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8/14: #ILookLikeAnEngineer Female engineer Stand Up

When the software engineer Isis Wenger appeared in the company's recruitment ads, she quickly became the target of negative reviews. And she decided to fight back, using social media to highlight her career in the area of the female disease.

She wrote on a personal blog about women's stereotyping of sex discrimination in traditionally male- dominated industries such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and Isis Wenger and launched hashtag#ILookLikeAnEngineer, In order to make the voice of more female engineers heard.

The issue of gender inequality has plagued the science and technology industry for a long time. In the UK, women are only 13% per cent of careers in science and technology, while excluding health-related work, they fall below 10%. In the United States, Silicon Valley is struggling to get rid of its boy club image, and a recent survey shows that less than 5% of software engineers in Silicon Valley are women, and even women earn less than 12% of their peers at work.

"A teacher told me that as a girl, you are unlikely to be an engineer." "Women from all over the world are responding to their own lives , making the hashtag quickly spread to more than 50 countries," he said. Women are vocal, for this is still a long road to equality.

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8/15:Tatiana Maslany points out that Hollywood is deeply rooted in sex discrimination

Actress Tatiana Maslany, who was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in black orphan orphan, said the Hollywood sex discrimination was a "discouraging" question when she interviewed people.

"I don't think any woman in this industry is not rich in sexist experience, and I think we've all gone through different ways because it's a matter of structural roots ." 」

Tatiana Maslany cited several examples of what had happened to them, such as a sad picture of the death of a family member, to be asked to wear skimpy clothing that exposed the abdomen, Tatiana Maslany recalled the scene: "Make sure her belly is out of the dew." And so the request of materialized actress, let Tatiana Maslany to say: "This is really discouraging." 」

Tatiana Maslany also spoke of her having been asked to shave her armpit hair and wax her moustache, but she refused to do so, because "unless this part of the request, it makes sense." 」

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8/16: The United Nations Security Council meets for the first LGBTQ rights

U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, said on 13th that the U.N. Security Council will meet this month 24th to hear reports of sexist attacks in the Islamic States, which will be the reason It is the first time in history to hold a meeting with the LGBTQ right as the main axis.

Is the fear of violence has gradually been the international attention. The cause of the event was uploaded last December, the photo shows that the Holy Warrior dropped a man from the roof and attacked him with stone blocks only because of the man's gay identity. In the earlier months, Syria also had two men were thrown out of the cabinet, and was stoned to death.

Samantha Power said the informal meeting was intended primarily to bring to the attention of the "Islamic State 's systematic attack on gay, bisexual and transgender people in its territory." 」

The conference will be hosted by the United States and Chile and open to all member States concerned with LGBTQ rights. "This will be a historic meeting," Samantha Power said. 」

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8/17: Bangkok, Thailand, the Big Bang

Photograph:athit perawongmetha/reuters

At least 27 people have been killed and 80 injured, and no Group has yet claimed to be the perpetrator of the attack, but a Thai police spokesman speculated that the bombing of the most lively four-Buddha area in the heart of the Thai capital, Bangkok, the occurrence of the bombing may be related to politics, and hostile political factions will inevitably become the target of suspicion.

Last May 22, the Thai army commander in chief Pola launched a coup d ' état, using military power to take over the government originally led by Prime Minister Ying-La. This is the 12th militarycoup in Thailand since the 193, which many observers have long predicted will burst into a new wave of violent clashes.

According to AFP, the ongoing political violence in Thailand has been severely split , and repeated outbreaks of casualties of the protests and bombings, but this day is far more serious than the past.

And now that the crisis has not been lifted, the police pointed out that there may be a number of bombs nearby to be dismantled, the country has been fully upgraded alert. Our representative office in Thailand confirmed that 1 Taiwanese passengers had been injured and were sent to hospital for medical treatment.

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8/18: Down syndrome girl Madeline Stuart to realize walking show dream

Madeline Stuart, a model with Down's syndrome, is going on a runway show in New York's Fashion Week, and FTL Moda has posted on its Facebook page Madeline Stuart to represent their brand-walking show. And a series of EverMaya designed by the Madeline of the same name Bag also began to sell.

Madeline will be the second down-syndrome patient to show up at New York Fashion Week, the first to be the actress Jamie Brewer in the American Horror Story, who took part in New York Fashion Week in February 2014.

Madeline's mother, Rosanne, said: "I will always remember when Madeline was a little girl, the passerby told me that this woman should not be seen by others, and I also remember that the doctor had told me that Madeline could never realize the dream." 」

But in order to realize the dream of the model, Madeline efforts to exercise, diet, dance, join the cheerleading team. In just over a year, she had lost 40 pounds (about 18.14 kilograms). In addition to Manifesta endorsement for the clothing brand, Madeline further realized the stretching platform dream.

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8/19:Raffi Freedman Gurspan became the first transsexual worker in the White House

Raffi Freedman Gurspan created a history in Tuesday and became the first transsexual employee in the White House. President Obadhai named her director of recruiting for the White House presidential personnel office. Raffi is the first transsexual in history to work in the White House and make a public identity.

Mr Obama's senior advisor, Jarrett, says the interests of the Philippines are consistent with the values of the current government. LGBTQ supporters in the United States believe that the move into the White House, which means gay, bisexual , transgender and other gender minorities to fight for the interests of the next step. Keasling, executive Director of the National Centre for Transgender Equality Rights, said the story of Raffi would inspire more American transgender people to stand up for rights.

Defending minority rights is one of the promises of the Obama administration. Obama signed an executive order last year to ban related discrimination, and U.S. Defense Secretary Jimmy Carter announced in July this year that the military is planning to serve as a public service at the beginning of next year to ensure a willingness, Those who are capable are given equal opportunities to serve and receive the respect they deserve.

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8/20: Female Granville and Steel Addyi listed

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 18th approved the world's first drug to promote female sexuality. This pink pill, known as "female Viagra," is FlibanSerin, produced by the budding pharmaceutical factory (Sprout Pharmaceuticals) of the American small pharmaceutical company, The company named it Addyi, mainly used to treat women before menopause, sexual dysfunction of low libido.

The National consumer Union described Addyi as the "biggest breakthrough in sexual health for women" since it was a contraceptive pill. Because the FDA has approved 24 treatment of male sexual dysfunction drugs, improve the female sex life drug is not paid, many women's groups think the FDA is suspected of sex discrimination.

One out of every 10 women in the United States faces sexual dysfunction, but currently there are only drugs to treat male sexual dysfunction problems, and many doctors , patients, and female health activists see women and men in this area of medical resources on the imbalance, are very supportive of Addyi listing.

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