8/26 Women's fans sponsored the place in the Women's Era of Women's Age , inviting DPP chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen to talk about " the United States in the eyes of my eyes. 'm going to talk about the future of the young people from the experience of international negotiations, " she said, referring to the future of the young people from the experience of international negotiations. She said she would be the person who influenced the future of Taiwan."Listen to her speech and move again."(If you want to get better in Taiwan, remember to focus on fan politics topics)

I'm sitting here today listening to me, and I'm actually happy.Even a young man, a 16-year-old young man, can express himself as clearly as he is. This is something that I had no way of thinking during the time.

When I graduated from college, my classmates didn't know what this person could do in the future.When I finished my PhD, many people told me, "Don't read too many books, but you can't even talk about it."When I was chairman of the party, our supporters said at the bottom: "Madam President, you can't hear me!"Tell me about the Taiwan dialect!Often, the president talked about it for a long time, and there was a lot of uncertainty underneath, and I didn't know what was going on.

My life and my experience, in fact, many people find it incredible that I was elected president today, and that I chose the president for the second time, and I was probably elected president.

But I have to be clear, I don't have the ambition to sell the salty chicken!I don't have any ambition to sell coffee!Although I like to drink coffee, I don't like to eat salty butter.But I really don't have any ambition to be president!I swear.I have never thought of being a president since I was a child.But I would like to stress again that I am now in the presidential election, and I really have the chance to elect a president.(Note: The first two speakers are the co-founder of Eco-Green, the founder of Eco Green Coffee and Agricultural Products, "The Fair Trade Coffee and Agricultural Products": " When I grew up in the night market in Kaohsiung, he was a brackish and salty chicken." Please see: Tsai Ing-wen, X Xu RenX Yu, Yu Yuyu, a Dialogue of Women's Era )

Let's talk about my life history first. This determines how I look at Taiwan.In the future, I may also be the person who influenced the development of Taiwan. (sibling: "I have no parents, no husbands, no children, make the country better my dream of the most" South Korea's first woman president, magnolia bark )

I am a completely different legal system

I graduated from the university.Graduation of the legal system.Recently, the reputation of the Legal Department has not been very good, but I can assure you: I am a completely different legal system.

I remember that I was in the fourth year of the department of law, and I was going to finish the last section of the exam at the end of the day; all of our learning was finished.The examination in this section is called jurisprudence, which is the legal philosophy, the most difficult lesson of all law.I have to honestly say that I've been in the legal system for four years, and I've got a big question mark for myself.When the science was finished, people came out of the classroom and some people were very heavy. I had a classmate coming from the back, and then I took my shoulder, and he said, " Tsai Ing-wen, I finally got revenge today!" I think it's very strange. Why did he say that he had revenge on him?

He said, " I've been in the office for four years, and I don't understand what the teacher is talking about.Today, this examination paper, he definitely doesn't know what I'm writing!"

This is the common sense of our people who went to the legal system of the United States of the year.He used to say everything.

18-year-old young man, go to college, study law!Do you know what the law is?The law is a summary of the experience of life and is the rule of your life.But people who are not very experienced in life begin to learn how to understand. How can you understand?

Why am I telling this story?

In those difficult times, those who create and survive will definitely be able to survive in the future!If you don't understand, you can even finish the exam and get that score.In that era, the students of the legal system of the United States were called "never-to-lose students".That is suvivor (survivor).You're asking for survival.If you want to survive, that is, people will graduate like this.

Honestly, I really don't know what to do after the university graduate.My father said, "I am good with me, and we don't want to go abroad to read books."But I thought, I lived in Zhongshan North Road since I was a kid. I went to school in Chang'an Elementary School, and later in Jilin Elementary School. I went to the North Anan Junior High School. Then I went to high school. I went to the Zhongshan Girls … …. It was in the middle mountain range, and that was my life.I think, is my life in the middle mountain?Oh, and Pingtung, because we have to go back to the tomb every year.My father will bring us back to the grave.

So I thought, this is my life?Is my life in the mountains of Zhongshan and Pingtung? I decided to tell my father, " I'm going out.My father said, "We really don't want to go," I said, "I'll buy a car, I'll buy it." But if you don't leave the country, I will do anything good.When I was leaving the country, my mother shed tears at the airport. "If it was too difficult and impossible for me to survive, I would hurry back and don't mind."But I told my mother that I was going to finish my master's degree in a few years' time, and I would finish my Ph.D. in a few years.My mother never thought that a person who had not been so good since she was a child could tell us very precisely when she was going to finish what she wanted, when she would come back.I did follow the schedule and follow the schedule, and after studying my PhD, I came back.(Recommended for you: Scholl: Building the ability to look at your soul directly )

I am in Cornell: Socrates "Education"

When I arrived in the United States, I discovered, why Americans speak English -- English is a language that I am not familiar with, but what the teacher said, I can understand it?But in Taiwan, in the language of the teacher, I understand it, but what does she say, I don't understand?That's how education is really different.

My education in the United States is called Socrates' Education.

What is Socrates' Education?Usually when we go to class, we have about 400 or 500 people sitting in a classroom. Before class, the teacher will give you a job, and there are about five or six cases.Then, at class, starting with the first case, you called you a summary of the case, and the second one, what are the topics involved in this case?What is the law?He just kept asking, "If you don't answer, sit down, and then you change another person."He has been asking all the time that everyone is very nervous.The stories taught us by teachers are just the stories of life. Every case is a true story of life. You have to go to the conflict between the people in the story, and how to solve them.

I remember one of my teachers said one thing, and I asked you so many questions. In fact, there is only one word for the law, which is "reasonableness", which is "reasonable".You're in a different situation, and you're going to pursue a reasonable solution.I understand.

The English teacher is not afraid you know the title, but you need your own answer.

When I went to England to read PhDs, education was different.

Every exam, everyone knows what the title is, because the teacher is not afraid of you knowing the title.Archaeology, you can find it yourself, and the library can find it.He wanted to take the same questions as you, but he expected you to give a different answer.It's not like American exams, and if you pass the SAT in the United States, or the LSAT of our attorney, it's a series of multiple choices that limit the number of hours to answering a hundred questions, two questions, or three questions; an American exam, and it's a quick reaction to everything you do.However, what is the test of yours in the United Kingdom, he is taking the test of your human history for thousands of years in the history of mankind.You have to use the current knowledge, the current situation, to answer the recurring events in human history, how do you solve it?This is another kind of training and challenge.

The human problem is the same for thousands of years.It has the same problem in different ways.The British clearly have learned this logic, and its education tells you that my title is these questions, and you tell me your answer.It is not afraid that you will return to writing after leaving the classroom, because it tests your mind, not what is in the textbook.This is another kind of education.It's going to train you to face the same problems that you have for thousands of years. Have you had a new way of thinking?

Well, I was also very successful in meeting my challenge, and I got a PhD from LSE (London School of Economics) in three years.

Sex stereotyped: Is there a way ahead, or is it a stupid woman?

It's a very good student to have a degree in LSE three years.So at that time I finished the degree examinations, and my instructor was a very famous scholar, and he said to me, "You are a young and proof school." (You're a young scholar who has a long way to go.It sounds good. At that moment, I felt that I should really be a person with knowledge, and the knowledge of the world was in my head.

As a result, I walked out of the school and walked out on the street because I didn't notice the traffic lights, a sports car suddenly made an emergency brake, and the British woman who was driving was so angry that I said, " You stupid woman!" (You stupid woman!At that moment, I felt that the gap was so big that I fell down from the room of my own elite.I thought, I was in other people's eyes and I was stupid.Then I began to think, what should I learn from this world?But because my father made a call to me, I came back.

When I started teaching at the university, at the beginning of my teaching, there were many students who heard the last class, and fewer and fewer people, that is, they didn't understand what the teacher was talking about.But I was a popular teacher back then, because the thing that this teacher brought back was something that they had never heard before. So I have a lot of students, and I have a lot of students, and I have been busy teaching them every day.

One day my friend got married, and he said he had no driver. I said, I would like to help you drive a gift car.You probably have no experience. There are people who are getting married and have a road to get married!I can't even get a gift car.My friend, a young lawyer, and a very eminent lawyer, just happened to assist the state in negotiating intellectual property rights. He said, Tsai Ing-wen, then you will take a class.I've been there for 15 years.

This 15 years is my negotiating career.

15 years of negotiating career,

During the past 15 years, I have been to many countries and looked at a lot of different negotiators. Some are very sophisticated, some are sharp, others have walked into this room, and the first sentence says, " This is NOT negotiable! (There is no way to talk about it)."If you can't talk, what are you doing here?"What you see is that when dealing with people's conflicts of interest, a wide range of people are using a variety of methods to solve the problems that lie ahead.When the Geneva negotiations were most flourishing, there were thousands of people in Geneva every day, every day in Geneva, and what was he?To produce a set of international rules of trade, including fair trade.

mobilized so many people, how many rounds of negotiations, talking about more than 20,000 pages of documents, all of the world's trade and products, all of them in the word "20,000".This organization, formerly known as the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), formerly known as the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), has since been changed by the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which is the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).So this is a very important experience of my life, and that is, in the course of a conversation that you've been talking about, you've narrowed it down to two people, three people, to sit down and sit down one day: We have a deal. (We have reached an agreement).

What does this need?It depends on patience, and with your creativity.Creativity is important. In other words, you see gridlock in all the difficulties, but you have to solve this problem, and that is your creativity, your patience and your strength.Sometimes it's harder than physical strength, that we often talk about the United States talking about the fact that there is a situation and a bureau in the middle of the night. Why?Because the negotiators of the United States are tired, but the people in Taiwan have experienced the time difference, and at night, the DC's 12 points and the spirit are exactly the same.

In my time of negotiations, I felt very deeply about how they saw us.What do these people see in Taiwan?For example, one of the negotiations that I met at that time was that the United States had a plan to give them agricultural subsidies.I said, they subsidize agricultural subsidies, but we also want to subsidize our domestic agricultural subsidies, but he says you can't do it, you are in violation of international agreements!I was so angry that I went to ask the chairman of our association, a British ambassador, who said, "Why is it that Americans can, we can't?"

This UK ambassador, he says, " My dear, this is a place where you do what I say. This is NOT a place you do what we do. " (Honey, this is where you listen to us, not what we do, what you can do.)

In other words, it is an era of power.The international community is a great power. How much power do you have?Taiwan, a big trading nation, is a small political country, the weakest and weakest negotiator. This is the typical example.You are a big trading country, so your neck is in the hands of others; but you are a small political country. You don't have the political leverage (political influence) to negotiate. Your space and bargaining chips of your negotiations are limited.

This situation, in an organization that emphasizes multilateralism, can barely be maintained, because multilateralism cannot be seen as a divergence between countries of trade.But today, in the 21st century, this international rule has changed, that is, Taiwan will not be protected by international multilateralism, because it has entered the era of bilateral FTA, which is the most difficult situation in Taiwan now. Well, how do foreigners see the Taiwan?

In any case, all the strictest rules are placed in the United States.It's called the First Acceptance of Taiwan.After accepting it, he said to South Korea later: " Taiwan accepted it.After South Korea accepted it, then went to Japan to say: "Taiwan and South Korea are all accepted, and you Japan will not accept it.""This is our destiny, our reality, the reality of the international community."

But what do we have in Taiwan?

There was a US diplomat who once told me that I was the chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council.He said, "I don't understand your Taiwan." He says that people who survive on a sea island should unite to look outward; historically, these countries, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and even the United Kingdom are all countries that look outward.But he said, " I really can't see the people in Taiwan, why are you standing on the edge of the Taiwan island and you're all going to kill yourself?"

Do we have to ask ourselves: Why are foreigners looking at us like this?

What do we do then?I have thought about this topic for a long time, and I know that one day I will be President and I will face this problem.

Just recently, it was mentioned that the politics of Taiwan is such a kind of confusion. How is it that this is not a rule?Why can't the Taiwanese people unite?And this country needs to be united most.In all countries, it is the country that most needs to unite, but this country is the most confrontational.(Recommended reading: Most people are willing to make small changes in the real change of Taiwan )

Immigrant society, most need to find common ground

This country is a rival, a divided seed, because it is a country of immigration.The US television has shot a film called Immigrant Nation, Divided Country , and if you are an immigrant society, it is likely that a broken historical background and historical memory can be found in a country like this.

What is the most needed in this country?The most important thing to find is commonality, which is common.What is the most needed in this country?What is needed most is a mechanism to solve the conflict between people.What is the best mechanism in modern society?It is a democratic mechanism.What kind of attitude does this country need?It is the willingness to sit down and work together to solve the problem.This country still needs an attitude, called tolerance, we have different backgrounds, so we have different historical experiences, and memories of history. Is everyone supposed to be inclusive?This country has a common mission, that is, the mechanism of democracy can be a common language for all of us and a common mechanism for solving problems.

What is the most unneeded of this country?The most unneeded of this country is that we really need a fair election, a good election, and not in the process of elections that can cause the country to tear apart and divide.But sadly, in the last few elections, we've been through this kind of tear.

2000 to now, in fact, Taiwan has undergone a transition period of democracy, because it has a transition period from the power of authority to democracy. We have not undergone a revolution. So, many of the authoritarian era's things are still with us.We are a clear and a clear one at a time, but every time that we have left behind is causing conflicts in our society.

Free thought to save the country out of the woods

So I would like to say again that today's Taiwan society is in fact mature. What we need is a good democratic system. We need a good judicial system. What we need is mature voters. What we need is an inclusive attitude and a sense of understanding.Now you, whether you are now 30 or 20, at least your teacher has not told you to counterattack the mainland is the only option!Therefore, your thinking is actually liberated in the course of democratization, and it is more liberal than our time.

So it's no surprise that we had a 318 student movement last year, and this year we a class of classes , and I really can't help but say, "Heroes are a few years."Look at the history of Taiwan. What is the biggest human nature of Taiwan people?A Japanese governor has said that the people of Taiwan are hard to deal with!Why?The Taiwan people are particularly renegic.Only when there is a rebelliable personality can we have the will of survival, and the people of Taiwan have to have the will of survival. Only then can we save our own country from this kind of predicament.

This is the age of feminism, and I'm still talking about women.When I was the DPP chairman in 2008, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was scared of a jump, because for a long time, the DPP was seen as a male chauvinist party.So, in 2008, I found a little bit of speech that wasn't very accessible to her audience, and even worse, she was a girl, and she came to the main seat.Looking back on this, I cannot help but feel that the DPP is really good!The DPP has the characteristics of Taiwan's rebel rebellion, and the rebelliy to the decision to find a female student to become the party chairman.(Recommended reading: Look at the Gulf from Europe and America!Women's political participation makes society better )

Democratic Progressive Party Rebelts to Electing a Woman to be the Chairman of the Party

At first, faced with my crowd, I didn't know much about what they wanted to tell them; what they wanted to listen to, and I couldn't catch them. But now I'm going to ask, " Isn't it?"," OK?" This is a way of communicating emotions with the public.How are we going to fund the election?Just rely on the pig!Every time I'm on the street, someone will give me a pig and say, "President, this is for you!""

You know what?How much does the pig with ten pieces of copper coin have multiple pigs?A few days before the result, someone gave me a pig. The person was very interested. He folded a piece of paper money into thin paper, and it was full of 50 pieces of paper money. My tears fell down a bit, and there was a person who had this heart.

I feel heartache every time I read these notes, and the responsibilities on my shoulders will be more important.He had a hard time, and he saved us with a frugal and frugal pig, and he told me I was sorry.If I invest in politics, they will still have no chance of turning over the future. I have come to understand that this trip is a white one.Politics should be a young person who has not been able to find a job for those graduates, and ...

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Once a fundraising dinner, a meal at a table, I went to a table to drink a toast, and a table of people told me that their table was actually 100 people, because they couldn't pay 10,000 yuan, ten thousand yuan, and then sent a person to dinner.This is the DPP supporters, the party is actually like this, so the party will not split, because his crowd will not be divided.

This party may fail, but the party will come back because his crowd will whip him, scold him, and let him come back.Therefore, the Democratic Progressive Party has experienced this difficult situation in 2008, and it will return.

Take the Democratic Progressive Party, tell them to sit down and talk

Then you would ask, "How do you bring them?"I only made a decision, that is, they didn't make a decision, so I asked them to sit there and decide what to do.This is the training I have negotiated in the past.

We want them to sit down and talk and talk about a conclusion that everyone can accept.Politics does not say that there is only one solution, there must be a lot of options, and my Socrates teacher told me that all social phenomena are "rational" in pursuit of the goal.

The solution that we all can accept together is rational.Today's Democratic Progressive Party has factions, but factions are united. Today there are conflicts within the Democratic Progressive Party, but in the face of the outside world, people are united. This is my leadership.

After we finished the nine-unity election last year, the entire party found out, " What are we fighting for?Then they began to recall how the president was in the past, and how did I put it in place, for example, when Hsiao Mei-chin took her cat to Hualien to go to Hualien County. Today, Hualien is the hardest part of the DPP, but Hsiao Mei-ch'in is likely to be elected as a legislator in Hualien.

Zheng Wen-tsan, who was sent to Taoyuan for mayor by me, was elected to the county in the first time, because the situation of the Democratic Progressive Party was so bad that no one was going to get any worse.He went to the election 58 days before the election and lost 40 to 50 thousand votes.The second time he went to the Legislative Yuan again, he lost more.The third time he chose the mayor, I looked at him and said, "This time he doesn't pick up, I don't know how he's going to face it."He told me two days before the election, " Madam President, we have to be psychoprepared and the person elected on the day after tomorrow may be me." We all of the party felt it was possible, and he chose it.

The same story took place in Keelung's Lin right Chang-chang. Keelung was the hardest part of the DPP's most difficult place. The first time the mayor was elected, the second legislator also lost, and the third time he won the election.

Failed to stand up again, young man is really tough.

This party's young people are really tough enough. After failing, he stood up again and failed again. He stood up again and again, and after failing once and again, he would succeed.This is the spirit that Taiwan society needs most now. Taiwan's education teaches children to say that it can't fail, but we should tell children that failure is a very important process.(Recommended to you: Kids fell to their parents, but they laughed and laughed?"Fails to fail" education )

In the current Taiwan society, it is time to take a high-risk period from the previous era of low risk, cost, gross margin, and this high risk is a chance to succeed only after a failure of one time .However, in this process, someone has to help you, just as I have been standing in the back of Zheng Wenzan, Lin right-chang, and Xiao Mei-chen, so that they can stand up again after the failure of one and another failure.And the government should play this role. If I can successfully play the role of the DPP, I can also play this role in this country.

Finally, you ask me, what is the Taiwan area I see?I think this is a place full of possibilities. As long as the people here have this willpower, they can create a lot of possibilities.The creativity of the people of Taiwan is really good, but we are not liberating ourselves. We must open our own minds, so that the creativity of the Taiwan can be created so that more possibilities can be created.In this way, we will have a lot of options to solve the problems faced by the Taiwan people.