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Dance is the course of life

Always smiling with a sweet smile Shangxiu teacher:
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"What's the first thing you want to learn to dance for?" Because little girls love beautiful want to be a little princess! 」

Originally guessed Shangxiu teacher Learning dance may have some lofty ideals and reasons, but her playful answer instead let us have a good close first impression. As the aunt of the four-Year-old began to learn to dance, found that "dance" is the love, from the impact of the life of the journey of the fragments, each city is to dance for the arrival. Shangxiu teacher mentioned the obsession of learning to dance, from the student time can be seen, action becomes the decisive key.

At that time, in order to be able to go to the United States to learn dance, even if the family situation is not enough to support, still try to learn as much as possible while teaching savings, and to deal with all the complicated process of going abroad, and then she left Taiwan alone, facing the problem of language and racial prejudice What makes her deeply shocked is the difference in culture: if you don't express your thoughts, others can't see you! (Recommended reading: Most of the Taiwanese who emphasize international view are actually "cultural retards"?) Cultural prejudices keep you away from the world

This determines what she really wants: what is really important if you can't define the value of yourself through dance? Since then, the dance has chained all the changes in her life journey, and in the future, when confronted with multiple roles, she never forgets to hold on to her love.

The conflict between life and art

"Life will bring the coming to you." 」

Gender for Shangxiu teacher is never limited, marriage is the turning point of her life, followed by the social responsibility and expectations seem to bring great psychological pressure, but through creation in imperceptible in the healing. (same field Gayon: Don't let marriage be the graveyard of dreams, find your own value )

Originally did not think oneself can conceive the child, but just has the time to take a vacation one months, just enters the choreography stage to be able to concentrate on the creation rather than the practice dance, just like this exactly good pregnant. "That's the way it is!" Not afraid of just keep moving forward, if always worry, these things may not happen. "The eyes vaguely revealed deep Yun light, the teacher slowly said."

In the face of the fact that both teaching and dance groups have already had a certain career development in Taiwan, will Shangxiu teachers be relocated to the United States because of the mobility of her husband's work? After giving birth to two sons, how are you supposed to be a parent when you're on a busy tour? Return to the dancer level, physical injury is inevitable, after the injury, how to resolve the Depression? on these questions, Shangxiu teacher just smiled and said:"I seem to have a share stupidity peculiar where." Despite the difficulties, but only want to go there. So how do we get there? That's all you have to think about. "

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As if unsure, a girl raised her hand nervously and asked, "Does the conflict in life not affect creation?" "Intently and surely, Shangxiu teacher replied that when she fully integrated the passion of dancing into her life, the dance was the point of her conflict and the reason for her balanced life, and the feedback of life became the nutrient of creation." This is why the relationship with the sons beyond the imagination of the General people, independent and independent of the two children and she is like a friend relationship, these experiences naturally become her creation. (Extended reading: calm upbringing, first-class children: good education from the emotional exchange began )

As the Dance "Moonlight" symbolizes her after entering the red blanket as a wife and mother of contradictions and struggle, referring to the husband and son when the two eyes gently shiny, "in the face of change does not feel fear, if afraid, the real important things may not appear!" So, don't be afraid! 」

The other side of the light is not necessarily dark

"Sometimes the pressure is unconscious, to believe that the strength of the heart is very strong!" Enough to withstand the fear of the unknown. 」

Experienced a variety of pressure and setbacks, the teacher to explore the power of the mind, yoga and dance after the combination, want to share with us: Listen to your body, find the physical and spiritual connection point, can continue to go on. Speaking of this, a girl can't help asking questions: Don't you hesitate to choose? The teacher shared a recently-put-down poem: The E.M. Forster Road (〈the Road not taken〉frost Robert).

Often think of the road that has not chosen to walk, we all seem to feel hesitates and uneasy: Is it better to choose another road at that time? Is it possible to give up another route by choosing this road? Are you losing more? But the lesson the teacher gets from this poem is that the only thing that won't change is change, and the result is never known. To be firm and to know the voice of the heart, or the turn of the day, the coincidence and coincidence of life is not what we expect.

Excerpts from the poem are as follows:

There are two roads diverged in the golden Woods.
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

It is a pity that I cannot walk along two paths;
And sorry I could not travel both

I've been standing in the wrong place for so long
And be one traveler, long I stood

Look at the end of one of the roads;
And looked down one as far as I could

Until it turns and disappears deep in the woods.
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then I decided to set foot on the other path,
Then took the other, as just as fair,

This path may be more worthy of my longing,
And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it is overgrown with weeds and is inaccessible;
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

But when it's deserted and desolate,
Though As for this passing there

The two paths are almost identical.
Had worn them really about the same,


I don't know if I can go back there in the future.
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I will sigh and narrate,
I shall be telling this with a sigh

In a place, in a long, long time;
Somewhere ages and ages hence:

There were two paths breaking up in the woods,
Two roads diverged in a wood,

I chose a walk that was sparsely traveled,
I took the one less traveled by,

It turned out that everything was different.
And that has made the difference.

Same, same, but different
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No matter at which intersection of life, Lin Xiangxiu teacher never thought to choose only one way to go, but how to "go both ways"? For she knew very well that she had chosen to dance--that the dance was to achieve and complete her everything.

At the end of the lecture, the teacher told us: she does not think that the other side of the light must be dark, and that the path that is not taken is not necessarily better, but, above all, whether you truly believe what you love and then fear nothing. Dear, we want to tell you: the heart of the direction, the body to go. As long as the fear of the unknown in the future has the courage to cross out, that is the best! (You may also want to see: What we need is the power of "not Afraid" )

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