Name: Female Upper-Classic Arch (Arch

in position: sitting posture + bedridden

The clitoris stimulus: (full 5

G-point stimuli:

Action challenge:

Visual stimulus: (full 5 )

How to:

First, first use the classic seated posture of the woman, and then bend the back to the back and put your head in the middle of your partner's legs, so that you can lay down directly, because the next step will be dominated by the passion of the two-person dance!

Next, remember to grab his ankles and then use the warm words of the time to ask your man to bend forward, grab the back of the forestings, and kiss the skincare and soft breasts at the same time, and begin to move forward for the orgasm of the two.At this point, apart from the ups and downs of the men's movements, the proposal suggests that the waist and buttocks from time to time be twisted, so that he can feel the intransiency and elusive feeling of the people.


Not only can this posture make the private parts of the two people closely fit together, the stimulation of the clitoris and the G point can reach the highest level, the men can appreciate the moving belly curves and boobs of the woman in close range, and look more visually and visually from the sight!

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