The legendary female pilot, Julia, once said she had flown because she was too eager to be free, and the pilot's identity was also a feminist movement, leaving some time to remember her story!

"I noticed the storm was coming, but I wanted to try because I just wanted to try," he said. Why can't a woman try the same thing as a man? Even if we fail, our failure experience is also a challenge to other people. "" Please know that I am aware of the hazards. I want to does it because I want to do it. Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must is a challenge to others. " (Recommended reading: habit Falls, enjoy failure )

She was one of the finest pilots of Amy Lia Earhart Amelia Mary earhart,20 at the beginning of the century, the first to get the flying Merit Cross and the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic. Her last flight was to sail around the world until her figure disappeared on the Pacific Ocean. Love Honey Lia Earhart, the legendary existence, broke the flight history of the restrictions on women, but also as a legend disappeared, with the plane and the world farewell.

Julia: "I know from the bottom of my heart that I must fly."

Everyone is looking for a destiny in life. For the love of Leah, she was so like-minded with flying that the sky was no longer a restriction, but her playground.

Amelia Mary Earhart

Amy Lia Earhart's first encounter with the plane, she was very young, and a class of friends in the Toronto Aircraft exhibition to watch the performance, a plane actually dive towards them. Love Honey Lia Earhart in the heart a burst of billow, fear and excitement, "I didn't understand at that time," she said, "but I believe that the little red plane when it grazed me, must say to me what." 」

December 28, 1920, Amy visited another airport in California, a short 10-minute flight experience, so that she decided she had to fly. In less than three years, she became the 16th female pilot to take her flight license from the International Aviation Federation.

In 1927, Charles Lindbergh became the first person in history to successfully complete a solo not-landing flight across the Atlantic, and in 1928 she also flew 21 hours with two pilots to cross the Atlantic, but she was not satisfied with the experience, saying frankly, "Stulz just flew the whole thing, he should." I was just luggage, like a sack of potatoes. She buried the foreshadowing: "Maybe one day I'll try it myself." 」

The experience had made the name of Julia a name, but she did not think that there was any place to be proud. In those days, the woman's identity is still very passive limitations, such as "baggage" is generally protected, pilots must be male pilots priority, flying history is not a common woman figure.

Five years later, May 20, 1932, she steered for herself, starting in the morning from Newfoundland, and flying 14 hours and 45 minutes in a single-engine plane nicknamed "the old Lockheed vega" of the Fire Horse, "and landed on the pasture in Northern Ireland, The first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. By flying, she reversed the society's passive imagination of women and opened the future of active pursuit.

In the years that followed, she did not give up her flight, as if the sky was her most comfortable, and in 1935 she became the first pilot to fly from Honolulu to Oakland, California, to record her flight speed and distance.

Next, the 1937 is destined for the global flight. The first test flight, the plane was badly damaged; the second attempt, she travelled with pilot Noonan, from Miami to New Guinea, and then from Lae to Orchid Island to lose audio, the last communication location in Gardner Island, the disappearance of love, no one knows whether she was dead or where, Become the biggest mystery between historians and scholars.

She looked up at the sky, conquered the sky, and finally vanished into the sky, perhaps the most fortunate for her to fly like this. When people look up at the sky, they will think of a woman who once said, "I want to fly, because I yearn for freedom", and had sailed in the sky with an attitude of unwilling to give in, and had left a mark on the white clouds .

My existence is defined by flight! The four lines that Amy gave to people

In addition to the pilot's identity, she was also regarded as an early feminist activist who used her actions to prove that women were omnipotent. For marriage, she has a unique view earlier, women in marriage is still an independent individual, we have the right to retain their own names, not only the wife, we can also be ourselves. (same field Gayon: marriage and not marriage?) Let ' s Marry Me)

Putman, who handed her partner a letter on her wedding day, was also a delight to say, "Dear, I hope you understand that I do not want to bind you to any medieval faith, nor do I feel that I should be so bound." 」

Emily also left a lot of inspiring sentences, as a pilot almost at any time with fear, happiness and fear accompanied, but the words of love is so earnest, so sincere, so fearless, write to still hesitate or fear of you.

  1. "The most efficient way to accomplish one thing is to start doing it!" "the most effective way to do it.

  2. "The hardest thing in the world is to decide to act, and the rest is just a matter of persistence." Your fear is a paper tiger. You can do whatever you decide to do, you can change and take control of your life, and the process is your best reward "" The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. Can do anything you decide. can act to change and control your life; And the procedure, the process is its own reward. (Recommended reading: recognize fear and make you grow )

  3. "Flying is never completely secure, but a pleasant experience in flight is worth everything. "" Flying might not to all plain sailing, but the fun of it are worth the price.

  4. "Obviously, when I started flying, I had to start facing the possibility of not being able to go home." When you start to face and accept, there is no reason to stop you. "obviously I faced the possibility of not returning when I considered going. Once faced and settled there really wasn ' t any good reason to refer to it. (Same field Gayon: fear of the unknown! Three exercises to help you embrace fear

The most beautiful place of adventure is always on the way, the best taste of life is always looking for. As we set out to look for the possibility of our destiny, think of the love of Leah, who had flown so many miles in front of her posture, from the moment she decided to go forward.

To all the people on the road, 7/25 days is the birthday of the love of Leah, when we look up at the sky, the sky is not the same, your and mine are.