The world famous artist, Lady Gaga, who has the fastest growing number of people, now has a number of places for the fans to make a pilgrimage:


This is only Lady Gaga's boutique store is located in New York's boutique store, BARNEYS NEW YORK.

GAGA ' S WORKSHOP includes an exclusive, limited edition of the retail, holiday window, specialized Gaga interaction website, and the creative guidance of Lady Gaga in Nicola Formula astro focus (avaf) artist Eli Sudbrack and the Christophe Hamaide Pierson.

GAGA ' S WORKSHOP will become a holiday resort for all age groups, from carefully arranged art furnishings, vivid colors of the avaf design, and a prelube to Barnes's New York boutique store for the boutique store.

GAGA ' S WORKSHOP occupy the entire 5th floor, 5500 square feet of the Madison Avenue flagship store, divided into stores of different structures, such as jewellery shops that are dressed as spider models and a large wig-shaped dressing room based on the special Lady Gaga.Eli Sudbrack and avaf and the BARNEYS NEW YORK team jointly designed large sculptures and GAGA ' S WORKSHOP signature charts, which will be printed on specialty holiday shopping bags and packaging.

GAGA ' S WORKSHOP is divided into eight areas, reflecting the different categories of the merchandise sold and many landmark elements of the Lady Gaga himself.The eight regions include sugar and fruit shops, toy stores, wardrobe (clothing and accessories), book stores (books, CDs, media and paper goods), galleries (collectibles and special items), jewelry, cosmetics (candles and cosmetics), and holiday areas.

In addition to creating a Gaga holiday destination within BARNEYS NEW YORK, Eli Subrack and avaf also designed a huge door to replace the store entrance at 60 Street.This entrance will make people feel as if they walked into the mouth of the Lady Gaga, like a monster, and will be straight to the GAGA ' S WORKSHOP.


as this holiday season GAGA ' S Part of the WORKSHOP experience, the historic Madison Street window of BARNEYS NEW YORK has been transformed into a series of styling Gaga theming.Lady Gaga's idea of the Madison window was to create a personalized, musical, musical, and stylish, personalized vacation environment.Under the guidance of Nicola Formichetti, there are four main themes: “ Gaga ”, “ Gaga "," Gaga ”, “ Gaga ", ” Gaga", and “ Gaga ”, each of which has its own distinctive Lady Gaga signature element.

Nicola Formichetti said: " For the first window design I've ever had, it is an honor to work with the name BARNEYS brand and its creative history."

Gaga's dressing room (Gaga's Boudoi

This is a showcase for Gaga with the co-author and Gaga collaborator Bob Recine. A surrealist impersonation between his own personal makeup.The room was built entirely with hair, full of the iconic elements of Gaga's hair style and fashion.

Gaga's Crystal Cave

The entire window lighting device was built into a god-secret world of ice, and a mermaid sculpture of Gaga was put in place.

Gaga Machine (Gaga Machine)

This window theme is inspired by the idea of Lady Gaga as the machine's idea.The machine here is a motorcycle with the shape of Lady Gaga.

Gaga constellation (Gaga Constellation)

This showcase will be shown by the director Tim Richardson with the New York City's experimental digital production company Q4. A film co-located with Creative Director Nicola Forcichetti.The interactive short film was sponsored by White Label Product, and later produced by The Mill, the screen technology was provided by Prysm, and the interactive experience was designed to be the Moving Image & Content and The Science Project.


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Business Time: Mon ~ Fri: 10am ~ 8pm/Sat: 10am ~ 7pm/Sun: 11am ~ 6pm
Address: 660 Madison Avenue New York NY 10065

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