Originally we used other, worn, and even fallen decorations, but since Lady Gaga demonstrated in its own unique style of "tying the knot with hair," the bow has emerged as a new fashion trend!Let's talk about the modern dress of five butterflies:

weave a bow out of my hair, except for Lady Gaga, and also Lauren Conrad.If you want to look like this, it's not just that the hair is long enough, it's much more than enoughIf you don't always use your hair to make hair like this, it doesn't matter. Now there are butterflies in the market. The only thing you have to pay attention to is whether or not they match the color of the hair.

The hair is padded back up, and the hair is fixed at the binding place. The emphasis of this hair is not to tie the hair so neatly, but also a short haircut.

Leaving aside the side tie plait in the diagram seems to be very complicated and untied, and here is a way to complete your bow-shaped structure with one of the forging bands.First, prepare a long and long drop zone, from top to bottom, round the side, round the plait, and then play a bow on the plait, and finish!

This hairstyle is considered a simple version of the first butterfly's hair haircut!As long as you grab two different hairs from the head, you can tie it to a bow in the back of the brain and complete it!

It's just a pop culture right now, so you can try the easiest way to do that: the side tie, and the big butterflies are tied to the tail.The way this hairstyle looks like a quality and no LOW is to find a very simple and generous bow-headed hair ornament.

These are the five butterflies that are introduced today, and welcome to share your fashionable and lovely hairstyle with us!

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