A person's travel is not supposed to be a text, a film, a lyric, but a real spiritual revolution, a moment of great turmoil in life and a moment of rehabilitation.

When a person wants to redefine herself and what kind of life to pursue, they will start a journey and have a unique moment of life.— — < Enjoy!A person's travel >

Do you ever have two weeks in life that you spend with yourself?It is only two weeks in which you can only take care of yourself, consider what you feel, and eat whatever you want, get lost, and not be afraid of wasting time.I think that every single person must have at least two weeks of life, and you're not ready to run away, lose heart, lose it, and then bring back many people's stories.Hey, follow us up with the travel song we're preparing for you, the best, always on the road!

I used to have only you blue sky, white clouds — and — clouds.

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"Blue sky, when you go, blue sky." I was the only one in my eyes. " — — Blue Sky >

When you travel on a personal journey, you may look up on the same person, and you may be able to cry in a beautiful and empty space, and you may send a postcard without an address, so that your regrets will have a foothol-end.You let the blue sky become your cape, step by step to the unknown. Even without him, it will be a very practical day.

Hey, not just heartbroken people are used to looking up at the sky.You have been relieved and let go, so gazing on that vast blue sky.

Don't move — — — Easy

Until Time will be identified, still have a special fan, Don't wake up sometimes, Don't move until memories of the tangible form of memory are awake. — —

I don't know when to start, and you forget that feeling is a very important thing in life.After three days of separation, it was only after three months left home that she treasured his mother's good food. After three years of separation, it was only after three years of separation that you found that you missed out on a lot of things.Hey, don't wait until memories become a concrete shape before you understand what moves.On the road of personal travel, you are gradually reminded of people who have been abandoned by you all the way, and remember that many of the things that had already been so full of life were so happy that they still didn't know enough.

One cat grinted against your ankle, a blade of fallen leaves and your shoulder, and a drop of rain led to your tears.At this point, you finally understood that it was a beautiful thing, so you just go forward and feel the good things that happen every single thing.(Recommended reading: Building the ability to thank the "ordinary day", good for the good moments in your life )

There is an unbroken Island — — The xx

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' I'm yours now, so I don't need to leave again. 'I was found, so I wouldn't have to explore it again." — —
I am yours now. So now I don't have to leave. I've been found out. So now I'll never

islands are located in an ocean, surrounded by sea, and the islands are at the rest of the sea and in the sea of loneliness.We walked out of the island of Taiwan and went through more trips. Some people said, "The island is actually a scar on the ocean, and the ocean is over here, just to cover it."The ocean cannot hide the culture and culture of the island, and each island bears the scars of history and the evolution of the times, and we have gone through the wounds of the soil, and also the pain of our own.Because it has not yet arrived, we cannot stop wandering, we cannot stop, and we can only find the island in my heart — a person, a city, a gently covered by your grief, and the confusion in the days of your metabolism.There is always a place like this that makes you stop and be willing to be ordinary.

Painter for Life Painter (Valentine) — — L å psley

L å psley's vocal cord is colder in the UK, and she likes to read the same paragraph repeatedly, with simple electrons, like echoes in empty valleys.There are only four lines of the Painter's lyrics, such as the poetry of the poetry and the sweet dreams of a sweet dream.

"You can draw your wings and let them fly
Tears bring more virtuous
to the light.
And I think I may never see a much larger picture." —

You can paint these wings and make them fly
Cries coming over like the other been kind
Knowledge in the colour lapping all the sunlight
I probably can't see the bigger picture

Calvino's < invisible city > write: " If you want to know how dark it is, you have to pay attention to the weak light in the distance."

If you want to live close to life, you have to carefully explore the gloss of darkness, and you can fly in order to paint your life with wings.In the moment of life, you've exclaimed the beauty of your face, and you know that it's only a short moment, and it's an eternal moment.That may be the wonder of the clouds on Mt. Ali, where the lights have finally come to light. Perhaps the blue sky rising in the hot air balloon is the sky of the sea and the water, the water, the water, the water and the water.The sun is sprinkled with the eyes of the air flow, the drying of the Sahara, the dry cold of Iceland, the chilly tree of Canada's forests.At this point, you finally collected the best souvenir of the journey.(Sibling: Drop, Fresh, Old and New Life )

Go ahead beyond your limits — — Cosmos

"I can only go forward, there is no backtrack, no stop line; I break the border, conquer limits, and always." — —

You are often the same person who looks at the days of the day: " Every day and every day, is getting farther and farther away from yourself, turning one eye open every day .You are too small to forget, and you have the ability to risk your own death.My dear, life is like this once, and you will choose to keep on going forward.To move forward on a rugged road, the foot of your foot is soaked in water, soaked in sweat and soaked in water, and I am afraid that this strange wilderness is a hopewell.You are too tired, and when you lift your head, you have to shed your tears, but you will encounter the most beautiful stars, and every star is deep, and they flicker the dark night sky, and they also shake your inner universe.

Travel so, life is like this, you decide to move forward, and you have an unprecedented night sky.

The best in the world, we don't disappear — — movenwei

I'd like to say goodbye, your seat is still here. Before you begin, after the period, live in me, not loose.' — —

On the way to travel, there are some people who will never be able to say goodbye.After passing through a city several times over, you finally understand that people, ah, are still unable to stay.At that time, you just walked out of the street and stopped to stop. You couldn't leave again because of a warm smile and a happy life. You stare at the face of an old grandpa, just waiting for this afternoon; you feel the sun's hot kissing in the skin, the shadow of a city's sculptures. You see a moment when you want to collect this pastime, space-time.(Extended reading: Getting lost is the beginning of your journey, using roaming to experience the city's romance )

You look at a certain place for a long time, and the way you say goodbye is the way you say goodbye. In the end, the most beautiful thing in the world is the end of the world. We can only hope to be more beautiful next time we reach each other's lives.

Chasing Cars — — Snow pathrol

" We are spending all the time in seconds, chasing unfinished trains, one-by-a-one-one-per-brain-one-per-brain-one.I need your tenderness to remind me to look for real feelings.' — — < Chaining Cars >

Let's wastte time
Chaining cars
Around our heads
I need your grace
To remind me
To find my own

Time, spacetime, interwoven into a train, and we take a one-way ticket to the unknown, and to the transition itself.The journey of life is also a train that will never return. As time passes, it will not be returned. Whoever gets out of the car and several passengers on the way, the position of who is empty will let you think of it.You finally understand that you stand in the sleep of your youth, and you don't have to chase them anymore.We can only move forward, to feel every moment of life, and every moment of life is very real and unreal.(Extended reading: The best birthday present: Creating surprises for life and enjoyable )

One day you no longer want to see a larger world, because the soil of your age, the endless stream of people, the journey from the body to the heart, and finally to their souls, is a long way to go.You don't want to see the hot spots, you go around the world, you go through your own mind, experience the scenes of the seasons, and catch the jew-light feathers in the city.

Now, you really want to stop.

Travel is a hug of learning to embrace, embracing the world's happiness and sadness, embracing the initial self — — — these things that we originally knew.Travel is a journey to life; travel is a journey to life; travel is the end of the journey, and tears continue to feel happy; travel is a perfect place to walk through many of the world's flaws; travel is not an escape; it is a step-by-step, steady, and solid journey.

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