This week, we looked at the more far-reaching gay rights from a picture of a little boy crying, and there was hatred after the marriage bill.

Street photographer Brandon Standon, also a fan page operator at Humans's newyork, 7/4 uploaded such a picture. 7/4 is the national day of the United States, the little boy's tears are so heartbreaking.

"I'm gay, I'm scared of the future, I'm afraid people won't like me." "" I ' m homosexual and I ' m afraid about what my future'll be is and that people won ' t like me. "said the little boy.

6/26 The United States celebrates the same marriage bill passed , the gay community has another way of commemorating the choice of love, LGBT rights did not go with the passage of a great leap forward, hatred still exists, we cheered, some people are still secretly crying. The little boy cries, because when he chooses to be honest with himself, it also means that he is not only facing himself, but the Great society that makes him more afraid. (Another kind of tears: Kangyong talk about the loneliness of the show in the entertainment )

We've all heard the words, "I certainly support homosexuality, as long as my children are not gay." "It seems that when you admit to homosexual tendencies, you are doomed to go to a more difficult road, you are doomed to face too many questions with too many labels." What I want to know is, can our society have the ability to be afraid of people?

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, saw the picture, leaving behind the words: "The promise from the adults: your future will be very good!" You will find that you can do more than you think, and you will find yourself capable of making the world a better place. There are many people in this world who love you and believe in you, go and find them. "" prediction from Grown-up:your future are going to being amazing. You'll surprise yourself with what for you ' re capable the of and the incredible things your go on. Find the people who love and believe in You–there'll be lots of them.

Ellen Degenere to see the photos, but also responded: "Not only people will like you, people will love you!" I just saw your story, I already love you this little boy. "Not only would people like you, they ' ll love you." I just heard of you and I love you already. "

One of the readers also wrote: "When I was 12 years old, I realized I was gay, and it totally freaked me out." I can't imagine my future. But when you are sincere to yourself, life can always find a way out. Go on, Partner! "" I knew I was, and it freaked me out. I am petrified of my future. But things have a way of working out pretty at the very, you are simply true to yourself. Stay strong buddy. "

These words are so warm, I only hope that when the little boy embrace the encouragement from the virtual world before, he can face some of the real world cold and heartless. When we are happy in the online world on the praise of the keyboard stance, do not skimp on the real life to give hugs. (Recommended reading:"Cool children Study Notes" Home, is the gay exhaustion of youth understanding of a word )

The revolution in Taiwan: gay rights

Let's take a look at the gay and lesbian interests of Taiwan in the Saturday.

7/11th, the alliance with "Equality, no longer wait for" as the slogan, called for marriage equality to the streets. Nearly 3,000 people from the Kuomintang central party to start before the Kuomintang and the DPP two major parties to marriage affirmative action, don't look at him, and promised in the last session of the Legislative Yuan review of the bill. (Recommended reading: The United States Constitution guarantees the same marriage: Taiwan is not the 51st state, our battlefield in Congress )

Photo Source: Partner Union

"For voters, marriage equality has become an important voting factor, and young people are fed up with the reticence of politicians to take a temporary stance on marital equality," said partner Xu Xiuwen, CEO of the Alliance. 」

Xu Xiuwen more generous to share their love in the side, Xu Xiuwen said that when he was young did not think of marriage, one day suddenly found that they can not be said to be not married, because "even the right to choose does not exist, how can you say that they are not marriage doctrine?" "Marriage is not the only truth, but comrades should not be deprived of the right to choose a marriage." (Partner union recommended Reading: want to openly out of the closet, say, "Hey, this is my wife )

He Xiang and Wang Tianming, who had filmed the ads for Isabel and his article, also showed up. A family of 30 years, 72-Year-old He Xiang said he was afraid to see the passage of the bill, "if one day I was born, and I live 30 years of partner can not decide for us, before the law we are just strangers." Two of us have set up this family, but because of the unjust laws now, so that we both have no right to protect each other and protect this family. "(same field Gayon: true picture of gay love: love, Blood and Sweat )

Photo Source: Partner Union

The parade Finally, people with "peace" and "affirmative" lighting to pray for Taiwan, in Taiwan's chaotic state of homosexuality under the current situation, is willing to do the dark beam. I think of the Tears of American little boys, thinking about 7/11 people on the streets of Taiwan, feel that we are standing at the turning point of an era, have the right to choose a more diverse future for themselves.