We look at the stars, and we believe there are some things that are destined to be, and that the Susan Mueller column of women's memes, together with us, will come to understand this neuroscience.

Suzanne Miller is an American star expert, known as a God, and is called the "God of God".What about the lively and interesting horoscope of the water bottle? How did the transportation trend in July?Let's hear what God said.(A small reminder: Please use your sun constellation as the Lord, and refer to the ascending constellation!))

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

At the beginning of this month, when July 1, July 1, you may have some private conversations.If you intend to make major changes in your career, these conversations seem to be centered on your business.While the conversation will be taken naturally, concrete changes in the job may not occur until mid-November.A powerful job will take time to win, so even if this process seems to be endless, don't forget to maintain your confidence.As of last month, Saturn returns to the professional domain of the name, and it will take weeks, so any position you are discussing now represents an important boost to you, and the new job will have more responsibility and influence.

In the last three years, Saturn has been trained in the Scorpion, so now you have become stronger and more experienced.Saturn will leave Scorpio in September, and will not return until 2041.Even though new position seems daunting, you can't imagine playing that role a few years ago, but now you're ready to take him off.(Sibling: CEO column: As a leader, the most important characteristic is?)

If this private conversation has nothing to do with your work, it's about your health, please heed the doctor's advice, because Pluto is a full moon, and you're going to have a very good recovery.

About love, you are now at a high level. On July 1, the same full moon, Venus, who is in charge of love, will enter your matrimonial palace together with the lucky star Jupiter.This day you might be engaged or married, and it's an ideal day for marriage to be married.Married relationships are more intimate, and the two will weave together a timeless memory of eternity.Long distance travel seems likely to happen now, could it be a honeymoon?

On July 15, the new month brings a lot of tasks, so it's best to travel there before that.Your position will be busier than ever before, and your presence is extremely important, and important people depend on you.The major influence of the new moon on Uranus, so you need to be in the best position, and you have to wake up the details to make a timely response before things get really bad.You have to confirm that nothing can escape from your eye, the project has not been ignored or the important thing is missing, and everything is accurate.The effect of the new month will continue for a few weeks, so you have to stay alert for a long period of — — take a short break and find the relaxed mode of relaxation every night at home.(push recommend to you: Are you today, Me Time?)

The rule of the Aquarius planet, Uranus, will be retrograde on July 26, so it is necessary to finish the most important action before this.After that, until the 25th of December, when Uranus is on the line, you'll find that things like approval for important people are more time and effort than ever.It's not that you meet every wall, but in the second half of the year, you need to be more persuasive. Three days after July 26, you get clues about the impact of this planet Uranus.These messages are very subtle, but as long as you look carefully at it, you will find it.If things were reversed in your hand, you would have time to solve the problem and try again in early 2016.

Venus is also going retrograde from July 25 to September 6, during which time it is not a good time to change the appearance, for example, not to be cosmetic, change new hairstyle, or hair color.Before Venus is directly involved, it is best not to get involved in the activities of Venus: Hold the Large Luxurious Party, don't redecorate your house, and don't hold your engagement party.While Venus will resume its straight line on September 6, Venus will become stronger and more vigorous after October 9.

This month, July 31, July —, is known as the — Moon and is now in Aquarius.This day will be a special moment for you, because the moon is very friendly, and it will receive silver rays from Saturn, indicating that what you're doing is going to be decades, and even permanent.It may have been a result of years of hard work, but this will be the moment of your happiness!

As the month opens, you may be having confidentiality talks near the month's first full moon, July 1. Those talks seem to center on your cab, and if you do want to make a big car move, talk may become drunk out, and so the job may not crystallize until mid-November. Powerful jobs take time to win, so keep the faith, even if the process is unending. Last month, Saturn moved back in your prestigious professional sector for several weeks, so any position you discus now will prove an important step up for you, and the job come with much responsibility and influence.

Over the past three years, you have been paid by Saturn's tutoring in Scorpio, so you are now tougher, more savvy, and seasoned. Saturn will leave Scorpio in September, not to return until 2041. Although any new position you take on may seem daunting at first, you are ready to tackle it, even though just a few years ago you could not imagine yourself in that role.

If the confidential talk involve your health rather than your work, with the full moon conjunct Pluto, follow your doctor's advice, for your inbound ability will be very strong now.

Romantically, you are hitting all high spots. On July 1, the same day as the full moon, Venus (love) will join Jupiter (good fortune) in your house of committing and marriage. You may be getting engaged or married on this date, and if so, you have chosen an ideal time to do so. Already attached? You can bond closer now and weave a memory you both will remember forever. Long distance travel seemm very likely now too-could that be a honeymoon?

The new moon of July 15 will bring more assignments at work, so it would be best to travel early in the month. Your office will be busier than it has been all year, so your presence will be needed and VIPs will be depending on you. This new moon will be receiving too tough aspects from Uranus (unexpected developments), so you will need to be on your A-game and very alert to catch details before things go very wrong. You will need to see that nothing escapes your critical eye, that all facts are accurate, and that nothing important has been omitted or missing from the project when it ships.2 A new moon is influential for weeks, so you will have to remain vagilant for a long time-take far breaks and find enjoyable ways to unwind at home each night.

Your ring planet, Uranus, will go retrograde on July 26, so work to get all your most vittal actions done in advance of this date. After this, and until Uranus goes direct again, December 25, you will find that getting VIP's approvals will take more time and effort than usual. This doesn't mean you won't get the green light, but you will need to be more persuasive in the second half of this year. Watch the three days that surround July 26, before and after, for you will get a clue of what Uranus retrograde will bring. The message may be very little, but it will be there if you are observant. If you go through a reversal, you will have time to fix things and to try again in early 2016.

Venus will be regrade too, from July 25 to September 6, not a time to change your appearance with plastic surgery or a completely new hairstyle or color, for example. It's best not to get involved with any activity ruled by Venus-delay throwing a big lavish party, don't landscape your property yet, and delay your engagement until after Venus goes direct. Although Venus goes direct on September 6, she will be even stronger and more vibrant by October 9.

The month ends on a full moon-called a blue moon-on July 31 in Aquarius. This will be a special moment for you, for this full moon is very friendly and will receive a silvery beam from Saturn, indicating actions you take will be in place for decades, possibly forever. The news will representation the culmination of years of work toway a goal that appears to be unflirting now. It should be a joyous moment for you!

Days to Special Attention to Aquarius

  • The full month of July 1 makes you and the person close to the business secret, which may have something to do with the cause.If you think that you are going to rest (July 1 to 5) in full moon, this is understandable, then take your time.
  • On July 1, Venus will be united in the spirit of the lucky stars, and in your husband's palace.Because the two-star included angle is very small, you will enjoy the impact that you have on them throughout July.With July 1, you might be able to act together with a partner or make a major trip.
  • Water star Uranus, which may have a quick and interesting trip on July 2nd.In addition, you may receive news and tell you that you will get a very large sum of money.
  • On July 3, the harmony and resonance of the Palace of Truth and the Palace is a romantic day!
  • Work this month is busy, until August 8, when Mars moves out of the workspace, it will gradually cool down.
  • the same time, the new month of July 15 brings a lot of work, probably because everyone is working hard, and your colleagues will feel the pressure.The subordinates may colliding with you, or you may have a conflict with your colleagues.
  • Venus, July 25, will revert to September 6 until October 9, until it will resume normal.Venus hosts beauty, elegance, flowers, jewelry, exquisite food, party, and most —, love.Because of the effects of the retrograde of Venus, things related to these projects will face obstacles.
  • The full moon on July 31 was 8 degrees in Aquarius.Dear Aquarius, The universe is listening, It's your time to say what you hope for the future.

The full moon of July 1 will bring confidential talk to closure, and they may be caareer related. If you feel in need of rest and solitude over this full period period (July 1 to July 5), it would be under. Take things

Love planet Venus will conjoin good fortune Jupiter, in your house of commiting, on July 1. You will enjoy this aspect throughout July, as these two great planets will orbit within two tiny degrees of each other.

As a result of the conjunction Juli 1, you may decide to move in together or take an important trip together.

Circle July 2 for a quick, fun surprise trip, thanks to Mercury in sync with your ruler, Uranus. You may also get news of a substand sum of money that is about to come your way.

The plants on July 3 will bring beautiful vibes and combine the houses of love and march for you-what a romantic day!

Work will get very hard this month, but will simmer down by August 8, the date Mars will move out of your workaday sector.

In the mean, the new moon of July 15 will bring many of assignments, but perhaps because everyone will be working hard, co-workers will show signs of ress. One subordinate may be rude to you, or you may not get along with a co-worker.

Venus will go regtrograde July 25 to September 6, but will be in finer form by October 9. Venus rules beauty, grace, love, flows, jewels, fine food, parties, and most of all, love. All these areas are not due to be strong while Venus naps.

The full moon of July 31 will be in Aquarius, 8 degrees. This is your time to state what you want will happen next. The universe will be listening, dear Aquarius.

, the most famous American star in the United States, has been a teacher of his mother.In 1995, she founded the website "Astrology Zone", a monthly close to the constellations, recording an average of six million visits per month, as well as the New York Times and the Daily Constellation column, which was nicknamed the "God of God" by the netizens.