The editors collected the classic books at hand and the sentences provided by the readers in the morning! Let's take a guess, find their owner!

What are you doing this Typhoon day?

Reading, watching DVDs, enjoying solitude?

This morning , "woman, you can be different." The fan group played a little game with the readers, opening a recent book at hand, leaving the 1th sentence on page 11th and leaving a reading time for each other.

So I'm curious, is there anyone who can correct the title of 10 sentences in full? The editors collected the fine books at hand and the sentences provided by the readers in the morning! Let's take a guess, find their owner!

(Photo credit:Moyan Brenn, Cc@flickr)

(1) "Straight son calm down." I also stood down. He put his hands on my shoulder and looked me straight in the eye. The dark, heavy liquid in the depths of his pupil is drawing an incredible swirl of graphics. 」

(2) "Floc: Time is April 27, 1995 Three O'Clock in the morning, you nine o'clock in the morning in Taiwan, the rabbit died so 26th midnight 12 o'clock, 27 hours after his death."

(3) "His thoughts repeatedly returned to the image of the woman, who lay on his couch, and did not remind him of anyone in his life." She is no longer a lover, nor a wife. 」

(4) "At this time, the four of you are a person hiding there Lahuchen, but because he knows downstairs in the family meeting there is no room for his beak." After Mrs. Xu had gone, the White mansion indispensable her suggestion to study and analyze. 」

(5) "No one knows about this, it doesn't make sense if nobody knows it." 」

(6) "The question is not what the world is like, but what you are."

(7) "Gregor was seriously injured and ate one months of suffering." That Apple because no one dares to take, still hold in the meat, became the startling memorial. 」

(8) "When you look for the way to Lingshan, I'm wandering along the Yangtze River, looking for this truth." I had just experienced a incident, and was misdiagnosed as lung cancer by the doctor, Death and I played a joke, I finally from his fight this wall came out, secretly grateful. 」

(9) "I fled our little house in Hall Street, and Rob was so disturbed that he still failed to explain where the loneliness of the two men had come from." I can't throw away the world that belongs to us, and I'm not sure where to go.

(10) "My heart was so sad that I almost cried, but what I did was take the pieces out of the envelope and put them in my coat pocket." The pieces are useless, but I don't want to throw them away. Then I went into the park. Hey, it's really dark in the park. 」

Open the book at hand, a word, a sentence, a story, accompany you to spend time from the intangible. Reading is not only a one-way pleasure, let us share the fun between the lines to more of the same hand touch the temperature of the paper friends, guess the above 10 sentences appear in which book? Leave your answer, too!

"Let reading not only be one-way happy" leave your answer!

(1) Guess which 10 books are from the above 10 sentences respectively?

(2) You are welcome to leave behind a book on the 11th page of the 1th sentence, left to the next reader to answer: