: CEO column: Rookie, old bird, must learn the job interview technique )

In addition, ensure that your referrals are accepted by you.At the same time, let my friends serve as important people to interview you and see how they portrayed you as a person.

Before you finish your career goal, the full moon on July 1 will bring about a home or family problem, and you have to resolve it quickly.At the same time, the full moon is mixed with your prospects, and you may be frustrated by your boss's dissatisfaction with your needs, and you need to quickly focus your attention on your work and shift your attention home.Near July 1, you may have to spend a considerable amount of to problems related to family or property, because Saturn returns to the Scorpio, which dominates your wealth, and is likely to be somewhat strained financially.

July 21 is a good day to announce a family-related decision, when the sun and Saturn perfectly work together, and Saturn will give you long-term benefits.This will be an ideal day for the sale of flats or the signing of tenancy agreements.If you can't move on this day, you'll like the next day 22 July, when Mercury and Saturn join together, and it's a perfect day for signing a document.

July 1 is the first full moon of the month, your Guardian Star and the Good Luck Joy, a gorgeous match for you, because they are located at the 11th Palace of Hope, Wish, Activities, and Friendship, which represents hope, desire, activity and friendship.It's probably a bestie inviting you to a party at a party — picnic, barbecue, dinner, or cocktail party.If this is the case, then rest assured!You will be fully entitled to this activity.In addition, you may also have the special help of a friend, which will make you very touched.

Venus went from 25 July to 6 September, because Venus was your guardian star, and Venus was also in charge of the gold star, so you felt more deeply affected by Venus's "power off".To confirm your most important action before 25 July, Venus will have to wait until September 6 to end the retrograde (even after Venus actually recovers its energy on October 9).During the retrograde of Venus, you may find that the progress of any individual's goals is in trouble, and if so, don't worry, consider it temporary.Special attention is given to the day of July 25, when setbacks may occur, but if you analyze the sticking point of the problem, you can change or refine your strategy, and you will find that October 9 will make progress, and Venus will become superpower, and get everything back on track.

Although Venus is retrograde, the second full moon of the month, July 31, will bring you a romantic moment of celebration.This full moon will make you very happy and emotionally high, because your friends and a person who are very special to you are still surrounded by the end of the month.At the same time, you still seem to have a lot of work to do in your office, but you always feel that you have been hampered in expressing your needs. There is a feeling that you have a lot of success.Having recognized this, we have done a good job before the 25th of July, and do not leave the task until the last second, to complete the task ahead of schedule.This is a full moon in five, suggesting that you move your time and your favorite, and enjoy a romantic night (or the whole weekend).(Recommended for you: Selected Bay 6 Night View Light Travel

The first three weeks of July will be a critical time for making a name for yourself in your order, so if you are serious about finding a new and more prestigious position, you will need to start lining up interviews. You will have competition, as the new moon July 15 will bring unexpected challenges from Uranus. If you do try for a new job, do your homework on the company you are interested in joining, as you won't want to look uninformed when the interviewer asks a question related to the current direction the company has recently annotated it will be taking.

Also, make sure the person who represents you is doing so in a way that peasins you. Ask friends to pose as VIPs with a top position to fill and see how she or he portrays you.

Before you can address your car goals, the full moon on July 1 will bring up a home or family matter that you'll need to attend to quickly. This full moon will be mixed in outlook, and you may be frusated by your present boss' unhappiness with your need to quickly take your centration away from your job to attend to all that comes up at home. You may also need to spend a substand amount of money near July 1 to fix your family or property related situation, and because Saturn is back in Scorpio and your income separator, finance may be a bit.

A fine day to announce a home-related decision will be July 21, when the Sun and Saturn will work together perfectly, and Saturn will lend longefits. It would be an ideal day to close on a house or sell one, or to sign a release. If you cannot act on this day, you will also like the following day, July 22, when Mercury will work with Saturn, also a perfect day to sign appers.

On the same day as the month's first full moon, July 1, you will have a stellar aspect that will involve your ruler, Venus, conjunct good fortune Jupiter. This is a giganous pairing of two benchmark plants, and they will meet in your elementh house of dopes and wishes, events, and friendships. It's very likely a close friend will invite you to a gathering-a picnic or barbeque, dinner, or cocktail party. If so, go, as you will enjoy this event to the fullest. Alternatives, you may get special help from a friend that will touch your heart.

Venus will reboot from July 25 to September 6, and you will feel the shutdown of Venus more than other signs because Venus is your guardians planet. (Venus rules Taurus too.) Be sure to make your most vital moves prior to July 25, or wait until after Venus goes direct, September 6-or better yet, after October 9. You may find that your progress on any personal goal is styled during this period but if so, view all as temporary. Watch in particular the days that circle July 25 when that setback may come up, but if you analyze what went wrong, you can change your strategy or refine the area that can be super-strong, to set ahead after October, when Venus will be super-strong, to set things right again.

Notwithstanding Venus retrograde, the month's second full moon, July 31, should bring a romantic moment to ceemebrate. This full moon is due to make you very happy and emotionally over the top, for your friends and one special person will still have a strong and positive presence at month's end. You seem to have a lot of work at the office to do at the same time, never, and you may feel continuously held back with pressure demands there. It may feel like for every two steps forward, you make one step back. Knowing this, plan to be as productive as possible in the weeks before June 25. Heather than leave things to the last minute to do on a current assignment, get a head start on it. This full moon, falling on a Friday, suggests you can still have time to pick up your heels for a romantic night (or entire weekend) with your one-and-only.

Days to Special Attention to Libra

  • On July 1, the full moon appears at 10 degrees in the capricornus, pushing a family or real estate problem to orgasm and having an end to it.
  • 1, Jupiter and Venus converge in Lions, bringing you a lot of benefits: you might go to a party, meet a lot of friends; receive a large check; or your corporate loan/cash is approved by venture capital; or you have an unusual holiday.
  • July 2 and July 3, it will be a great day to sign the document, especially on July 3 when Mercury and Saturn will be synchronized.
  • 6 July, your boss or client may be very strange or interested in your own ideas, not meeting in the day, performing a performance test, or selling.
  • July 8, in your work, you will be creative, and you will hit the home base.
  • July 13, if you are a writer or actor, you will have a deep interpretation in your artistic creation.
  • July 25, the crab's 23-degree new month will illuminate the tenth terrace of your career's reputation.Despite the obstacles, you can get the rewards you want in the next two weeks.Mars is against Pluto, so you're going to have a level of competition, but believe that you can handle it, you have the good credentials to win the job you want.
  • July 25, Venus will be retrograde until September 6.Avoid large-scale changes in your appearance, and not to attend large extravagant gatherings, even after September 6, even after 9 October.
  • July 31, it brings a very vivid and vivid scenario.There are no unpleasant aspects of this full moon, so you should love this period, plus a reduction of four days before and after the full moon.Matters related to creativity, pregnancy, child, and so on, are going to make you feel high, very happy.

The full moon in Capricorn 10 degrees on July 1 will bring a home, property, or family matter to culmination and a finish.

The meeting of Jupiter and Venus on July 1 in Leo will bring you so many benefits-you may go to a party and see many friends; receive a substand check; be approved for a million or cusp for your company, thanks to a venture capatlist; or take an out-of-thumb, or take an outside-round vacation.

July 2 and July 3 will be great days to travel or to sign paaperwork, especially on July 3 when Mercury and Saturn will be in sync.

On July 6, your boss or client may be cranky and a bit self-absorbed. Do not use this day for an interview, performance review, or sales pitch.

Show off your creativity at work on July 8 when you will hit a home run.

Are you a writer or actor? Work on your craft on July 13 when you will come across superb interruptions.

The new moon of July 25 in Cancer, 23 degrees, will light your prestigious tenth house of Career. Despite obstables, go after the prize you hope to win in the two weeks that follow. Mars will also oppose Pluto, so you will enjoy competition for the position, but you can deal with that-you have good enough aspects to win the job you want.

On July 25, Venus will go retrograde until September 6, introducting a no-frills trend. Avoid big changes to your appearance, and put off big, expensive parties until after September 6, but better yet, after October 9.

The month's full moon on July 31 will bring a plie epistode in matters of the heart. This full moon has no untoward aspects, so you should love this period, plus or minus four days. Emotion will run high, and delightfully so, and matters having to do with creativity, pliancy, and children will make you very happy too.

, the most famous American star in the United States, has been a teacher of his mother.In 1995, she founded the website "Astrology Zone", a monthly close to the constellations, recording an average of six million visits per month, as well as the New York Times and the Daily Constellation column, which was nicknamed the "God of God" by the netizens.