Mye-Claire, a novelist and novelist, to talk to everyone about her views on the movement, and why this deep salon is going to be cut off from the pelvis movement!

How long has it gone to talk to the body?

We often hear a lot of people say that keeping exercise is the most healthy, but dear, you know how to choose the most suitable sport, and what kind of movement does the present body need?Long-standing work habits have put a lot of pressure on the body, and don't ignore all kinds of painful news from the body. Let's learn how to treat ourselves well. Health is the most precious asset of our health. Only physical health is the most important thing to do to make a living.

Injurance makes me aware of the importance of the campaign

Before heading to Scandinavia, Claire had previously worked as a physiotherapist at several hospitals, clinics in Taiwan, and found common habits of the people of Taiwan to take passive treatment to relieve the pain.But in fact, the pain has been accumulated over a long period of time, and passive treatment is not a permanent cure.The real solution is to have long-term health care through sustained movement.With internationally certified Polestar Pilates (Pillatis) rehabilitation therapy, coupled with its own knowledge of physical therapy and exercise science, it is clear from the conversation that Claire firmly believed that the movement was a way of thinking, a lifestyle.(Extended reading: 3 major mis-life patterns, murder of your health )

Claire, who grew up with a variety of sports since childhood, experienced physical traffic accident and ankle injury, and "Prevention is better than cure" is better than cure. It's like a car that needs regular maintenance and a fast pace of life.Claire hopes that through this sharing and curriculum, people can learn to understand their bodies, learn to the limits of their bodies, and understand how to protect and maintain it.(Recommended: Pat points for private care )

When you start to change yourself in the field of physical therapy, Claire says that he has become more confident and aware of what he can accomplish by increasing the influence and physical understanding of the posture through physical therapy.For example, Claire is now studying new sports and dancing, and can quickly get on with it, knowing which action will require muscle, and after exercise, it will gradually be able to achieve something that he could not have achieved before.If there is no exercise, and if there is no training, running long or engaging in violent movements, it may cause injury because of the lack of long-term training habits!

Rehabilitation is a long-term investment

Claire has also shared with us the most frequently asked questions when he worked as a physical therapist, and I believe that these may also be a problem in your mind reading this article before the screen.Claire says that patients often have chronic disease (such as the 50 shoulder/back pain) asking: "I will not heal, and I will not heal."" People who are injured want to know the exact time of recovery, but if they are chronic pain, the process of treatment also needs to accumulate in the long term to see obvious therapeutic effects.It also observed a gradual decline in the age range of patients seeking treatment, especially among young people working in the service sector.Young people who are often in the hotel or dining room service are often subject to muscle injuries due to heavy physical and mental stress and frequent overtime work, and excessive use of hands in wrong gestures.These rehabilitation are time-to-time, and they are completely unable to recover from the pain of rehabilitation exercises that are not prescriptive.

In fact, in Europe and the United States, the pain is common, and the aches and pains are common in Taiwan and the rest of the island. Claire said that Pilatis was able to slowly solve the pain of the back pain after he was able to detect his body's ability.But the most important thing to remember is that it doesn't hurt until today, and it doesn't hurt.In fact, the body should be in a long-term and dynamic balance.(You will also like: Are you tired?Work and life balance rule )

Improper physiology with campaign therapy

This is a deep salon class that is being opened by women, which is a "physical therapy" that is different from the "physical therapy" that most often says, rather than the "physical therapy" that is often described as "physical therapy."So what is "sports therapy"?Claire said that in the past, physical treatments were Vientiane, including electrical water, and some physical atoms would also include motion therapy.Traditional physical therapy is relatively passive, which can relieve symptoms but not solve the problem.Exercise therapy is improved and adjusted for fundamental problems through posture correction, muscle training, and training through functional movement, such as stretch and endurance.Compared with traditional physical therapy, it takes longer but the effect will be sustained.Traditional physical therapy is like painkillers. Sports therapy will be a biological physiology of muscles to improve adjustment. It may take a long time, but progressive training can solve the fundamental problem and solve the pain effectively.(You would also like to know: Why correction pelvic bones can be skinny )

There are many girls who are suffering from pain after they have emerged from society, and Claire says that the pain can be divided into primary and spontaneous."Primary" is a contractive pain in the uterus, which is related to prostaglandins, which is associated with pelvis pelvis.And "spontaneously" may be due to hysteromyoma, endometriosis, or hysterectomy.In general, the pressure of women in society is multiplied. In addition, the higher the pressure of life, the higher the pressure of the muscles, the higher the muscle tension, and the pain of the uterus contraction.However, even the formation of hysteromyoma is also related to pressure!Claire, a physical therapist, says that women can increase blood flow through the pelvic movement and stress physical and mental stress, thus preventing the deterioration of uterine pathologies and easing pain.

Finally, we ask Claire to make suggestions for everyday life for a busy woman!

Reduce pain in routine maintenance

  1. exercise of regular exercise is not only to improve metabolism, but also to help the muscles of various parts of the body get the right constriction and stretch, and can help to relieve the daily pressure!

  2. The purpose of exercising the pelvic floor exercises is to increase blood flow near the uterus, and the menstrual period is caused by the contractions of the uterus, and the strength of the pelvic floor muscle increases the contractions of the uterus in each uterus.

  3. When you supplement a specific nutritious food, the body consumes a lot of energy and can supplement certain food items: black sugar (additional energy, warmth), banana (calcium), milk (calcium), nuts (more cerebral serotonin), and the brain is relaxed and is physically and mentally stable.

  4. Suggested aerobic exercise for the daily exercise of women in the upper class: swimming (which can be used for a one-off exercise to extend all sports, water contact will reduce the tension of the muscles), walk, and jog.In addition, the water (32 degrees) water Taichi/moderate movement is actually quite suitable for relieving muscle pain.

Stretching motion: The yoga movement based on the fact that long sitting front muscles will tighten, causing muscle weakness in the back, while the underlying yoga exercise is extended to help the back and the uncommonly used muscle to gain access to the muscles.

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