Father , what does it look like in your heart? Do you always have a straight face that you dare not approach? or always from the mouth to say a bunch of truth but less the most important I love you ? Have you talked to your closest brother or sister , Dad? You will find that the original, Dad has a lot of different shapes and so you slowly found, love all of him. (First to the love quietly told Dad, to the father of the confession letter: Say I love you do not export )

Father, in everyone's mind has a vivid image of their own. It may be the same as the lyrics of "Daddy Kiss Mountain", perhaps some dare not approach, but always understand that he will be silent, and a dignified guardian family, or like "Superman" in the team Bob (Bob Parr), although occasionally busy himself, a little wrong, but in the moment of crisis still stick to his family's safety. So what is the father like in your heart?

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It turns out we don't see the same thing.

This day, my brother and I fits to talk about the film, just remembered, "Today is Father's Day", talking about the main axis into the film father image .... At the same time we aspire to even Grace Nesson in "Instant Rescue" (taken), Yong Shou daughter, wife's courage. I think of his handsome and full of personality face, can't help but exclaim, "Good want that kind of dad Oh!" "But the younger brother said coldly," I want to become that kind of father. 」

Later, we mentioned "Finding Nemo" (Finding Nemo), clown fish Father Marlin (Marlin) Efforts to take care of Nemo for his mother, across the sea only to find his son's painstaking. I was not moved by my father, and my brother said that if he were marlin he would be smarter to find Nemo, and would not even let him leave his comfort to protect his anemone home.

Suddenly, I understand that despite the same family background, our understanding of the same plot has different aspects. It's a chance for us to start talking about our dad. (Think of yourself first: "Inherit Life": Get yourself back from your family )

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Different ways, the same Love

Our father, who was 27 years old because of my birth as a father, became the father of the second child at the age of 30. The difference between a woman and a man makes dad different from our education.

From childhood onwards, I always open to try to contact all the different things, Dad said, to the daughter in his care, experience the beauty of the world, while smiling added: "So then will not be cheated!" "Then my brother was born, and in him I saw my father's different education. The same multiple attempts, the same extensive contact, the difference is that he let his brother "self effort." He said that boys should have the appearance of boys, with the ability to be independent, the future can take care of themselves and take care of the family. (Understanding: father to son's marriage motto: Marriage, not just for you alone )

So different education let us in the hearts of our Father's memory is different. I said the most impressive dad was taking me fishing at the seaside, and my brother said that his father, whose memory was clearest, watched him paint on the wall. One of us is to feel the father will be in the side of the direct company, one is to realize that Dad always in the surrounding indirect love, but in our hearts the same.

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Beyond your memory, there's more love

We have the same father, but we have different fathers in our heads. The same family, the same grow up, but because of different education, different experience, we experience their own lives. The same father had a different impact on two children, but it was so far-reaching. In my father's impression, is to the future of the husband to accompany the child peace of mind free development, the younger brother's father image, is to give their family a good haven, a full heart of love. On Father's Day, we tell our father how he looks in our hearts. As I grow older, my father is no longer a constant certainty of me, and will give more serious reasons, and the younger brother is no longer a pure third party, more common to discuss.

By sharing, we know the different side of father, but also have a deep love. After the discussion, only to understand that the original "father" to our feelings have such a big difference. This also lets us savor with the father's getting along, originally unconsciously, the father treats our way already from the childhood strict quietly transforms for the friend to get along, but this kind of change also because of my and the younger brother's difference is different. It seems that to become a "father", also has a good deep knowledge. Imperceptibly, in my mind, see the future of the father of the child, in his brother's mind, leaving an ideal father impression.

Dad's appearance, not only our love memories, but also affect our life at different stages of the imagination.

Maybe "father" for you is a kind of quietly accompany, for his appearance, you have no other interpretation. So now, just think about your father's memory! is strong appearance, but will be in the car secretly worried about the Liam-Nesson, or seemingly poor tense, but in front of Nemo firm, Mature Marlin? If you have brothers and sisters, and they talk about your father's different feelings, you will find that in the cold and handsome behind a warm affectionate, hu-tu panic between the existence of sincere and firm; you will find that, originally, dad also has you have not noticed another kind of emotional expression. (See my favorite dad: write to my dear Dad: willing to use a lifetime of desire to change you are okay )

On Father's Day together with dad to talk about his appearance in our memory, and let him know, no matter what the way he is our favorite dad. Remember to give him a big hug, tell him, every appearance of him, we want to have a good understanding, feel all his appearance.