We look at the stars, and we believe there are some things that are destined to be, and that the Susan Mueller column of women's memes, together with us, will come to understand this neuroscience.

Suzanne Miller is an American star expert, known as a God, and is called the "God of God".Shuangzi, this smart, clever constellation. How was the transportation situation in July?Let's hear what God said.(A small reminder: Please use your sun constellation as the Lord, and refer to the ascending constellation!))

Gem1 (May 21-June 20)

From the start of July, you have to look after the financial situation.If you apply for a moratorium on tax returns before July 1, within four days of July 1, even if your application is delayed for several months, you have to take care of it.Legal matters relating to credit, loans, mortgages, or real estate will be resolved in early July.(Extended reading: You can't but don't have to do this: do you really need it or just want it?)

You seem to have spent a lot of money lately, and until August 8, this situation will continue.Ask for a raise may be a priority option, and if you decide to do so, it is best to wait until July 15, when the new moon is in the Cancer, which is the best chance you have in the year; however, the new month sometimes brings trouble.The rise of Uranus, and Pluto (authority, laws and regulations) will also oppress you, so you are bound to face obstacles in your way of raising wages.If the demand for a raise is refused, don't feel that the company doesn't value your value, because management has budgetary pressure.

The money, the Palais des Mars and Neptune of the Palace of Hope are on the 15th of July, and Neptune is in charge of your reputation and career, so it's a hope for you.Neptune is also in charge of your creative thinking, including art, as well as your sense of challenge in the face of challenges.Don't wait until after the next two days, July 14 to 15, and think about how to let the boss give you a raise in real terms.If the demand is not successful, there will still be a chance at the end of the year, because Christmas Day is on the crabs, and there will be good news for the next four days, four days before that, and a bonus or a pay rise.

The time of travel will warm up your love, because Jupiter (who is in charge of happiness) and Venus for the annual meeting, the best time for pleasure and love, will be between July 1 and 4.In the course of the year, they met at your third Palace of the Palace, and they were traveling on short trips.You might know the people that attract you, and if you already have people who like it, the world is going to be more sweet. (Recommended to you: one person at a railway private tourist attraction )

The most suitable date for travel this month also includes July 3, as your star Mercury (Information and Travel) will meet Jupiter, and this is a rare thing!You're going to enjoy a beautiful moment of sleep and a dream.On the last day, on July 2, you might want to come and say, "Go on a trip. — — Then come decisively!"

This month will end with the second full moon — the — Moon, July 31 in Aquarius, which ignites your long range travel zone, so you have to act!Because Saturn's relationship with full moon is good, any action, decision, and communication that you make during the full moon will have a lasting effect.The sky bodes well for the end of the month, when you are the most happy month of the month.

From the very start of July, you will be determined to take care of finances. If you applied for a tax extension, you appear to be set on fine your tax return within four days of the full moon, July 1, even though the deadline for filing an extension may be months away. Matters of credit, loans, mortgage, or legal ramfictions involving an estate can all be taken care of as Jouly opens.

You appear to be spending quite a bit of money leting, and this will continue until August 8. Getting a raise may be a priority, and for that, you'll need to wait for the new moon in Cancer, July15. You will have the year's best opportunity for a raise on that date; however, this new moon will be troublesome. Uranus will be at difficle angles to the new moon, and Pluto (force, law and order) will press on you, so if you ask for a raise you will likely encounter resstance. Do not take a denial for an increase as an indication of how much you are valued by your company, for it appears management is under pressure to streamline the budget.

When it comes to money, you do have a lovely interplay between Mars in your salary house and Neptune in your reputation house on July 14-15, so there is hope as Neptune rules your reputation and your car. It also rules your creative thinking, either in an artisan way, or in the way that you come at challenges in a very original and out-of-box kind of way. Plan your request for a raise near July 14-15, no later-but be realistic. If things don't work out, you may do better at year's end, when the full moon will appear in Cancer on Christmas Day-news about a bonus or extra Cash in your salary would come within four days of this date.

Travel opportunities bringing chains to enjoy romance, and one of your most sparing times for fun and love will join July 1-4, when Jupiter (happiness) will meet with Venus (love) in a once-a-year event that happened in a different part of your chart. This year, Venus and Jupiter will meet in your solar third house of short distance travel, so go to a resort near home-you may meet someone new, or if attached, fan the fifres of an existing relationship.

One of your very best days of the month to travel will follow, July 3, when Mercury (your ruler AND planet of news/travel) will meet with Jupiter, also a rare event, and you will enjoy setting and experience in a lovely setting and experience a fabulous time. On the day before, July 2, you may decide to take your trip quite spontaneously-lowy!

The month will end with a second full moon-a blue moon-on July 31. Falling in felllow air-sign Aquarius, and due to energy your important travel sector, you'll be on the move. Saturn will be helpful at this full moon, so action, decisions, or new associations you make at this full moon will likely have power. It has all the potential for branding you opportunitiesthat make it your favite part of the month.

Days to pay special attention for Gemus

  • days before and after the full moon on 1 July, you will look at the financial situation, and the money you pay is not postponed again. The money you receive will also go on, and there will be a small amount of money.
  • Given that Mars has been in the crab's entire month, until August 8, it seems that you have to borrow a large sum of money, or make a large amount of money, such as bank loans, mortgages, and student loans.Money on the left hand is in the right hand, but it is better than just not going to make it.If there is no emergency for the money to be paid out, then it can be postponed first, to find new sources of revenue, and the current star is perfect for money.
  • July 2 and 3, very special, your main star Mercury and Uranus meet.If you're smart, you can think of a thousand good ideas.The next day, Mercury receives hints from Jupiter — is suitable for shopping, travel, writing, or speech.
  • July 6, the sun was not suitable for borrowing, and the sun was not in the opposite position.The other party will make things difficult for you.
  • your work related to art? On July 8, it was appropriate to display your work.So, what if your work and art have nothing to do with art?Because Neptune is in charge of your fame and honor, this day is a good idea to show off your talent and let others know your good ideas.
  • not lend money to friends after 12 July.If you have already lent it out, it is estimated that the other party will not be back in the short term, but at the end of this month, hurry.
  • new month of July 15 should have been the most appropriate new month for a pay rise in 2015.But this new month is not perfect, so it will be difficult.Uranus is very active, so the boss might give you an unexpected veto, or you might have gotten the money, but suddenly there was an unexpected expense, which made you have to spend it again.If you ask for a pay increase from 15 to 16 July (or should you ask for it), you have to prepare a good reason.Saturn will support you, so even if you get a negative response, you can try to do it again.
  • July 21 and 22, your luck is good, and your actions will stabilize your revenue.
  • Venus will be reversedated between July 25 and September 6.Don't make too much of a change in appearance, including cosmetic surgery, hairdressing, or hair-dyeing.Men also have to pay attention.By September 6, Venus is back on the line, and it is best to wait until October 9.
  • full moon on July 31 is your tailor-made system, and everything that happens makes you happy.You're going to travel or just come back, and you're doing college-related events, papers, publications, networks, or radio programs, or you're going to end up with a lawsuit.
  • days after July 31, If you're doing something about migration, it's about to end.
  • July 18, Venus traveled to the Lions and Love was particularly sweet.It is suitable for small travel, within 100 or less.

The July 1 full moon will be a time to review finances, plus or minus four days. You may pay off bills and repeatd clients they owe you, and you may get a substance amount of money in too.

Due to Mars in Cancer all month, until August 8, it appears you may need to loan a hefty amount, or pay a large bill, such as for a bank loan, mortgage, student loan, or other similar necessity. Money comes in, money goes out, but hipily, at least you have it to pay. If you don't now, if you concentrate on making more, your aspects are good for generating a large influx of carash.

July 2 and July 3 are two special days, when your ruler, Mercury, will meet first with Uranus. If you brainstorm, you will be lit with a thousand ideas. The following day, Mercury will receive a beam from Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck-a great day to shop, travel, write, or speak.

Don't apply for fining on July 6 when the Sun and Pluto will be at odds. Terms will be tough, and the VIP in charge will be difficult and dominating.

Are you artiste? July 8 is your day to show off your ideas in a presentation. You aren't especially creative? Neptune rules your house of fame and horors, so use this same day to show off your skills and present your ideas.

Be careful not to loan money to a friend on July 12 or anywhere near this date. If you are owed money from a friend, it does not look like you'll get it, so ask later in the month.

The new moon in Cancer, July 15, would normally be the new moon of 2015 that would be the right time to ask for more salary. However, this new moon is flawed in some ways and helpful in others, so there will be obstables. Uranus, planet of uneted events, will be active so you may not be inactive a "no" from your boss, or you may get news you never expected that another big expense is coming your way. When you ask for your raise on July 15 -16 (and you should), be sure you are prepared with a good reason you depend more salary. Saturn will be helpful, so don't let a negative response stop you in your tracks.

July 21 and July 22 are excellent days when your actions will help to stabilize your income.

Venus will go regrade from July 25 to September 6. Hold off on all major, dramatic changes to your looks, including plastic surgery, Botox injections, and a radio change of hair color or cut. Men, keep your apearance stable too. Resume actions when Venus is strong and powerful, either after September 6, or better yet, from October 9 onward.

The full moon of July 31 has your name on it-you will love the developments, as this will be a fair godmother full moon. You may travel or be returning from a long trip, working on a matter in a universal, presenting your thesis, wrapping up a publishing, Internet or broadcasting project, or closing a matter involving a legal action.

If you are awaiting the finish to an immigration matter, that too should finish up by July 31 plus or minus four days.

Love will be best prior to July 18 while Venus hours Leo. Love blossoms on short tripps, within 100 miles from home.

, the most famous American star in the United States, has been a teacher of his mother.In 1995, she founded the website "Astrology Zone", a monthly close to the constellations, recording an average of six million visits per month, as well as the New York Times and the Daily Constellation column, which was nicknamed the "God of God" by the netizens.