We study the stars, believe that there are always some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. Honest and pragmatic Taurus, July of the momentum will be? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Taurus (April 20 ~5 month 20th)

At the beginning of this month, there are many planets that make your travel Palace vibrant, pack your bags, and go to the airport, the full moon on July 1. Venus (your Guardian star) will be retrograde from July 25 to September 6. We'd better take action when the Guardian star is strong and in line, and this month we have enough time to prepare for the beauty of Venus.

When Venus is retrograde, it's best not to make drastic changes to your appearance. If you have plans to change hair, plastic, Botox, or anything that drastically alters your appearance, wait until after September 6, or wait until after October 9, Venus will become stronger. If it's routine pruning or retouching, there's no problem, don't change dramatically, you won't like the result. Everyone will feel the shock wave, Taurus and Libra will feel deeper, because Venus is the Guardian star of these two constellations.

Over the past few months, you seem to be interested in improving your home environment. Next month, Jupiter (bringing surprises and gifts) will end your leadership with family, assets and family, and not come back for 12 years. You may have a lot of good luck when it comes to buying and renting a house, so you have to take advantage of this special gift from Jupiter before you lose it on August 11. (same field Gayon: rebuilding 30 with love!) The romantic practice of the new power of old house

In addition, Venus will meet Jupiter on July 1, a shiny day. If you want to bid for a house or sell your apartment, that day will bring you a good price. Many of the elements of your life will follow your heart, including personal decisions you make, or matters related to property and family. You will see more money coming into your life, falling in love, or enjoying the healing experience of the spa.

Mars will light up your third house (a short trip), so you'll probably start at any time. Travel on July 2 and 3rd, and when Mercury and Jupiter are synchronized, every detail in the trip is almost perfect. The New moon of July 15 will give you more possibilities to travel, and the impact will last for several weeks.

You may have to negotiate a contract this month, but the new moon of July 15 is flawed, so it will bring unexpected obstacles. If you find that you are experiencing a challenge and have a bit of patience, it doesn't seem like an easy negotiation, don't let the other person push you to the limit, and you have to promise them all. Be sure to consult a lawyer and stay strong.

In Love, Venus begins to enter the most harmonious place in your constellation-the Virgo constellation-but only for a short period of time, from July 9 until July 23. After July 23, Venus will slide backwards into the Leo. Venus will return to the line on September 6 and resume visiting Virgo from October 8, and stay there until November 8. This will make October 8 to November 8 very special for you.

When Venus starts retrograde on July 25, it will be very weak, so don't make drastic changes to your appearance. You may want to buy some new clothes that make you feel confident and sexy at the beginning of the month. As you go deeper into the July, enjoy the journey and the work that will come at the end of the month. (Look together: 3 hours in the morning to complete a day of work, super efficiency work accelerated method )

If you play the cards correctly, you will not be able to make changes to your appearance at the time of Venus retrograde. You'll do it in the first week of July. Wait until October to emphasize your appearance again. You can do routine pruning, modification, in short, is not in Venus retrograde on the appearance to make drastic changes, whether you are men and women, will not be satisfied with the transformation of their own.

There will be big news for you in your career, four days before and after the full moon on July 31. You will want to come back from the journey and receive these new messages.

The month opens with planets energizing your travel, so by all sectors, pack means your and head to the airport over The full moon, July 1. Venus is your ruler and soon to go retrograde on July until 6. It's always better to take important the actions when one ' s ruler are in strong, direct orbit, so and you have most the This MO Nth to make your initiations before Venus settles down for her.

It is never wise to make dramatic changes to your appearance during the weeks while Venus is retrograde. If you are have plans to change your hair, have plastic-surgery, try Botox, or do anything else radical to your appearance, WA It until after September 6 and better yet, when Venus becomes the even stronger, from October 9 onward. Routine trims and good grooming are fine to does, but do no dramatic changes, as you are not like the results. While everyone would feel this vibration, Taurus and Libra'll feel it more, as Venus is the ruler of both those.

Over past months, you appear to have been quite interested in improving your living. Next month, Jupiter, the Giver of gifts and luck, the would end it tour of your home, property, and family sector, not to be B ACK for twelve years. You have a abundance of good fortune on your side now when it comes to renting, buying, selling, or improving property, s o It behooves you-to-rare and special energy of the Jupiter before you lose it on August 11.

Moreover, Venus would meet with Jupiter in July 1, sure to being a dazzling day for you. If you are want to bid on a house or sell your condo, it is likely to bring a of price. So many elements into your life would work in your favor July 1, including actions you take that are personal, beyond Propert Y and Family matters. You may be more money, fall in love, or enjoy a pampering spa experience this seems quite special in some way.

With Mars brightening your quick, short travel sector, you'll likely be able to get away no time this pleases in July . Travel near July 2-july 3 when Mercury'll be in sync with Jupiter, and every element of your journey'll be near Perfec T. The new moon July make it even more likely your'll travel in the weeks that follow.

If you are negotiating a contract this month too, but the July new moon are flawed, and as a result, bring up unexpected Obstacles. If You are experience this, have patience-this appears to be a not-so-easy negotiation to work out with the other s Ide. Don ' t let your proposed business partner push your to the "point" you'll accept almost any terms given. Consult a lawyer and stay strong.

Romantically, Venus'll start out in the most compatible possible place for You-fellow Earth-sign virgo-but Make a brief appearance, from July 9 until July 23. After July, Venus'll move in a backward to slide into Leo. Venus'll move then forward again September 6, and resume her visit to Virgo through October 8, remaining in Virgo until ber 8. That's makes October 8 to November 8 very special for you.

When Venus goes retrograde on July, Venus'll is weak, so do no major changes to your appearance from then on. You are might want to buy a few new wardrobe items in early July to make you feel confident and sexy. As you move deeper into July, enjoy travel and your impending career in success ' s end. If you are your cards right, your won ' t have to does a thing for your looks from July-through, September you because Steps in the the week of July. Address your looks again in October. CAN do routine grooming, trims and so forth, while Venus are retrograde, of course, but make no radical changes, and th At goes for men and as women.

Your career may bring the "Full Moon", July, plus or minus four days. You'll want to is back from your travels on this time to take in all the news.

Taurus should notice the day:

July 1 : A magical day, when Jupiter (Good Luck) and Venus (your Guardian star) work together, everything will be all right, especially when it comes to love, or a lot of money, about family and real estate. This is your day! At the same time, the full moon in Capricorn with your Earth sign will encourage you to travel far away. In fact, this day you may also be on your way home, because the full moon will bring the end.

July 2, 3rd : The good news about money will come suddenly.

July 6 : The Sun and Pluto hedges are not ideal for identifying important people.

July 4 ~ 11th : Great for travel, thanks to Mars and Neptune for their perfect perspective. Pick a place near the water.

July 15 : A new moon appears, prompting you to travel in the coming weeks. You may need to sign a contract, but don't have time to stress because Mars and Pluto are hedging. Remember to bring Jonah to the lawyers, Saturn will be very friendly and help you to sign a contract that satisfies you and can take the long haul.

July 21 : If you need to sign a contract, this day will bring long-term stability to your actions. Thank the Sun and Saturn for the perfect angle.

July 22 : It's also a positive day thanks to Mercury (contract-related) with Saturn's perfect angle.

July 25 ~9 Month 6th : Venus retrograde. Venus will become more powerful after October 9. Do not make drastic changes to your appearance during the retrograde period, and do not decorate your home. It's best to do this before 25th. Routine corrections can be done, but don't dramatically change your appearance or home décor. (Extended reading: Honey, I'm getting bigger!) 4 different compartments to make space larger

July 26 ~12 25th : Uranus, who is in charge of your career, will be retrograde, focusing on the areas you have developed and not opening up the territory.

July 31 : The second full moon this month will bring your career to a peak, and it will be a nice full moon, waiting to see what happens.

July 1 is a magical day in your timeline, when Jupiter, The good Fortune Planet, combines with Venus, your ruler. Just about everything'll go to you, with special emphasis in love, news about a chunk of, and special luck W ITH home and real estate. This is your day!

July 1 'll also is the full moon in Capricorn, a fellow Earth sign like yours, and would encourage distant. Actually, you are returning home on or near this date, as full moons tend to finish and bring to actions.

July 2 and 3 'll likely bring sudden good news about money.

The Sun would oppose Pluto on July 6, don't a day to ask a VIP for a favor.

The week of July 4 to would is superb for a trips, to Mars in perfect angle to inspirational. Choose a spot near water.

The new moon July 15 will urge you to travel in the weeks to come. You may also need to sign a contract, but don't feel pressured to sign quickly due to Mars opposite Pluto. Show the paperwork to your lawyer. Saturn will be friendly and help you hammer out an agreement that's more than satisfactory to all and that will stay in place a very long time.

If you need to sign papers, July 21 would bring longevity to your actions, thanks to the Sun in perfect angle to Saturn. The following day, July 22, would be a positive day too, thanks to Mercury (contracts) in ideal angle to Saturn.

Uranus, the ruler of your prestigious career sector, will go retrograde on July 26 until December 25. Focus on ventures you have already started in your career rather than wander into new territory.

Venus will go retrograde July 25 to September 6, and will further strengthen by October 9. This is not a time to take action on dramatic changes to your looks, or to make design decisions for your home. Do so well in advance of July 25 if necessary. Routine grooming is fine when Venus is retrograde, as would be routine fixes to your home (rather than choosing dramatically new colors or looks for your space).

The full moon of July 31, the second one this month, will bring culmination to a career matter. This will be a friendly full moon, so see what comes up.

蘇珊米勒(Susan Miller),美國最著名的星相學家,師承母親。 她於1995年創立網站「Astrology Zone」,每月親寫星座運勢,創下平均單月六百萬人次瀏覽記錄,也為《紐約時報》撰寫每日星座專欄,被網友暱稱為「神婆」。