In a parking lot in the London Sulive, a group of illustrators and image artists have been sleeping here for a whole week, and for this lococo-style dome and the gallery to extend to the vaulted pattern on the basis of disasters and crimes.

In fact, this is a restaurant and bar, with the image of the wine pool being named Meat Liquor .

This is a Italian restaurant, where the lococo-style vault and the gorgeous beams were decorated, so that Shed had an idea: a modern pattern that could be symbiosis with the surface of the wall.

The indoor architect Sed commissioned the design company I Love Dust to perform this difficult drawing work.During the week of the week, a group of illustrators and image artists have been sleeping here, so that they can do their best to bring these walls to life and to create a visual feast.

The red "liqour" sign on the window is emitted on a dark red leather sofa; the gas light is hung by galvanized hooks and the crumbling industrial lanterns are wrapped around the vault in red, and they are all lined with mural mural for the whole mess.

For this restaurant to be decorated with a factory and slaughterhouse image, the Shed laid on a rubber floor, used an old-fashion-like chair as a seat, and set eight-foot long stainless steel pipes and corrugated paper, bringing out the feeling of poverty in the old factory.

Also, Meat Liquor allows guests to enjoy frescoes with the American legendary Hunter S. Thompson style.

This restaurant was officially opened in November 2011.

Meat Liquor
TUES-THUR 12:00-24:00/FRI-SAT 12:00-02:00
Email: twitter @MEATliquor /
phone: 020 7224 4239/no reservations
address: 74 Welbeck Street, London W1G 0AB

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Photo: Adam Luzniak