During the 100-year wedding wave, did you find that the current wedding invitation was different from the style of the old red cards and the golden characters, and began to show some kind of modern, cute, or more personal style?Today we are going to introduce the exquisite and beautiful wedding wedding that is shared by the foreign bloggers!And now it seems very appropriate to start the article with a beautiful invitation designed by Avis Wampler.

If you do not like Purple, of course you can also select other colors as the theme color for the banquet

Look at the scale of the fingernail and paper, and it's exquisitely refined to put it back into the envelope bag

This exquisite laser cutting invitation was inspired by Avis's wedding wedding, and now it can be customized for your big wedding day, hoping that they will be able to make a big surprise at the holiday party."Come on, keep up with the new wave design and make a special contract for you!

Just put forward your own ideas, you will have someone to customize, not only you want to stay in Cambodia, but also greatly enhance the chances of your guests attending the banquet.

Create a unique wedding
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