Today, women also start talking about the weighed body, and they decide to fade away and start the most bare-clad dialogue with the world.

Naked is no longer private, frankly, frightening, as if it was a dark night.Nudity is not just a matter of personal politics, how you express your body, and you also watch the world in terms of the world.Last year, the University of Warwick was a nude philanthropist that was naked in the light of the sun, and the women's nudity was a sexual controversy, until a few days ago, #freethenipple used an unlinked erotic desire to smuge into the high wall of social value.

China's National Sun Yat-sen University professor at the National Sun Yat-sen University in Paris asked the Chinese government to release Yeh Haiyan who was imprisoned by the "Order". The Robert Knightley) is a woman who deliberately hides a female genital in a painting.(Recommended reading: "Let's go to my room and let Ye Haiyan go!"" (EXiaoming ),

Bare, no longer unseen, vulgar, and out-of-stream.Naked as a new form of ideologically expressed pathways.And share with you three nude artists, and listen to what they think of them all in the world.

A World Dialogue with Naked World — — Milo Moir é

Milo Moir é from Switzerland is surely the most frequent person in the world who is on the street. Milo Mo ir é As the name of The Script System > light is on the commute, she writes jackets, t-shirts, bras, underpants, pants, and so on on the commute.

She is also naked and sneaking into the German Museum for the current exhibition of "Naked Life".She said, " There is no body in order to develop the most extreme communication. Every body is born with such a capability." “ Without a shell, the body develops its maximum ability to communicate, its primitive nature.

Milo Moir é also says: ' I see the naked human nature, our body as a blank canvas, having any chance to get close to the other. 'The malleability of the body makes us vulnerable, and it makes people strong." “ I see the naked human body — — as a canvas and the possibility to get closer to eonesself.The opportunity to make yourself vilnerable and feel strength. ”

Milo Moir é in the Art Cologne 2014 performance "Lower Egg" was made headlines in a number of newspapers, with the Milo Moire paint "eggs" inserted in the lower body, and then dropped onto the canvas.With the vagina as a tool, guess what the Milo Moir é wants to say.The art of " Milo Moir é is a daily nudity, and some people say she's just yearning for focus, but what's this like?I am not afraid to speak up for the comfort of the body. Perhaps this is the only way to make a lot of noise.

Repairing the wound on a woman's body by using the vagina — — 50 — —

Do you 3D print your own vagina? 50arlan as a global culture is tolerant of male sexual organs and is more than a woman's sexual organ, and she hopes to bring the issue of private discussion to the table and create more "pubic works." Japanese artist 50m has used a 3D scanner to simulate a private location, and then to develop different art works, small to cell phone shells, and large to canoes.The 50-lan first that they are in a sex shop in Tokyo.In 2013, she raised 1 million yen with a crowd of investors, and printed a rubber boat that was modeled on her own, and sent 3D printed images to 48 of the men to give the answer.

50A, which is why she was arrested by Japanese police for "showing indecent material" police: " My private office is like my hand and foot, and there is nothing special, so I'm not showing any molestation."

Two days after the arrest, nearly 20,000 people petitioned for the petition, expressing the innocence of 50. Many of the media's comments on the matter also tended to change in Japanese society.Are there any differences between the private and the hands?What is the crime to share in your private premises?Sometimes I think that this is a non-war sin of the human body, and we have not yet been able to speak up, so we are silenced by society.

The vagina is in the heart of the heart.The heart can be repaired and forgiven.It can stretch freely and freely, enter, and extend us, just like vaginas.It hurts us, makes us strong, extends us, dies for us.The blood passes through here and leads to a wonderful and difficult world, vagina, this way. — — Eve Ensler , ( The Vagina Monologies ) “ The heart is capable of sacrifts. So is the vagina. The heart is able to forge and repair. It can change it's shape to let us in. It can expand to let us out. So can the vagina. It can cache for us and stretch for us, die for us and bleed and bleed us into this difficult, wondrous world. So can the vagina. I was there in the room. I remeber. ”

Vagina is a way to the world, and I think of Eve Ensaler on the "Vagina Monologues": "clitoris is the purest organ of the human body, and it's only for happiness."" The woman's vulva, how wonderful it is.(Recommended reading: "Sexual violence is not a woman's issue, but a human rights issue" < Vagina, the only feminist Ev excerpent at the lecture-book )

Gaze, the most bare-naked confession, — — Marina.Abramovich

She was hung naked on the wall and inserted a razor into her own belly.She masturbated in the museum; she washed blood and maggots in a stinking cellar; she had a gun pointed at her head, stabbed her through her, and the blood of others was ketchup, and her blood was alive and boiling.She's Marina.The Marina Abramovich is often exposed to both nudity and self-harm and physical edge.Her body was her matchmaker and performance, and the artist's work in the past and her lover from 1970 was a work of the artist's past and her lover, "The Relationship Factory >, and they collaborated on a double performance in relation to the meaning of gender and time space." entwined with each other in braid, with bow and arrow as a symbol of conflict with both sides, and the love of the artist, Uré, has achieved a high level of artistic success.

Marina is one of the most famous works of MMA's performance at MoMA.Marina was sitting in a chair, moving from morning to night, from opening to closing, sitting in front of her, looking at, looking at, looking at, throwing a little doubt, or leaving a little bit of eye in the eye.Whoever sits across the street, Marina, assumes unhappiness, sadness, and sadness in those eyes.She looked at her eyes and looked at the eyes of the audience, and she had no way to escape the road.In this work, Marina has been relaxed and relaxed until a person comes up and changes her eyes in her eyes.(Sibling: stare, scars, dedicated to you )

This man was the of the year, and when she loved her, she would never recognize her eyes, and Marina never stopped. She was surprised to see her soul mate, Marina, shed tears, and reached out to the past 22 years of reconciliation.After all, we remain vulnerable in the face of the souls of love, and Marina uses his physical emotions as usual, collapsing, and making the living of the world a place where there is no place where it can be found.

Marina's nudity is the release of everything. It's fragile and unprepared. She uses the pain of the human body to interpret the lonely wounds of the times, and she uses the pores of her skin to tell a story of Shen Bazaen.She uses her eyes to awaken the consciousness of the soul.The emotions are just like clothes, but when we practiced more famous brands, we started to miss the naked and unashamed of our thoughts, and we missed our wandering wandering in the wandering of the mother's mother.Marina was like a pure and innocent witch, using pain and blood, to sacrifice the world's life to seducing people's hearts and minds to the last plastering of the hearts and minds.

I sometimes think that women are fantastic, and it's their vulnerability that they are the strongest.When the body becomes a woman's voice, we refuse to wait and see, and welcome to the gaze.It's like Marina's eyes and naked wounds in the eyes of a gaze, in exchange for the common sense of emotions.​We naked, we're comfortable, we're released.(Together, I'm comfortable here: [Women's X Photography's Syndication] Bare, Most Beautiful Languages )

Tender for August: Bare, Most Beautiful Languages