8/26 women fans The first female-era lecture ended, we talked about Taiwan, we said gender, we reviewed the past, we imagined the future, we came with curiosity, we walked with action. No matter yesterday you were not present, finishing the female force time classroom five female force key words to you, lets you feel the day activity the temperature.

"Women's times in the classroom, in order to carry forward the female force for the heart, to promote the times as a practical goal, not to do the forum, not to do the summit, but the classroom." Because everyone has the right to speak, everyone is responsible for the times. 」

This is the reason why women fans hold the classroom of women's power times . We hope that this generation will be less class, generational and gender-polarized, so that everyone can speak at the same altitude, and make sure that these words are heard, understood and tolerated, create more opportunities for dialogue, allow more discussion to take place, and thereby shift the opposition to the flow. The first female-era classroom, we invited to the DPP presidential candidate Tsai, eco-green coffee founder, like, Tedxtaipei Xu Tianjin to share their eyes in Taiwan, the three-way sharing, and the two-way interaction with the audience, so that the rain of the ordinary night become heavy.

In the International Conference Hall of Taiwan Grand Hospital, this nearly 500 participants, everyone is equal, everyone is to promote Taiwan's better strength, every Facebook, is the small island of light on the hope. We have sorted out three speakers of 5 female key words, to share to you, regardless of whether you were on the scene that day, you are welcome to take these five key words with Go, heart, at any time to extract.

More like, female Force keywords: equality

"The majority of people in Taiwan are too used to thinking with a superficial sense of intuition. I promote fair trade coffee, behind the fact that there is a deep philosophy, I look forward to seeing the emergence of a fair society, but many people think I am selling love, do charity. 」

Yu is just like the first of the women's times in the classroom, dedicated to promote fair trade coffee, he said he sold not only coffee, but a fair society's dream. Just give birth to the baby, more like the work and life there is no line, but also often pick up the phone to remind himself there is a son, night and day just to achieve that pure dream. This cup of coffee is not just love, but to improve production online inequality, in order to polarize and split Taiwan "out of that step, can become Asia's indispensable."

"Taiwan's society is very divided, I see many people do not believe in the media, but also after the Baxian dust storms to see people's distrust of health care workers, but I also in the long-term internal friction, see the resilience of Taiwan, I see many young people, although in difficult circumstances still carry the ideal forward." 」

He said that promoting fair trade was not a simple matter, but he thought it was time for Taiwanese citizens to accept and understand the concept. The promotion of Fairtrade coffee is definitely not about selling coffee, but about the possibility of a more egalitarian society. (Recommended reading: fair and healthy "eat" rights )

Xu Tianjin, Female force keywords: commitment

"How good would it be if we could say our stories and be seen by the whole world in our own language?" 」

Tedxtaipei founder Jason, from the Kaohsiung Liuhe Night Market, childhood dream is to sell salt crispy chicken, grow up in order to bring values and ideas to Taiwan, every day to write to the TED team, to the bar site plugging people, and finally make Taipei become the world's second authorized city. In Jason's mind, in this age, especially in the younger generation, to stand up for the value of faith, courage to bear.

When we think of ourselves as a torch, we can see the place that is not bright, to illuminate others when there is opportunity and ability, to create different possibilities for the world. At the scene, even a 16-year-old high school student asked Jason, "What can students do if they want to make Taiwan better?" "The question, at that moment, is that we see the commitment of this age, unrelated to the age, irrelevant to sex, and the important thing is where we want to go with the world. (same field Gayon: Six TED speeches that make you a much different self )

Cai English, female force key words: Reasonable

"Politically, there is no one thing is only a solution, since there is no only solution, then we have to pursue is reasonable, is a solution that everyone can accept." 」

After graduating from Taiwan law, Cai went to Cornell University to pursue a master's degree in law. And then flew to the London School of Economics and Political science to obtain a doctorate in law, learning career and "law" accompanied, he recalled his study at Cornell University, a class often 4, 500 students, professor on the stage constantly throwing questions, let everyone think and answer. And for "What is the law?" "This problem, we all have their own answers and puzzles, but the professor said, in fact, the law is very simple, there is only one word" reasonable (reasonableness).

Cai said that when he first held the chairmanship of the DPP party, some people would not be accustomed to his way of leadership, that he, as chairman, often did not make decisions. But he says he is not making decisions, but is asking the two parties to sit down to discuss and debate until a consensus has been reached. Because there is no unique solution, each decision has good and bad, so the pursuit of reasonable and consensus, it becomes the only solution to make decisions.

Cai English, female force key words: Treason

"There was a governor in Japan who said that Taiwanese people are very difficult to govern because they are rebellious." I think Taiwan's rebellion has come back, and we have to rely on such a rebellion, to survive the will to bring our country, from the current plight of the rescue. 」

"The younger generation, compared with us, is the generation of thought that was liberated." Last year there were 318 student movement, this year there is an anti-class, I really see the hero out of the youth. Cai English with a firm, humorous tone, said the Taiwanese rebel factor, the young generation of rebellion, but he is very happy to see. He said that the future would like to take Taiwan in a "pluralistic but balanced" situation to go forward. (Recommended reading: written after the Sun-Flower movement: The next step for the younger generation, the end is the beginning )

As the first female party chairman of the DPP, it is possible to become the first female president of Taiwan, Cai English this way, in fact, also wearing a rebellion. Does not speak Taiwanese language he, in the speech, often party members to shout to him: "The president, does not understand, speaks Taiwan the word!" "Some people think he speaks too softly and boldly enough." He said that the DPP boss Kang Kan-min asked him not to elect the President, the reason is: "Can't bear to see a girl bear so much pressure, every day scolded." "But he did not stop moving forward and lead the DPP in his own way, and step by step toward the future he aspires to." Rebel to march forward, with softness, why not?

Cai English, female force key words: Speculative

"What this country needs is democratic institutions, and democracy should be a common language and a problem-solving mechanism." The attitude we need is to be able to sit down and solve the problem, and to be able to find a consensus in all the different contexts. 」

When Cai came to the United States, the first Taiwanese student to be instructed by the professor, the professor was curious about the students from Taiwan. Tsai recalls that when he was 21 years old, he read the Kuomintang textbooks, and when the professor asked him, "China on the other side, what are you going to do?" "The Kuomintang government has taught us to attack the mainland and to unify," Cai replied. "

The professor looked suspiciously at him. "This is Cornell, the best law school, and you don't have your own answer?" Tsai smiled and said, "The Kuomintang did not give us a second answer!" Finally, the professor asked him to give him a new answer when he graduated, but in the end, the professor forgot to ask him.

Therefore, in the foreign study experience, Cai Ying literature will be the most speculative. This day he stood in the classroom, do not say anything else, talk about his story, he said, go abroad to study, he learned that there is no standard answer, human thousands of years of the problem is the same, no teacher is afraid to let students know the subject of the exam in advance, because the examination is always thought, not the standard answer. (same field Gayon: The London School of Economics observation Note: Expect things to have a standard answer, is a lazy )

Three hours, three speakers, five keywords, 500 pairs of shiny eyes, women fans of the first female-era classroom, because these elements collide and beautiful. Tonight's host, also a woman's Zhang Wei, keeps mentioning Einstein's famous words in the lecture hall: "The important thing is isn't to stop questioning." That's the end of the campaign keeping asking question s, never stop asking questions, never allow yourself to give up knowing the status quo, and never give up the possibility of making the world a better place.

We believe that each of the people present comes with a whole lot of problems, and we also believe that, although there is no perfect answer to every question, the spark that stirs is certainly a great strength for Taiwan to get together with all those who ask questions in such a classroom.

This is what we believe in, and I hope you are:)