Reading poetry is like a process of digestion of sadness, I long for you to leave a time for yourself, parting from the reality of the turmoil, women fans only for you to read poetry.

We comfort each other.
I think happiness is more than
The grass is deep in the lake, the 1000-tailed fish
It's all done.
We also 踯 hesitation, gently
Threw a stone and was awakened by ripples

It's the night we each have a few liters of vomiting
Jinling a smoke, and what kind of lake
Can we make it?
As if you were standing on the MRT platform with your back
10,000 times, goodbye.
The train never came.

The Bodhi tree has no trees. You opened my
Or the dust that blows

--Yang Jia, "Time Never mind Our Beauty", "Golden Bird"

In the name of poetry 〉〉 When Love meets marriage

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She saw my sad, resentment face.
So I put up my eyes
We all know each other's light short
To hurt each other.
Good longing for her short hair
The cheek of her bulging flesh

Never had a chance to hug her for a lifetime.
You hug me, you hold me.
Does this mean reconciliation?
On behalf of us is still
Innocent, kind girl.
To peek in the bathroom mirror.
Borrow each other's toilet paper
(This is a sentimental story about a rival.
We are at the two sides of the playground, for the likes of the boys fiercely stare at each other)

--He Hui, with the same soap, "not right"

〉〉 about youth in the name of poetry

Image source: "Not positive" inside page

I'm going to keep coming back here, next to this tree
After crossing the surrounding wilderness--
I'll be leaning on love, breathing
Like a chick with eyes open
A game of light and shade in the breeze
Under the sky of no sex
Flowers and dead branches can be healed
Every rock gushed out of the spring [as long as praise
Hand touch] into a cool river
Fish in the clouds between flapping wings, singing--

I also have an exit, a retreat route.
When I find myself like an adult
[Gathers many truths but is not free]
I will be distracted from the world, alone
back here

--Sun Weimin, "Here", "Days"

Hey, I'll be distracted from the world, alone, back here.

〉〉 your heart in the name of the poem is my only answer

Image source: Supitsara ' Pam GL

Had a lover. In sleep
You arbitrarily tampered with my genes.
Make our love come to an early birth
and sadness in the shape of the mature

Had a tattoo.
Painted in the belly of a beautiful pregnancy
I know you will lightly, pirate me
The idea of happiness, and my nightmares.
To copy my face and Eyes

There was a time when the secret
Nest in your body ropes
See you in pain, peeling off, excluding me
It's as if a quivering period
Make a deep vowel sound

There was a room.
My body is built with another lattice.
Room, daily for you to empty out
So you can come and rent it regularly.

--Own room Pogora

〉〉 own room in the name of the poem

Image source: まどか

After all, there is only one world
Ready for us to have a ripe summer
And we're under the rules of adults.
Go on with the kid's game
Don't care about the people who fall down the road
I don't care about stranded ships.

However, for the benefit of the Lover's sunshine
And on the backs of the laborers.
Laying down the dark and weary night
Even on the way to date
There will be enemies when the eyes meet
The frost that landed

This is no longer a simple story.
In this story.
You and me, and a lot of people.

--Love story North Island

Image source: Sydney Williams

〉〉 married in the name of poetry, not just two people .