Dear, whether you are single , lovelorn, passionate, stable contacts, six of books to you, may you in the various states of life feel comfortable and comfortable.

Tanabata, when the Weaver and Cowherd in the legend of the bridge meet, the world of sentient beings are not idle.

You booked a favorite restaurant, decided to take a walk in the first place after eating, holding hands and walking together; you've been dating for a long time. As long as the heart every day is Valentine's Day, to avoid the complex process and extravagance of the festival, you are far from love, at both ends of the Earth, counting the gap between the hand hand, open the computer screen to look at each other's face, gently said: "Dear, Happy Valentine's Day." (Recommended you see: love is stronger than distance!) Five long distance lovers through the tanabata is a good way )

Or, you're on a day that's been shaped a little differently, also immersed in the loss of love pain, open Email, see the site often visited sent some excessive joy of the blessing of letters over, let you feel abandoned by the whole world; You may have talked a lot about love, light on feelings, take a bottle of wine from the cupboard, Pour a cup for yourself, watch the album You like, you know this day is like Cinderella temporary bright and beautiful, after 12 points will return to normal.

What kind of a lover are you in such a day? Here are 6 books for those of us who are still groping between one and two people, enjoying and getting lost in feelings, and practicing love and love in Growing up. May everyone's tanabata, have their own special.

01. Not close to the sweet love, fool secretly----Eagle said " you are in my pupil light "

The world is falling into chaos
The Word of God is ambiguous
After the death of Brother Octopus
How do you predict the future?
"Look at the coffee stains on the bottom, the rain on the glass, the distribution of the fur ball on the coat, the shape of the fog, the hair everywhere when I wake up."
We're rushing to say

No, don't take your hair.
I think
You are cute with short hair or long hair.

You know, light-years away, someone's waiting for you? Your existence, like the light that wears into the pupil, can not be ignored, but is received with bated breath and prudence. Ige's collection of poems is a love letter written to all Beibei in the world. Dear Beibei, I don't know where you are, I hope I can accompany you, when you cry lightly hug you, when you laugh at you squint into a gleam of eyes, more importantly, in every ordinary days, and you can not find the focus of dialogue.

This book is dedicated to all of you in love, to you in secret, how lucky you are to find the light that can be worn into the pupil. And don't forget, you are also wearing the light of your lover's pupil.

02. Pain in the heart, the soul of the lovelorn----Vijo " left me a man: The Anatomy of Love "

"You have explained to me the love of a woman who does not interfere without asking." If you want to stay in the water all day and spit bubbles, the woman you love will apart all day watching you spit bubbles; She will be happy because you enjoy it. And if you want to vomit bubbles in the water every day, she will see you do it every day. You added that I was not able to do so, and I must clarify. 」

French woman writer Massay Vijo, after suffering from tuberculosis, the only thing in the heart of the recovery is to get the love of her loved ones, "I want to get married ... and our friendship lasts forever ⋯⋯" but she gets this heartbreaking message. " She began to write a love letter that could not be mailed, write down the first word the moment, every whisper of the letter, sad resentment, all just to write for their own. (Share with you: a book for lovelorn and abusive people: one day, we'll be all right )

Many times, love is cruel, and once the two people look at each other differently, the word love is impotent. Roland Barthes ' In the Lovers ' words: "know not to write for another person, know what I will write will never make the people I love love me, know that writing can not make up for what, sublimation, just do not have your place-this is the injury of writing." "The love letter of the Vijo Thoreau accords with Roland Barthes ' 's imagination of writing."

This book is for you who feel lonely, when you feel that the world is full of joy, no one notices your sadness, and when Margo Thoreau can share the helplessness of people in love.

03. A person, is my current pursuit-Belle " since Love can't stay "

So she decided to cherish the love she had paid for her next time. She told the joke the other side will be sincere laugh, two people can be together on a lot of things to speak freely, her many things each other will feel good, her not beautiful each other will feel lovely. If not, then don't fall in love again! Because love is to make life better, not to denigrate the dignity, so that each other feel good self. 」

Since, love cannot keep. We always have a few love young, measuring the concentration of love between two people, in the unintentional to shrink themselves smaller. Someone he once disliked your low voice, those years, you speak with a doll voice, someone he once said you are not sexy, in those years, you look at the mirror hate your body. after several collisions and injuries, you finally understand that the original love with themselves, is the most difficult subject. These years, you are single, but not lonely, because you finally know to make decisions for themselves, love their own all, you unhurriedly, quietly waiting for that person to come.

This book is dedicated to you who grew up in love one night, your calm and indifferent, is the most beautiful choice for you to face love.

04. The relationship is too long, passion is no longer? --Harold. Koesel, Eugen. Horsepower, Noah. Schulac the philosophy of love, desire and infidelity

"They have no desire for the people they love, but they have no love for those who make them desire." --Freud

What is the relationship between love and desire? After a long time, love's strong gradually disappeared, or, the desire gradually disappeared. So, people will cheat in a relationship? The reality is often filled with the weakness of virtue, the infidelity of love, and the disorder of morality. "Is it only that the virtues and the virtue can bind love?" The philosophers, Sham, may be a little unthinkable, but the questions and discussions they throw are worth the understanding of all lovers, partners and husbands and wives.

This book, dedicated to you for a long time in a relationship or marriage, is a wrigglings of your heart that can get some answers in this book.

05. Getting Lost in love and growing up--Osho " Love "

"Love is not a trade, so stop buying and selling." Otherwise you will miss your life, Miss your love and all the beauty in love-all good things are not trades. Trading is the ugliest thing in the world and a necessary evil. But there is no known deal at all. The flowering of trees is not a trade, the twinkling of the stars is not a trade, you don't have to pay for it, and no one wants anything from you. A little bird comes and stops singing in front of your door, he doesn't want you to give him a certificate or a compliment. He sang the song and then happily flew away without leaving any traces. 」

And you're always thinking about what love is? The Indian spiritual master Osho wants to tell you that love, in fact, is just a state of being, no need, no bondage, we have to feel love, not the head. "The real thing is not a relationship but a state, a person is not in love, but a person is love." Whenever I talk about love, remember this: I'm talking about the state of love. "Love, is the most difficult problem in our lifetime, but in Osho's eyes, Love is no more simple." (Recommended: love for the rest of your life!) From the psychology to see the relationship six secrets of the long

This book is dedicated to those who want to have the courage to walk in love all their lives and never give up finding answers.

06. Tanabata, Fiery sexy sweat bar--"365 sex Bible "

It's the only thing that's hot Heart wants,
The more we get, the more we want
Food beauty cuisine to the body
After camping out there
It also satisfies the desire of eating.
But for beautiful faces and moving gestures of beauty,
Only the gentle shadows can satisfy our body's pleasure.
So little consolation, so often in the wind,
⋯⋯--Lucretius Repair

Tanabata, in addition to talking about feelings, say love, but also a fire to ignite the love of two human nature a good time. Enough of the classic missionary posture, to try inverted-style , stir-stirring , scissors door , horse always ... To blush red to embrace lust, digging more Valentine's Day surprises. (Come here: five senses to make Valentine's Day more hot and passionate )

Sex Bible, dedicated to enjoy the desire of lovers, when the Cowherd and Weaver in Bridge meet, can do things in addition to embrace, there are more.

Today, is the Tanabata Valentine's Day, how are you going to spend it? These 6 books, for You in love and crush the sweet smirk, to the soul pain in the disappointment of lovelorn you, to the single happy smile of you, to the stability and stability of the wrigglings hesitate to you, give, in life do not stop searching for the meaning of love. Leave behind all the ancient legends and advertising operations, to find their own figure in the book, let this holiday, have your own special.