We have the same frequency, close to each other about the pain of love. We are not the same existence, because unique and each beautiful.

Old check, communicate with you

"Reading a book can be very simple, open the page, read, that's it." 」

Reading a book can also be fun-whether it's exploring the author's life, its overtones, or a book connected to another book, like a spiritual expedition, you'll be surprised by your discoveries.

Another way to make reading a book more interesting is to read with a group of people and let each other's discoveries interact, making reading a book more than just reading a book.

After 10 games, like "Book of Books" and "book-making", "Do you want to take a look at it differently?" "It was a fickle idea that I would naturally have. Also because of the "Women's Paradise" and began to try to write something in the "Woman Fan" fate, this book will be the "woman fans" of the community has a staggered opportunity. Since "sharing" and "linking" are the characteristics of the "woman-obsessed" community, it seems natural for everyone to read a book together.

We picked the book that we all want to read together is Chenxue's love class: Lovers of the 50 problems, please come to participate in you must read again and enthusiastic to share, we can not accept anyone that night with "I am oo, I do not listen to say Tonight" way to participate yo (laughter). (Obadhai this book:"Obadhai book" Reread "Tycoon biography", Want to life this scene )

We look forward to sharing your experience in the love lesson, we women are fascinated to see the paradise.

Ciao, I'll wait for you.

"Believing that reading is an honest conversation with the soul, and writing every time, is a kind of neglect of weight." --Woman obsessed editor Audrey

All along, women fans always believe that the power of words, regardless of energy, try all kinds of possible dialogue with you, eager to let the world every one of us in the palm of your hands, the wanton bloom of light. Hey, sometimes you forget how beautiful your soul is? It doesn't matter, we see you with the wound, with the time to sew up the growth of you, rich within the formation of a complete soul.

There are millions of ways we can talk about love, just because everyone has a different life experience about love. This time, please come to the station writer Lao Cha, invited him to talk about Chenxue teacher between the lines of love, the subject of love, the weight of love. It is time to nourish each other's souls, beginning with the dialogue of reading, which is the heavy burden of our lives. (Read the words of a woman's editor: fall in love with a Rose's wayward: The Little Prince teaches us six relationship topics )

"Reading Salon" Each relationship is a unique life experience
--The writer of the station, the editor of the female mystery