The Water and Economic and Trade Ecology Zone, located in the platform, was formerly the "Water Airport" in the United States, with a vision of Intelligent Life, Low-Carbon Life and Environmental symbiosis, which is expected to echo new life in the 21st century, introduce low-carbon and intelligent thinking, and construct a more forward-looking, international, and creative urban environment.What we want to talk to you about today is the "Bamboo Vision" that was created last year by the New York architect, Stan Allen , in the Water and Economic and Trade Ecology Area.

This temporary information museum displays the entire 240-hectare square planning construction plan.

The first floor shows a map of the entire design building design and a plan chart of the construction plan.

The entire architecture is fully tied to the natural monk by metal wires.

After the entire temporary exhibition is removed, these natural bamboo materials can be recycled and reused.

More detailed building data can be found at this
Taichung Infobox by Stan

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Picture Source: Wei-Ming Yuan