name: Male-side-of-side Lie X staggered (Fight fire)

Position in place: bedridden

The degree of the clitoris: (5 )

G-point stimuli: (full 5 )

Action Challenge: (5 () )

Visual stimulus: (full 5 )

How to:

First on a bed or on any comfortable platform (like a table with a table scarf, a rug floor), and lift a leg, lift one leg to his shoulder, and another leg in his body, and make him kneeling in the depths of the floor.

The dominant position in this posture is that men, naughty men, will show his skill in making a lover's lover, not only by the time they were drawn, but also perhaps a circle of action that would make it even more pleasant to be a surprise!If you want to experience more excitement and excitement, then guide him to change his kneeling hip, and, in addition to more stimulus to the depths of the two, will also have a more sensitive feeling of friction over the clitoris.

Small dexter:

This posture is not necessarily high for the G point, but the excitement of the clitoris is close to full, especially with the Clerdy Massager absolutely makes it effortfully and effortfully\!If he wants to increase his intimacy with male partners, he can lead the men's hands to the chest. If he doesn't care about his boobs, there is a Breast-Touch Tips Let's learn to test the most beautiful way of loving the love of the beast!

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