What is yoga?The word
yoga "is derived from Sanskrit, meaning" join "," conformed ", meaning that it is a form of seeking and reunifying a unified approach.In the simplest way, yoga (yoga) represents a kind of "harmony," by breathing, by breathing, to maintain a stable and balanced state of mind.

Through the long-term, practiced yoga, the harmony of the limbs, the concentration of mind, and the quietness of the mind are found between the gentle and smooth movements, so as to improve the physical, psychological, emotional, and various abilities of each other.
So yoga is a living philosophy of life and is also linked, linked to your body (body), mind (mind), and spirit, as well as posture, breathing, relaxation, meditation, healthy eating, and positive thinking.

yoga is different from modern yoga
Traditional yoga originated from ancient Hindu practitioners to observe animal behavior, rest, or how to use natural methods to treat physical pain, and imitating these actions that are beneficial to people is the origin of traditional yoga.But in fact it's a traditional Indian yoga for men, because in ancient times, yoga was designed for men, especially for sport-style muscles.

Modern people are pursuing physical, mental health, or relieving stress, and they want to get a solution from the yoga practice.However, for those who normally do not exercise, it is a bad way to get started directly from traditional yoga, because your body can't be able to do traditional yoga. Instead, it is easy to get your own body injured by drawing up a gourd's gourd.

So your yoga approach is a kind of alternative yoga that combines the health needs of modern people.

When doing yoga actions, stress that a certain part of the body (core muscle), like being locked up, cannot be fixed, so that the action can have the best effect on the body.The lock can be divided into two criteria: Basic Standard and Target Standard.You have to do the basic standards, and then you have to ask for the target standard, don't force yourself, let yourself do yoga for your own strength, and that makes sense.

yoga benefits?
Practice yoga with positive posture, increasing body softness, muscle strength, muscular endurance, strengthening nervous and endocrine systems, improving visceral function, adjusting the immune system, increasing positive energy from a psychological level, increasing positive emotions, more relaxed, more comfortable, satisfied, and happier, more focused, and quieter.

E instructor: Ms. Lai Fong
is currently at the yoga teacher at the School of the United States, the University of East Wu, and other schools.He loves yoga and does not break into the knowledge of this field.