The mythology of the goddess of life, in fact, is full of the imbiquacy of women's bodies, which extends from Nepal to the world, where we live in every single place.

The news came as news of a powerful 7.8 earthquake in Nepal broke through the underworld of the Nepalese, who finally escaped from the goddess of the goddess. These girls were finally hit by the "goddess." The identity of Kumari once again drew the world's attention.

Kumari originated in the 17th century.In Sanskrit, Nepali and other Indic languages, Kumaari, the incarnation of "Goddess of Virtue", is the incarnation of the "Goddess of the Royal Society of India , and is a" Goddess " in the heart of a Nepali, and in their guidelines, the following conditions have been clearly identified:

  1. Virgals aged 4 to 7
  2. can't pass blood, never had a disease
  3. were born with a Carpenter goldsmith or silver family
  4. neat with 32 graceful teeth,
  5. as: neck and neck, smooth, body like banyan, eyelashes like milder, legs like a lion, a front chest like a lion, a voice like a duck

Kumari with emoticons

After the trial, they must be living in a temple, losing their freedom to go to school, unable to stay close to their parents, and during festive periods to take part in religious activities.Additionally in and out of the need for people to hold or be in a wheelchair, instead of walking with their feet, Kumari may not even have extraneous emotional exchanges with believers, not emotionally, and cannot smile, because it means that there will be a disaster on the adherents. The loss of expression Kumari "is no longer" human " , 4 to 7 years old, and they learn not to weep, because the" bloodless, self-walking " precepts do not fall in their childhood life. However, Kumari's identity is not forever, until the girl's menstruation comes, and they must remove the Goddess of the Goddess of the holy name.(Recommended reading: [anorexic] "I'm going to be a man in the next life" of the unconscious mind

People believe that the third eye of Durga is blessed with a bumper harvest
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Kumari has been taught to sit in a manner that is seen as a deity in their bodies, allowing them to exercise self-restraint and self-restraint.
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These little girls play a supreme god in society, but they are actually a little girl when they return home and wash away the "third eye."
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At this point, you may find that Nepal's definition of "living goddess" is harsh, and for them the goddess is a powerful symbol of sanctuary, and it is amazing that all of us want this tradition to continue, but no one wants the children of their home to be elected Kumar .Because this will make the life of their home completely transformed, it is more necessary for the library to spend money on Kemarie ".This tradition has the value of Nepali culture and the power of religious belief, but has long been a way to keep the girls on a "fixed value" of values.

The value of girls is often linked to their bodies, like the "32 beautiful features" of the selection Kumari, the "virgin" means the supremacy of the goddess, the "goddess of the goddess", only because of "unclean" of the "first wave".When we are so far away from the reality of this shackles of women's bodies, when we look at those "exotic cultures" with progressive countries, you and I don't actually exist in the same system of values.(Recommended reading: Women are not officially visible in Taiwan!The former judge of South Africa, Saxon: It makes me uncomfortable. )

32 graceful features that give girls the status of God and lose the happiness of the human world; we are simply opening the to the "perfect" entry with "conditions".Nepal's "goddess" deprived girls of their freedom of walking, wobbled and merriness, and the actions of women in the current world were suppressed by various hidden rules. Under the feet of each girl, they are all transport belts of social value, and they want them to take on a standard line of goods, and when the girl is off-track, they are listed as defective products.These days, people are more ambivalent about girls' expectations, hoping that she will be able to maintain her family and hope that she will become independent. She hopes that she will be independent, and that she will not be able to fly.

No woman's personality: blood.

The phenomenon that we find in the "Kumari" is not just a woman who cannot walk freely, but the fear of "menstruaty" is heredled, and when " Kumari " has been in the first place, unclean marks the place where she left the "goddess of life".The fear of the "menstrual" in our environment is even more pronounced, regardless of gender, which is a negative term in our lives: "We are accustomed to" menstrual culture "by equating menstruation with emotionally, irrational, irritable, and so on, to women's intrinsically repudiation —"

Similar negation reflects the custom of not going into the temple during menstruation, the masking of the sanitary napkin, the christface of the woman, the disguise of the woman's nature, the disguise of "Seizure"; the tampon of the tampon; and the direct response of the blood to the direct reaction of the menstruation.

Are we also surprised by the existence of the Koumalie?Is there a culture of gender awareness? I think we're all even more surprised that we were all shy about the "character of the woman" .

The photographer Rupi Kaur's Instagram has uploaded the "Bloodblood" link twice to the event.Rupi Kaur responded: " Thank you Instagram, your response is exactly what my work wants to criticize.I wouldn't apologize, and this greedy society would be happy to see me wearing a naked picture, but I couldn't accept this bleeding."

A virgin is worth more than a prostitute?

In addition to the disgust of the blood culture, the rules of Virginity also reflect the world's bargaining power for women.We have heard a few words: "Marrying a virtuoso," "playing pretty and beautiful", "A person who's at random is not a wife", "I cherish her very much, and I haven't been in bed with her yet."The woman's body is on a scale, with a pure angel on one side, an evil demon, and women naturally divided into "reproductive-oriented women" and "women of happiness" in the rules of their spouses.(Recommended reading: The feminine demons in the global urge cities: When the women of the United States encounter Western men )

In addition, the other kind of scale is not going to go, it's a sex worker. The double standard of sex is more than a division of a saint and a sex, more differentiating the Saints and prostitutes, in their gender dimension, "No sex experience" is a feature of the sale of sex, and "virginity" is regarded as one of the most attractive qualities of sex workers.In the sex industry, virginity is particularly easily fascinated. In contrast, the society uses "old virginity" to make fun of women who lack sex experience.A virgin is only an object of desire, and a "virgin" in the sex ecology is an admitiy and despised existence.(Extended Read: A Brazilian woman is a teacher to pass a virgin test?Look at the potential control of the patriarchal society toward women )

the conflict between a virgin and a prostitute, the film's "Golden Tomb" is one of the most successful outcomes. Some say it is precisely because of the fact that these prostitutes have been sent to the enemy to save the country, and they have received the applause from the end of the film to enable them to become patriotic and patriotic women.What kind of logic is it that makes people think that "prostitutes" are cheaper than "virgess" lives?Who is it that makes women have to atone for their sins?Who would be willing to dirtier and dirtier than to be so willing to dye their blood?What else is it that makes women's desires become a shame?

Movie < Jinling 13 hairpin

Give your voice to the woman

In this world, men's rules of play have decided that women's rules of survival are too long.A virgin is a virgin, refusing to age, and trampling on the body of the "prostitute", but yearning for the tenderness of the mother; obedience to the movement of desire and contempt for the body of "whore".

I think it's always a complicated issue, like we are still shy about hiding the tampons of tampons, like we are afraid of being free, but afraid of being "different." Women, practicing not to hide any beauty that is related to you, because people don't want women to share men's sexuality and physical autonomy, because we see virginity and blood ties not only in Nepal's goddess, but also everywhere, the goddess of religions, the media, and the same sex games are being played by different methods of distraction.

I think of an interview with Mr. Geng Ywei, the art director of the Taipei Arts Festival. He says that sex is like starving and endless. As if we were eating every day, we were always on a gender-conscious trap. Discovering your differences is not humiliating, and it's important to understand the fragility of the existence.It's not exclusive to a particular group of people who are growing up in how we know the world, how we're categored by society, and how we choose to talk to others.It is not a sin to sin, but it is indeed a crime of heredity. Every one of us decides how to move forward in the whole world.When we rethink the goddess of life, do we really need to believe in a culture that requires the physical freedom of women to unite the power of belief?When we really need to contaminate the blood, to flaunate our virgity, to scare people into sexual understanding?(Sibling: Use comedy to overturn the theater!An Interview with the director of the Taipei Arts Festival Geng-Wei: " Life is in search, creating who you are. )

Our world may need a more refined ear to listen to the low blood of a woman; a pair of light hands, stripping away the wounds of the women, lightly smearing the understanding, repairing the rift between the time and the time, and for example, the history of the herbal Qingqing Ice Town.

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