In August, we wanted to talk about the true, honest, and honest body of your —, your naked.With regard to nudity, let us hug.

"You're naked, just those who fall in love with your naked soul."— — — Chaplin

" She's a very strong reality, she's naked, not physically, but a soul.She used her full power to love, her love, the man she loved, and became so powerful that she was so proud of her that she wanted to do what she wanted.Then she was first hurt.She was strong, she had a lot of pressure on men. In fact, she was very painful.— — Xiao Hong

"I am me, it's a different color fireworks."The sky is wide and the strongest bubble is to be made.I like me, let the rosebush depart from the desert of loneliness, the same bare metal." — — Linday < Fireworks >

Nudity is a kind of honesty, a confession, a kind of transparent, unreserved transparency.The naked is to take off to embrace the world. It is also painful to take off the mask and look at the wounds of your heart, and let the pain take away the pain of the pain.We talk naked, we are exposed, we are free.

This month, the Hong Kong Photography notes and women's fans invite you to share stories with us, and also to leave you with your thoughts on this picture, and your most stark confession to the world, to yourself.We're going to share your brave stories with more people on the website.

[Activity Approach]

1. On Facebook or Instagram, write a photo, write one to two words you want to say (if you want to tell a long story, we will always be happy to hear), and ask hashtag " #womennude ".

2. If you want to secretly share your photo [ woman, you can be different ], or the inbox woman, instagram , please hashtag " #womennude " .

[#womanude demonstration]

They just tell me, "How do you give birth to a beautiful baby boy and 36 weeks in life, and the belly of that trace is his first family."" My children taught me to love my striped striations.From today, I will not feel ashamed, women, flaunchs of our love!" (You will like: The marks of life have no way to replace it!The most realistic and most beautiful photo collection )

(Photographer: Sam, Style: Lisa Wedding )

I don't need a perfect curve to be naked. I don't have to keep the same body in order to really like myself. This is what I learned from the frustration of losing weight, the freedom of mind.(Recommended reading: To carry another life with life: True Pregnancy photo collection )

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