We all know that the road to entrepreneurship is not good, so the partnership with friends will become a booster or resistance? How to adjust and maintain the relationship between them?

Entrepreneurial partnership, the ultimate fate must be "enemies"?

Friend Partnership Entrepreneurship is the most common kind of combination, but good friendship equals high entrepreneurial success rate?

Looking for partners is like looking for a partner, meet the right person, congratulations on your happy life! Meet the wrong person, three days a small noisy, five days a big noisy, want to divorce still have to black and white, property said Trenchant. Old friends change friend, involved in entrepreneurial interests, and then the strong revolutionary feelings, will be a overnight collapse!

Dream Blueprint, face the reality of the Flying rain, together with the partners will go their separate ways

Dream is the most beautiful, but a beautiful business blueprint in the real and economic aspects of the test, to maintain the operation of the company can not rely on enthusiasm, endurance is the biggest challenge! If a partnership can not adhere to the puzzle, missing a corner, and then a small piece, still flawed.

Heads, more than a Zhuge Liang, entrepreneurial partnership, who should be the boss?

Partnership only to "balance" two words, money, have the ability to contribute, but more people have more opinions, money is the eldest, can really apply in the partnership? A lifetime of the chi industry, partners than who overtime more than the number of hours, who sleep less, but the money is not the same as many, because the owner of the higher proportion of shares. The unbalanced interest relations, finally buries "the split" the foreshadowing?

Entrepreneurial girls Salon, gathered together with the same entrepreneurial problems or the entrepreneurial have a vision of women friends, a party that shares and communicates, speaks the common language symbol, does not have to worry about the masculine vision naked to see through our inner struggle and the contradiction, as long as you are willing, the sisters which sits next to you, may be the future business partner or the investor. Through the sharing of their own experience, let you think past the road, and let the future will become a female boss sisters, as a reference.

※ Sharing lecturer ※

Lio Jogyun Fandora co-founder

Beautiful retired stewardess, love travel, Love adventure, flying from the plane of the flying trapeze life, transformed into an illustrator of art creators seeking export and platform of the steering hand. The difficult environment of entrepreneurship, as its own "comfort zone."

Liu Yahui Adpartner co-founder

8 years of entrepreneurship, from Kaohsiung, forward Taipei, into Shanghai, this year will enter Southeast Asia and several jobs, the company grew up not by themselves, but believe that the strength of the team to love the outdoor office, hoping to create for themselves while traveling to work environment.

"About Red velvet" meticulous heart, gorgeous feeling, symbolizing the vitality of women unrestrained, elegant and introverted, and more, such as entrepreneurial women under the gentle appearance, never give up, resolute heart. Paved with thin red velvet, light yellow lights, red velvet get-together invited in the entrepreneurial and family life in the rush of you, perspective of their business behind the story, count you every bit of difficulty, share every moment of the mood.

Guiding unit: SME Branch of the Ministry of Economy
Organizer: Female fan Womany, the foundation of Zhongshan Management education
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