Economic autonomy is not difficult, as long as you can take good care of their own money and time can! These life "wealth" management, you can start from understanding yourself.

How do you know yourself? Just stop at a huge amount of work and see how you use your time to find a way to deal with your work, or, when the frenzy of material surges up, slow down and think about the record. If you always spend a lot of time working, but the work will never be finished, always happy to start early at the beginning of the salary, end accidentally became the "Moonlight Fairy", don't worry!

Women fans will use the economic autonomy of the two concepts: "Money", "time", sincerely recommend four good app,app with a professional, lovely, fun, as long as a move finger, you can easily help you manage the wealth of life! Come take a look at it! (You'll like: seven new ideas to subvert productivity )

One, Andromoney: The best love of perfectionism

(Single bookkeeping, category management, chart presentation of Everything!) )

Perfectionist you, do not want to easily let go of any small details? Come on, try Andromoney! Andromoney is a beautiful icon, full-featured accounting software. Suitable for recording day-to-day chronological, as well as budget management, consumer category management, so that you easily manage your income and expenditure.

However, when the project is a lot of items, the items are sometimes dazzling, we should be selfish recommend to see the Andromoney chart! Andromoney Dynamic Statistics charts have a variety of presentation, you can see the various consumption categories at a glance, effectively help you analyze your consumption habits, is very attentive design. In addition, in addition to daily billing with mobile phone, Andromoney also has launched a computer table version, so that you can always sync cloud, no matter when and where all easy to manage money!

Open Systems:IOS(NT $60),Android(free)

Second, TOSHL Financial management: Let the cute little monster check your expenses!

(With little Monsters, tag! to create their own love )

"Money management" always makes people feel cold reality? Dear, Money can also be very cute! TOSHL Financial Management is a simple and very cute interface accounting software. we like to create our own Tag to classify each consumption record well (ex. Eat everywhere, girls crazy to Buy, play ING, but also for fixed consumer spending set automatic repeat records, eliminating the daily filling of small trouble. It is worth mentioning, TOSHL budget management in the form of income and expenditure, you can see whether you are going to overspend! There are cute little monsters that will always be a warm reminder that you need moderation!

Open Systems:IOS(free),Android(free)

Iii. Sunrise Calendar: Multi-service integration artifact

(Comfortable and concise interface Happy record all day!) )

Hey, do you always feel like there's no perfect combination of work and life? Let Sunrise Calendar help you become a time management person! Perhaps you usually use Google service to record life, use Evernote to build notes, trivia, use Trello, Asana and team for project management, and even create a list of agents with todolist ... Do not worry! These services can be integrated into the same calendar through Sunrise! (also recommended: girls must lovely calendar )

We like to use Sunrise to help ourselves grasp the different service links, effectively browsing all the work scheduling. In addition, Sunrise support mobile version and Web version, and have a simple, beautiful use of the interface, so that you can not only easily master the work, but also happy to use a day!

Open Systems:IOS(free),Android(free)

Four, tomato potatoes: To understand their own, every minute is efficient!

(to-do list with tomato clock, record every moment of their own!) )

How come the day is gone? There's so much I haven't done yet! Honey, don't be nervous, let the tomatoes and potatoes help you understand yourself! Tomato potatoes is a china-developed APP that combines the tomato working method and the To-do list tool, and you can write down today's mission in To-do list and nail it to the tomato clock for execution. The tomato working method is to use 25 minutes of ultra-high concentration in one thing, and then let yourself relax for 5 minutes, we like to work side "eat tomatoes", let oneself stay focused and slightly relaxed between the switch . (Recommended to try: Test your Productivity index )

Tomatoes and potatoes also have a powerful statistical chart function, and you can see in the record that you are "eating a few tomatoes" (a few times in cycles) and the best working hours of the day, which helps you reflect on the past, and then deploy different tasks to fit the execution time. In addition, tomatoes and potatoes have a cross-platform cloud synchronization space, whether it is the website, mobile APP, Chrome expansion kit can find traces of tomatoes and potatoes! Let you master your time record anytime, no longer "without feeling" a day.

Open Systems:IOS(free),Android(free)

Dear, read the introduction of the use of the APP, is not very exciting it? The way to manage the wealth of life is to know yourself and to impress yourself with new ways! So if you're not sure where to start "Managing yourself," Start by using apps and documenting your life.

Make good use of tools, know yourself, the wealth of life in their own hands!