At the invitation of the entrepreneurs who are invited to start their business and family life, they can look at the stories behind their own businesses and tell them how to tide them over and share the feelings of each moment.

6/25 We have a girls' gathering in Taipei, where we invited Chiriao's founder, Wang Ficho, as well as the founder of the Embankment, Wang Yun, to share with us the major crises and ways of handling the business. [The Red Rift Entrepreneurship Sharon] , accompanied by the Sun Yat-sen Management Education Foundation and the women's fan, is starting with the problem of solving the problem, hoping to bring you experience of price and price. We will not let Sharon be Sharon, listen to the women together and say, think back and go again!

Don't you ask for a crisis? Your people are at the light of the ….

Entrepreneurship's language and unique resonance.A little bit arrogant, some kind of self-restraint. It always reserves the bonds of kindage, and from time to time questions about its own power. It is too smart to be able to do it, and it seems toWhen there are problems in the operation of the relationship between the outside and the outside, and a series of blows have been given, will women entrepreneurs still have the right to progressive autonomy?Don't ask people, because they don't like to add others to trouble, they don't want to give up the opportunity to give up their own ability to give up their own lives.

What is the bottom line? Clock is not equal to …

" When you first gave yourself a certain amount of money to start a business, would you have encountered a bottleneck in this?"

" There's a lot of confidence when you have money, and when you don't have money … how do … get money out of"

" How do you think about your customers again, that's what they think of me?"

The "Net Military Analects" is a hot topic. Who knows exactly what truth and truth?"

"A good player who lost a synth and how to identify with my life force … …"

How can the crisis let the crisis leave the crisis with a sincere apology?

Entrepreneurial women can make a contribution: a phrase that can be used for life; a story can give people an endless expression; a person who is a member of the people who practice it can share the experience and share the same feelings and empathy.However, without any hard business history that is openly shared and exposed, more external challenges will also be able to test the quality of entrepreneurship.When starting a new business venture or making mistakes, there are also endless trouble in starting a business. Entrepreneurial women have the honour to share their experience and respect the voices of all the parties concerned.If you try to stay with your heart, you want to save yourself, and since taking the risk of starting a business, you're looking for trouble. That's the pole line for the cause of success. Let's bend over!

Introduction to the X Crisis Instructor for the Business Girl X

[soybean oil] Li Mingfang

" No education is high …; it doesn't have to be afraid … it doesn't have to be afraid … it's because I've all gone through it.Li Ming-fang, the founder of the soybean oil company, is one of the most authentic bean oil companies.

[Deer] Liu Yucian

"The greatest crisis in life is the pain of death, and more crisis after the start of a business, and the strength of bereavement turned the crisis into a turning point and a more optimistic view of life, because" Life did not solve the unsolved problem "" founder Liu Chi-Yu, who uses her astonishing perseverance to make life a wish.

delicate emotions of the "red velvet" symbolize the dynamism of women, which symbolize the dynamism of women, and the spirit of elegance and ease of life, and even more like the women's entrepreneurial spirit, which is never abandoned and persevering.With a small number of red velveteen, the red velvet, the red velvet tip, the red velvet, the red velvet, and the stories of their own businesses, and the number of points that are difficult to overcome, sharing the mood of each moment.