Hey, you're too sleepy to stay up all night? Recommend five sleepless coffee shops and go to the coffee shop in the night when your eyelids are not heavy enough.

Taipei, a loving and hated city of rainy weather. The people here are in a hurry, the bag is always with an umbrella, sometimes for the sun, more for slips falling rain. And calmly face a variety of uncomfortable survival of the best way to change the weather, is a dodged into the corner of the coffee shop, to avoid in the torrential face dismayed, with his hands cover the head running.

Taipei is also the most suitable city for the night out, street lights, signs always bright convenience stores, a room dizzy with orange lights, those who can not close the computer screen, can not shut the eyes of the lonely soul. In such a city, there are several coffee shops like Taipei people, always sleep to the day, and then dawn in the days of sleep.

What would you say if I asked you what you remember about the city of Taipei? In my Taipei memory, there must be a coffee shop. and introduce you to the five day-and-night coffee shops that have the soul of Taipei, to caress your closed eyes and offer you the warmest refuge in the quietest moments. (Recommended to you: The film originally in this shoot!) Must be a collection of cafes pocket list )

01. Dark Corner Coffee--tea Paofan, late-night canteen

Photo credit:Lucida ' s Journey diary

Photo credit: Lucida ' s Journey diary

Photo credit: Lucida ' s Journey diary

in the dark corner of the page, there is a passage that said: "We have discussed:" What is the most important café? "I believe a lot of people will answer:" Decorating. Decorating is a source of "heterogeneous space" imagination, offering retro furnishings (or really old furniture) to give you a nostalgic atmosphere or a place to stay in the American Sioux District, the open-air café in Paris, the British Bistro or a simple Japanese shop ... These may not be wrong, but we think the most important thing in the café is "people". "

It's been almost a year since we moved to Xiamen Street from Chaozhou Street at the end of last year. The change of time and space, the constant of the dark corner coffee is the spirit of "people" as the starting point, as well as the insistence of a lamp on the people of the city in the sleepless night. If you are hungry at night and miss the late night canteen, want a cup of coffee that may make you more sleepless, even to the social current affairs but can't find the awake friend, come to a dark corner. In this dark corner of the night, you will find the light.

Address: No. 1th, Xiamen Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei
Tel: 02-2351-9907
Opening hours: one ~ Day 14:00-04:00

02. Offline Coffee--with music, disconnected from the secular world

Photo credit: People rabbit Flight map

Photo credit: The flying map of people Bunny

Photo credit: The flying map of people Bunny

In May, Tianma opened the offline coffee, in every corner of the shop can find and music-related small ingenuity, but not difficult to find Martha's four (the Beatles) This classic rock band Love. With his own insistence on music, Martha himself served as the music director of offline coffee, offline, with only good music screened. When he opened the shop, Martha did not want to let too many people know that he is the owner of the shop, but the May days of Fame hid, offline is a lot of five fans will visit a coffee shop.

Coffee shop name is very clever, will be offline (offline) Flip over, that is, line off, there is "disconnection" meaning. There is little space to go offline, in order to break through the site restrictions, to provide the people of Taipei and the quiet of the world, where the live music performance to acoustic acoustic instruments, not plugged in, let things simple. In this city relying on technology, unplug the wire, in fact, the link between people can be more simple. (same field Gayon: May days from the underground orchestra to the rock Mass, a name of a generation memory )

Address: No. 1th, Bade Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei
Tel: 02-3322-1321
Opening hours: one ~ Day 11:00-01:00

Sugar man cafe--plays rock music with a micro-left spirit

Photo credit:Sugar Mans Cafe

Photo credit: Sugar Mans Cafe

Photo credit: Sugar Mans Cafe

Sugar man exudes the feeling, like a person sits on a wall called the system, one foot on the left, the other in the right, dangling and dangling. Within the system of space, to do a soul outside the system. Here, you can not hear pop music, some only rock n ' roll; you could take a drink and sit on it all day, without the dining time limit of the commercial coffee shop, the table rate will be on both sides first.

In Sugar man has a half open space, if you want to smoke a cigarette to stimulate thinking, or to sleep in the middle of the night, want to have a shelter from the wind and can blow the night wind of the conflict habitat, here is definitely your good choice. Here can chat, can create, can read, can write, everyone can be respectful of each other under the circumstances, do the most comfortable themselves.

Address: No. 87-1 heping East Road, Taipei
Tel: 02-2396-9980
Opening hours: one ~ Day 14:00-04:00

Kuantum kafe--no luxury, just good coffee.

Photo credit:kuantum kafe

Photo credit: kuantum Kafe

Photo credit: kuantum Kafe

"noting Fancy, just great coffee."kuantum Kafe, wrote this sentence on the beam, and the menu is written in a blackboard on the door, very simple but gives a neat sense of fashion. The owner of the clothing designer was born, the whole shop is designed and coffee elements of the collision between the Sparks, the overall decoration bias is now very popular industrial style.

The menu is written in English, it may be a bit confusing at first, but ask the store person or guess the meaning of the word, you can drink the coffee you want to drink. kuantum Kafe Every Friday night will have Live performance, although the space is small, but can create a warm atmosphere. Take a walk here and enjoy a warm night. (Extension recommendation: the most beautiful desolation in music Hello Nico: Brave once, pieces back to pieces of their own )

Address: No. No. 333, two, fuxing South Road, Daan District, Taipei
Tel: 02-2737-0803
Opening hours: one ~ Day 14:00-00:00

05. Early autumn when coffee CAFE macho--is a coffee shop, but also an art space

Photo credit: Early autumn when coffee

Photo credit: The Tiger eats a wild

Photo credit: The Tiger eats a wild

Take yourself and go to early autumn when for a whole night. In addition to the essential wireless network, each seat in the early autumn when is fitted with sockets and hooks, which are ideal for solitary urbanites. Take your backpack, bring pen power and several books, notebooks, headphones, practice here and hand in hand. Hungry, just order a plate of dumplings or Japanese ramen noodles, yes, this kind of food, beyond your imagination of the coffee shop.

Early autumn when a large white wall, often there will be photographic exhibitions, art exhibitions, the whole wall has thematic planning, after a period of time to go, there are always different surprises. Early autumn when also has outdoor seating, and if you want to puff up, you can choose to sit outside and get closer to the city air. Enjoy a period of uninterrupted time in a little secluded corner of Taipei.

Address: No. 10th Jinjiang Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei
Tel: 02-2368-5029
Opening hours: one ~ Day 12:00-2:00

"The sound, the text, the scenery, the feeling, all will pass, the last left is only the memory." If one day, I have lost everything, I know I will never forget, one year in a city, I met a person I love, and a person who did not fall in love with me. --"Among insects"

In the memory that you will not destroy, also have the figure of the café? Every coffee shop has a story, and a value that cannot be shaken by value. Where do you want to go when you can't sleep in a town that's always brightly lit? Turn off the dim night Light, take your lost sleep and stroll down the Street, of course, the direction to the coffee shop.