Reading poetry is like a process of digesting sadness, leaving a monologue for life, and every week this time, women are fascinated only to read poems for you.

Dreams are not
Not real
It's just that
Another kind of density

When the sun shines in
I was sleeping.
Swim out of the deep cave

The kiss that you left on your forehead
Like a white ray.
Light and light in the middle

--33-101 Aberration

Like such a morning, a little sunshine, a little kiss of the remaining temperature.

In the name of the poem 〉〉 early in the morning

Image source: Anca Mihaela Zetiu

The face yen of the exchange of emotions
You are in the next station of youth
In the car, leaning against the window and looking at the life, see the toilet--
All over the street, the crowds are draining themselves in their dreams.
Will be yesterday's metabolism, breaking new secrets
And you wake up.

Let's get used to the puppy's face
Learn a new language
In every dream that keeps on standing
Greetings to the Soul
About, the most authentic role

--Sun Zi commentary, writing to the homeless

Image source: Supitsara ' Pam GL

〉〉 true Courage in the name of poetry

1.L ' Amour
From the window where the windows just look good.
Our city is grey.
So is our "new bridge".
Though we still can't hug and talk
We're always on the bridge with each other's empty love
Always a bunch of little white flowers shy of summer

--Zhang Yongwei, a fragment of a city (and love You)

Image source: Supitsara ' Pam GL

〉〉 about Love in the name of poetry

Ever had a lover
Hold hands when touched
Hug when you are happy
When disaster strikes, kiss more warmly
And then......
You all know it.

Often think of
He allowed me to love him.
The road to the mountain still rains in winter
We have umbrellas for each other
Thought from now on
No more soaking wet.
You all know it.

--Whales to the sea, ' all know '

〉〉 the memory of Love in the name of poetry , no one can fake it for you

Give me the light.
Give me a burst of flame in the dark
Give me a big voice
Give me all the expansion and extension
My hand
My body.
My mind and curiosity.
My sorrow and my pain
Every inch of my muscle and bone

I pray for it.
The Young Earth
Young and paraquat trees
The Young Morning Star
The young sea and the mountains
Young Love and Anger!

Because young
Can Fang wayward
Because young
Can be sad and distressed
Because young
Be greedy for beauty
And I have no regrets.

I have a song and a tear
Have love and hate to cherish
Want to hug you quietly
Because the life is not finished
The verse is not finished

Because beauty makes people heartache
Because the ocean is swaying
Star Flow
I'm a cloud in the sky
The long river on the ground
There are 1000 kinds of expectations
1000 Kinds of desperation
1000 Kinds of flourishing
1000 Kinds of disillusionment

-Chiang Hsun, light-to the dancers, magnanimous Mountain

Dance for yourself in the name of the poem 〉〉