In a society that is growing in the present world, there is always a physical, formal, formal, and restrictive life. Only by doing artistic creation can we give people a moment of respite.This time, the ten contemporary jewellery producers from five different countries tried to break away from the constraints of the nature of traditional jewellery and the boundaries of materials, and to escape from the constraints of reality. It was an incredibly interactive, interactive, primitive, intimate, bizarre, crazy, superrealistic and unbelievable character.As a result of this exhibition, the exhibition is named as:


The WOHOOOH !!! exhibition is a revolutionary thinking to show the art and to the very close connection to the consumer goods.Art and jewelry seem to be two different ways of living, but they are inseparable from each other.The exhibits include contemporary art and design in different forms and layers, and interact and connect with the viewer through each exhibit that allows participants to rethink the nature of their jewelry.

timbee LO ” s Crystal Human ” series glasses featuring Blink on each pair of glasses Blink ” eyes and crystals have attracted the attention of the viewer, and the eyeballs on the glasses also look at the viewer, creating an interaction between the viewer and the jewelry.

Exhibits in Asia as the main selling point for contemporary jewellery arts, detonator Tricia Dungezhuang, an exhibitor and one of the exhibiting artists, is the first time that the event has been fired.

’ 10 ' series "of the
" series, which affected his largest number in the last 10 years, represents a different connection between Dungezhuang and a different person.

ellie may ARONEY comb

designer Ellie May Aroney has always been interested in the relationship between the user and the article, and she is curious why a person sees a comb and knows how to use it.And so, her inspiration was mostly inspired by people living around her life.

This time, the only exhibitors at the fairs, haoshi Design good design , show their views of contemporary society: The animal circle represents a variety of human beings in modern society. The lifestyle and habitat of each animal are different. Although we claim to be the spirit of the species, is it not true that we are mimicking the habits of animals?

haoshi Design's RiverX Dual Ring

All of these art works can be found at the WOHOOOH !!! At the time when you see them, is the exclamation point of WOHOOOH !!!Yes, this is the jewellery producer and the audience: primitive, intimate, strange, crazy, surreal, and unbelievable interaction with the world!

Artist & Designer

Artist & Designer: Artist & Designer:


trangia TANGG

Exhibition Information
Opening: 2012/01/06 19:30 ~ 21:30
Extension: 2012/01/06 ~ 2012/01/15
Place: South China Sea Gallery
100 North Chungking South Road

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