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Greek interior ministry released a total of 93.37 percent of the votes on , with 61.3 percent of voters casting their opposition and refusing to accept the bailout package proposed by the European Union, the European Union central bank and the International Monetary Fund.This could be a dangerous game for Greece, which faces a formal bankruptcy crisis, and it could be a more exotic future for Greece than it was in the past.

No change, no matter whether Greece is a Yes or No, Greece's financial problems are all the more that must be solved.What has changed is this mess, who should carry it, and how to carry it?

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras hailed the vote as a victory for democracy in Greece and praised Greek voters for their vote against the pressure, saying that "the Greek people have entrusted me not with Europe's breakup, but more bargaining chips.""No, let the Greeks live in the European Union again with dignity."

In the case of voters casting a vote of approval, a No vote would mean a formal rupture with the European Union, each of which is in a worse state of the economy.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande have expressed respect for the outcome of the Greek referendum, while Belgium's finance minister said: "Greece does not accept the bailout package, making the situation in Europe more complicated and embarrassing."" This week, EU leaders will hold an emergency summit meeting.

21-year-old law student interviewed by Time magazine also said that he had made an in-depth study of the document before deciding to cast a "No" decision."We understand that this public defoperation is not only a matter of whether or not it is endorsed, but rather how the European Union's policy will decide on Greece's appearance in the course of austerity.""

Let's take a look at the headlines about the results of the Greek referendum

  1. “ Greeks Reject Bailout Terms in Rebuff to European Leaders ” The New York Times

  2. "Greece Looks to Reopen Bailout Talks as Euro Future in Doubt" - time.com

  3. " Greek referendum: No campaign stores to victory with 61.31 % of the vote-as it hitched "- The Guardian

  4. “ Greece Resoundingly Rejects On In Referendum On Bailout Deal “ --- huffingtonpost

  5. " No! Greek vote shocs Europe "-- CNN

  6. " Greece debt crisis: Polls close in bayout referendum "--- BBC

  7. " Greeks defy Europe with overwhelming referendum 'No' " --- reusters

From the headlines of the different media, they can see their position. The word "Reuters" is emotionally rendered. CNN's words are short and straightforward, and the BBC's neutrality is clear.The following English key words can also help you to understand this incident.

01. Referendum Referendum

"Greek citizens decisively rejected international bailout plans in the referendum.""

"Greek voters have decisvan rejected the terms of an international bayout in a referendum" --- BBC

02. bailout of Bailout

The ruling Syriza Syriza assailed the bailout terms for Greece as an insult."

" The governing radical-left Syriza party has criteria the bayout terms as human." --- BBC

03. Savings Austerity

"Greek voters refused to try to rescue the international bailout of their runaway economy.""

"Greek voters rejected an international aireout deal for their hiemorraging economy." --- nytimes

04. ballot election, ballot

On July 5, 2015, people cast their vote in the ballot box in the outskirts of Athens."

"People place their referendum votes in the band box at a school in the suburbs of Athens on July 5, 2015."

05.Fallout R.P.

The Greek Finance Minister, Varoufakis, appears to be the first ripple effect of the Greek referendum.He said in a statement that he had been told by the eurozone's other finance ministers and the country's creditors that he expected him to take the initiative to attend the ministerial meeting, not long after the result of the referendum."

"Varoufakis applied to be the first casualty of the vote's fallout.Varoufakis said in a statement he was told that some other eurozone finance minisers and the country's other credentist would appreciate his not attendering the ministers'meetings." --- time

06. Joint Currency Common Currency

07. Keep one's pledge to keep your promise

"If the European Central Bank refuses to offer more assistance from Greek banks, Greek Prime Minister Chippurath has vowed to restore the promise of the Greek fiscal system to a shadow.""

"If the ECB does not increase its help to the banks, it will be impossible for Tsipras to keep his paldge to quickly restore Greece ’ s banking system." - time

In any case, the referendum outcome does not mean solving the problem.Is the Greek referendum a victory for democracy or a forerunner to say goodbye to the EU?It can only wait for further action by the European Union to be further aprouclear.

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