These days, says Wu, Zhouhang one or two presidents, let Taiwan's education bureaucracy more and more floating on the stage, to think about why, they will become annoying adults?

" Sorry! Anti-lesson outline fine-tuning high school student spokesman Burning Charcoal . In the morning of Thursday, I could not work calmly, because 10:44 the instant news of the Apple made my tears come down. My mind is how helpless, how angry, is how powerless, will let a 20-year-old young people shut themselves in the room, just want to end their own lives.

"It is understood that the deceased is an anti-class fine tuning North High spokesperson." Initial enquiries about the family members, the deceased yesterday attended the Ministry of Education to fine-tune the teaching outline of the meeting, after returning home feeling bad, did not expect to shut in the room to find short, the family sad almost speechless, the police have been informed of the Social Council, the Health Bureau to help deal with. 」

The little shrimp against the big whale, the little shrimp is powerless to resist, the big whale is still laughing.

Since the beginning of 2014 fine-tuning high school Chinese, social science curriculum, the Ministry of Education's move on the controversy. The revised version, which was published directly after the 12 church group vote, had a procedural problem and had been defeated by the Taipei High Administrative Court in February 2015, and Education minister says Wu still insisted on a forced road trip in August.

Minister of Education says Wu (Photo source )

In the face of high school students, teachers questioned and a series of actions, says Wu mouth although willing to communicate, behavior has been and mouth not up. Recalling the June 9, the first symposium on the fine tuning of the class took place in Taichung, but says Wu from the beginning of the evasive, from the side entrance into Taichung, during the symposium also did not respond positively to student questions, even with bureaucratic slogans, ask students to "write history together, write a textbook", "for the future textbook efforts."

The symposium turned into a description of the RUB Congress, which is the education minister, what is the model of education?

In the early morning of July 24, anti-black-box class students raided the department of Education, not only the students were arrested by the police, even to interview reporters were once disconnected with the outside world. After the incident, says Wu said, "a policeman said that the student's confession was instigated by reporters," "illegal, insist on the report." Documentary director Li Huiren said: "High school students have been caught on a massive scale, this country is not crazy, what is it?" Are you using this kind of state violence to treat them? "When the power of the next relationship is used to the extreme, with the power of the face eating ugly and do not wipe the mouth, the young people's despair, is to the bottom of the valley."

I have only once again seen a sad fact about the series of protests and the way the Department of Education handled it. Why is it that whenever students and young people have something to say, we suddenly "lose our ability to think independently", "be abetted and incited"? Why do you just do not believe that students have independent thinking ability, or, because you do not want students to have the ability to think independently, so to use overlord the bow of the way fine-tuning course?

This is the story of says Wu, the former president of the government. And a few days ago, the current president of the University of Zhouhang a talk also makes people incredible.

Also starting last year, the "Teaching assistant Napao" issue, finally, in June this year, the Ministry of Education sent a letter to the university to request the 104 school year before the full administrative work, unexpectedly, the Taiwan Normal University in the financial situation can not load as a reason to stop recruiting teaching assistants, the government also chose to embark on this path. As a result of the move sparked a protest, Zhouhang wrote an open letter on 28th, which mentions that the motto is "Dear Sincerity", and I hope everyone has been proud of the school spirit.

(Photo source )

"I (Zhouhang) look forward to one day, if the students are willing to, even if there is no real money income, but we are still willing to take the initiative to serve the school, because wealth is really not just money." " after reading the whole letter, Zhouhang a superficial and school students cordial greetings, the real implication that the Ministry of Education this move will not benefit students, but will cause greater damage." In addition, I just want to ask, if today when the principal has no income, who should take the lead in demonstrating the initiative to serve the school?

I was about to enter the Institute of Political Studies in September, but I watched the two chief Presidents constantly performing the image of a hated adult. is the generational divide in Taiwan not big enough? What's the reason for you to be such an obnoxious adult? You stand in the swift stream of a big stone, but with your hand desperately put other people's head pressure into the water, because the stone is too small, you are afraid to let others come up, you fell down.

The educational appearance of my heart, it should be a stimulating speculative process, a space for open discussion, a field that accepts various sounds and urges change to occur, rather than a "I give you what you eat" arrogance, or even the tragedy that now kills a young life. Want to let students like sponges continue to absorb water to learn, but also to give the sponge a little bounce chance, no elastic sponge, just a group of useless foaming products. There is a rebound in education, is the ideal of my heart education appearance.

But, my dear, you are in a position where you do not let others climb up, and then with a look of disdain, we continue to carry out the corrupt education model, the bad copy generation and the class difference. At this moment, I recall the Zheng Nanxi sentence: " the boat mentality and deep mentality." This is not a ship, it is a land fixed on the earth. "to the sick adult, I am sorry, if Taiwan is your ship, please let go, because we take Taiwan as the master, please give it back to us."


1. The main controversy is to fine-tune the course outline:

In the course of National liberal arts, the proportion of Chinese in the Chinese language has been reduced, while the social subjects, including the dilution of the White Terror and the 228 incident, the change of the term "Taiwan" and "China" to "China" and "the mainland" and "the Japanese rule" have been replaced by "Japanese"⋯⋯ etc. " The Ministry of Education insists that it refuses to open the list of members of the inspection panel and the contents of the meeting, the Taiwan Human Rights Promotion Institute filed a lawsuit, February 12, 2015, the Taipei High Administrative Court first instance, according to the Government Information Disclosure Act, the ruling Ministry of Education loses its case, and says Wu, the minister, said the Adhere to the implementation of the new curriculum in August. At the beginning of June, high school students launched a series of action, more than 200 high school student associations came out of the Taiwan High school history curriculum fine-tuning case, and launched a number of actions and the Ministry of Education Dialogue. (Data Source: Taiwan Senior High School History Course outline fine-tuning case , Senior High School history lesson outline fine tuning controversy Chronicle )

2. Teaching assistants Napao major disputes:

Are students part-time assistants working or studying? Student assistants in the university campus of the labor rights in the past few years in the universities, the education debate. This year June Labor Minister Chen Hsiung has announced: "The student concurrently assistant also has the employment relations", the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Education jointly promulgated "the specialized school or above university concurrently assistant labor rights safeguard guiding principle" and so on related method, each tertiary institution should handle, the student concurrently assistant and the Teaching assistant compare the labour rights and interests, the comprehensive insurance and insurance However, recently, the Normal university will abolish the Teaching assistant (TA) in the new semester, more than 200 students will not be insured, and the government will also suspend the scheduling work part-time, affecting thousands of students work opportunities. (Data source: Normal University to abolish TA students work change depth study? )