"Chew Weekly" is our new attempt! We know that time is always fragmentary, so the "Chew Weekly" unit strives for light but deep, a weight that allows you to take away easily; an issue that makes you chew slowly. Today, we saw this photo: a red boy died lying on the beach.

"If a Syrian child is washed ashore with such shocking photographs, it will not change Europe's attitude towards refugees. --The British independence report

A picture of a red-clothed boy lying on the beach shook the world yesterday morning.

The boy is three years old this year, his name is Aylan Kurdi (Allen). The Allen family was a Syrian post-war refugee who, without a Kurdish identity, was unable to get the U.N. refugee number, so Alan's father Abdullah Kurdi wanted to go to Europe first and then to Canada, where he was rejected for political asylum. (with field Gayon: The common pain of the world: War is not human, but love )

Helpless, they turned to the traffickers, not only cheated the money or could not leave. On the third occasion Allen's father sought help from the traffickers, who were expected to cross the sea from Turkey's Podren to the Greek island, where the hull was flooded with overturned.

Allen family Four, only father survived. 3-Year-old Allen and his 5-year-old brother, Gallip,35-year-old mother Le Handu in the Wang Yang interrupted the air.

Ellen's father was heartbroken and said to the press: "All our dreams are dead, and I just want to die with my child's grave." (Everything I was dreaming the IS gone.) I want to bury my children and sit beside them until I die.) "

In fact, it's not just the Allen family who lost their lives because of the war. With the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, 250,000 people were killed, more than 7 million people were displaced and more were looking for escape from pipelines and shelters, while more than 2600 people died this year on their way across the Mediterranean to Europe.

(Alan and brother)

Outside of death, these children are a blank generation

In addition, people are still the biggest victims of war, and international organizations count because at least 750,000 small refugees in this wave of refugees are unable to receive education, and a group of children in our world are alone in their ignorance. The danger that children face is not just death and injury. The U.N. survey also says that children as young as 12 are recruited in the war, and that kids must be involved in bloody battles, spying and smuggling weapons. (Extended reading: under the flames of war, the Children of Canada Cry, do you hear me?) )

War, like living in a border that pretends not to be seen, we disregard the death of the first fire. After such heartbreaking photos, many people began to question the European government: why didn't they lend a hand to the refugees? More painful to the European authorities, "European leaders put 1 billion euros to save the banks, but no one to solve the problem, there is enough shame." "

Why do we try to be far away from those tragedies?

We can also take a step closer to the tragedy.

The picture has aroused concern around the world, people have been on the internet to rebel, letters government, signed a refugee bill, the illustrator also have to mention their own brush hashtag"#KiyiyaVuranInsanlik" to the death of the war by the blessing of Allen.

(Photo source:@khalidalbaih )

I hope Humanity finds a cure for visas.
I prayed that people would find the solution to the visa.

Ellen's death if there is again to remind us what, I think will be Mo forget the original intention-and people's care, as well as everyone in the heart need to uphold, to protect a good. The hope, however, is that there is no need for the death of the refugees to remind us of this matter.

One step closer to tragedy is not just to appeal to the European government, but also to ourselves, to say to the land of Taiwan, to those in power, to those who are suffering from the days and nights of wiping out the class.

War, and the aftermath of war will never follow the numbness and disappear, Leah refugees are still likely to live illegally, distant children in our sleep is forced to pick up guns. That crazy world never disappears, whether we see it or not.