It's time for everyone to look forward to the Lunar New Year of the year!Take a look at your seat, your office, after this year's struggle at work, is it also a ragged and chaotic like after the war?It is the most important thing to do before the Chinese New Year!No matter how busy the work is, it is still necessary to make a good sweep of the time. Besides being able to have a clean and comfortable environment for the new year, it also means that it will be able to keep things out of the way this year. Next year, we will have to change a new weather.

ruthless heart to

The biggest problem at the time of tidying up is that there are often things that seem to be out of use, but it is a pity to throw away.Is it impossible to make a decision in the heart of the war?Let's teach you some tips:

one, 10 seconds to say something that doesn't work, just throw it away!If you look at the same thing, you can't say its usefulness, it means it doesn't work for you, it's a space, it's a big cut in the trash can,
's just a
or more, and it looks like a little bit more dust than a year ago, and you can throw it away!This is not a red wine, but the more the dust, the higher the dust.If you don't move him for a year or two, then the chance that you're going to use this thing again is slim.Take out your courage and make the last contact with it -- throw it away.

Leverage resources, assign new

Internet shopping and reunions are one of the pleasures of the upper class. The boxes outside of the merchandise can be dropped and left behind to help you save the cost of buying a storage box.Larger boxes are suitable for use in documents such as folders, or decorations used during the Christmas season, and at this time, they can also be placed in the box to dress up in the new year.The small box can be used as a drawer in a drawer, so that the stationery, paperclip, hand cream, and other things in the drawer can be neatly in their respective cubicles.

The other seats are already in a mess, and there are heavy overclothes, and all the hands and feet of the scarf bags come together, so that everyone will be overwhelmed.Take a suitcase and put it on the floor next to the seat, put them all in, so that the bag can be hidden from people, and there can be a more spacious working environment.

objects, creating a new atmosphere

There are many interesting design products now, not only as a good helper, but also a more lively new atmosphere for the office.It's like holding a bear who doesn't want to let people go. It makes people want to put things in his belly and fill up his belly. It's a lot of fun to have his company.With the change of money thrown on the table, you can put it in a money tree potted plant. As the change of change grows, the tree will grow up every day, and it will not only attract wealth but also save money!The packaging folder can be used as an archive of folders when there are not many things, and it can be assembled into a small box immediately, so that you can take a graceful way to go.

Take advantage of the last few days of the New Year to make a big arrangement for your office!Take advantage of the foregoing principles of elimination and make good use of the existing small items to make your office comfortable.

Womany ’ s sweet tips:

1. The unintended use and the last time you have never used it is lost!
2. Resources are not wasted!The carton boxes used in the carton boxes are all incorporated into the box, and
using the design of small articles, it can achieve the purpose of accommodating it and add to the new atmosphere of the office!