We study the stars, believe that there are always some things are doomed, in the Susan column of women fans and we understand this mysterious science.

Susan is a famous American astrology expert, known as psychic, there is absolutely a reason. What about the July horoscope for the elusive Virgo? Come together and listen to what psychic said. (Intimate little reminder: Please take your solar constellation as the main, and refer to the rising constellation Yo!) )

Virgo (August 23 ~9 month 22nd)

Last month, you were immersed in an exciting career development, whereas in the July you had to enjoy more fun and vibrant social life. Mars moves into cancer, lighting up your friendships, relationships, and events, hinting that your invitation card will be full. You will need to pick out the best and favorite, some really will be very dazzling! In the first week of July, your fifth house (True love), there will be a full moon appearing to add more color to your life. When Neptune and Pluto have a perfect angle, this July 1 full moon will bring you the most romantic peak of the year.

On the same day, Venus will be linked to Jupiter (good luck) to create a glittering, annual event. In the first week of July, if you can travel (or even very short), please be sure to go. You can also receive a large cheque at the same time, or a very high value gift, thanks to Venus and Jupiter, two money-related planets. (Extended reading: for their own design a trip "heart"! )

Try to get things done early, because Venus will be retrograde from July 25 to September 6, and when the planet is retrograde, it will reclaim its best gift. Venus is a planet of love and beauty, so if you want to drastically change your hairstyle or hair color, or go on a diet or plastic surgery, remember to do it before Venus is retrograde. If you want to enjoy your holiday, go to the beginning of the month, you will probably enjoy your living environment and have a good travel experience.

Venus will lead Virgo for two weeks, from July 18 to August 8, before it returns to the constellation Leo. A retrograde planet can induce you to rethink the past, for example, you may think of past relationships, or if your current relationship is a bit too fast, you may slow down and readjust to a more mastered pace.

Generally speaking, although the above two examples sound good, Venus retrograde, it is best to sit steady, do not start a new relationship. About beauty, if you make changes to hair color or buy a cosmetic, you might think afterwards: "What was I thinking?" Why buy a color that is not pleasant at all during the day? "Hey, don't scare the kids and the little animals with the Hu, or if you have a beard, you suddenly shave it off." When Venus is retrograde, you can not make too drastic a change to avoid that kind of regret happening.

July 15 New Moon appears, will light your social life, you will go out very often, the frequency is very unusual, but not every time will be very smooth. You may find that your expenses are overspending because you are involved in too many activities. You seem to be fully committed to social life, but your partner is not. But this is a hindrance between you, is not the exclusion of roadblocks, smart you, you will find the two ways. (same field Gayon: with anyone can close the distance of the ice-breaking technique: Say more than clever!) )

At the end of this month, there will be a second full moon, called the Blue Moon. July 31, bring your attention back to the office. You seem to be ending your plan. Don't travel at this moment because you will need to stare at your team and pay attention to every detail. You may need to hire a new employee, and the full moon will allow you to pick the right person. Your dedication will give you a good name and will last for a while, like a crown jewel.

At the end of the month, your health may be a bit of a problem, but if so, it will end before July 31 and will not affect what you are going to do.

Last month your were wrapped up in exciting career developments, and by contrast, you'll enjoy more fun and a more Vibran T social life in July. Mars has moved into cancer and are jazzing up your friendship/people/events sector, suggesting your-dance card would be Full. You'll have to pick and choose among the best invitations-some'll be simply dazzling. Adding to the liveliness of the the the "the" of the the July, you'll also have a full moon in your fifth house of True love. With Neptune and Pluto perfectly positioned, this Full moon on July 1 could mark a high point for romance in 2015.

On the same day, July 1, Venus'll link to Jupiter, the good Fortune Planet, creating a sparkling once-a-year event. If you can take a vacation (even a short one) during the "a" week, do. You could ALSO receive a generous check on this day or a valuable gift, as both Venus and Jupiter are considered p Lanets and are sweetly angled.

Get as much do early in the month as can, for Venus'll go retrograde from July to September 6. When any planet Retrogrades, it withholds it greatest gifts. Venus is all about love and beauty, so if your had hoped to dramatically change your hairstyle or color, or go on a diet or Have plastic surgery, do so and in advance of the turn of Venus. If you are take a vacation, go early in the month, as your are likely to enjoy your-more and accommodations a have better Ience too.

Venus'll tour Virgo for two weeks, July-to-August, 8 before backing into Leo. A retrograde planet would coax you to reassess or rethink a situation, so in this case, for example, your may want to rekind Le a past relationship, or if a present relationship has galloped forward too quickly, slow it down to a more manageable p Ace.

Generally, notwithstanding the two examples just given, it is best for sit out Venus retrograde and don't start a new love in Terest. In terms of beauty, your may wonder what to were thinking when you colored your-hair or bought certain makeup that are not Flattering in daylight. Men, don ' t scare children and small animals by growing your, or if you beard one, have suddenly it off. When Venus are retrograde, you can correct those mistakes but don't make new initiations.

The new moon of July would add more zip to your social life, and certainly you'll be out and about more than usual, BU T all would go smoothly. You are concerned about the unexpectedly high cost of participation in events for your are invited to attend. seem to have set your heart set on attending a friend ' s special occasion, but your partner seems not to feel as social As you'll be, and your partner seems to want to bow out. These are are obstacles, not roadblocks and so you are able to find a compromise.

As the month winds down to a finish, it has a second full moon, called a blue moon, July, bringing is going on in the office. You are seem to is finishing a project that requires your attention. Don ' t is on vacation in this time, as you'll need to monitor the team and the details. You could need to hire a new recruit, and if so, by the full moon your would have made your the selection. Saturn'll be very friendly to the "full moon", so gains for you, terms of your reputation would last and your Victo Ry would become a jewel in your crown.

Also at month's end, your may have a health concern, but if so, it'll culminate July to and hopefully won ' t detract from All that would be going on.

Virgo should notice the day:

July 1: Full Moon brings crazy romance, and brings you a new relationship, or new intimacy with your existing partner. If you are pregnant or want to get pregnant, you will hear good news on July 1. A creative plan will end on this day (or June 30). There will be a lot of applause and admiration. This day, Venus and Jupiter meet, will bring you a large amount of checks, or a trip to a very distant place, with luxurious accommodation space.

July 2, 3rd: A great two days, you will have overflowing creativity and the opportunity to travel far away, thank Mercury and Uranus, Jupiter to form the perfect angle. These days will be good for brainstorming, writing, signing contracts and so on. (Recommended you see: the world has not changed because of travel, but I began to change the world because of travel )

July 15: A new moon will bring you a social life, but if you have a financial dispute with a friend, it could be a bad thing. It may be that the friend has said something bad about your object, and some things (not sure what it is) may annoy you. Luckily, not every friend will do this to you, so surround yourself with friends who care about you, and don't spend too much time on people who don't deserve it.

July 21, 22nd: Very stable two days, you will enjoy. It's a good idea to plan for the future, especially about real estate or romantic relationships.

July 25 ~9 Month 6th: Be careful, because Venus is going retrograde. It will not become strong until October 9. Don't throw parties or start a new relationship (don't get engaged), or plan to change your appearance, like changing your hairstyle or reshaping. When Venus is sleeping, you are likely to be dissatisfied with the results of the transformation.

July 31: The second full moon of the month (Blue Moon), you will have a case to the dead line, you will have to pay a lot of effort to perfect the end of the plan.

The full moon of July 1 is wildly romantic and bring a new relationship to a entirely new level of.

If you are are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you'll likely hear news near July 1.

A Creative project is also likely to finish July 1 (or did, June), to much applause and fanfare.

The meeting of Venus and Jupiter on the same day, July 1, could bring a generous check to, or a opportunity to travel t o A distant location with sumptuous accommodations.

July 2 and July 3 bring two wonderful days, when you'll brim with creativity and would have a chance to travel far and WI De, to have Mercury in such beautiful angle to Uranus and Jupiter. These days would is ideal for brainstorming, writing, signing contracts, and more.

The new moon of July would open up a far more social period ' I ' ve seen in a long time. Still, one friend may spoil the pudding when a financial matter seems to come between the two of. It May is that your friend says something negative about the person you are dating. Something (not completely sure what) would raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Fortunately not all your friends would act this way, so surround yourself with those who is about you and don ' t care to o Much of the detractor (s) who don ' t deserve your time.

July and July are highly stabilizing days, you'll enjoy. They are great for making future plans, especially regarding real estate or a love relationship.

Be careful, however, into that Venus are about to go retrograde July to September 6, to get even stronger by October 9. Do is not move forward on a party, love relationship (such as to get engaged), or a plan to improve your The looks by changing yo Your hair dramatically or by a having plastic surgery. With Venus napping, your may isn't like the results one bit.

The full moon, July, the second one of the month (a blue moon), you'll have a project come to deadline, and you'll Be making quite a effort to get it out the door.

Susan (Susan Miller), America's most famous astrologers, is a mother. She founded the site in 1995 "astrology Zone", the monthly pro-write horoscope, set an average of 6 million visitors per month browsing records, but also for the "New York Times" write the Daily constellation column, by netizens nickname as "Psychic."