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8/28: the "absurd" standard of the fashion world

Swedish model Agnes Hedengard to counter fashion standards, claiming that the reason she was rejected by her job was "she's too big." 」

In a video posted to YouTube and Facebook, the 19-Year-old said she had been in contact with large companies and clients, but when they received her size data, Agnes Hedengard was returned by the client.

"I have been a model for five years or so, but today I still can't get more opportunities because the industry thinks I'm" too big. "In the English version of the video, Agnes Hedengard said.

In addition, Agnes Hedengard said in Sweden's Next top Model that although her body's BMI index was only 17.5 (below 18.5), she was still being asked for a "better physique".

"They think my butt is too big and the hips are too wide." "agnes said. "In the modeling world, you can't look like this, you need to be thinner." "agnes released the video because she wanted others to see" absurd "standards in the fashion world.

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8/29: The sad refugee death tide of Europe

At 27th this month, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Balkan leaders gathered at a summit in Vienna to discuss how to meet the biggest refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War. At the same time, police found a truck parked at the junction of Austria and Hungary with as many as 71 bodies of refugees.

Police in Austria said a total of thousands of refugees were suffocated in trucks after they were found on the motorway, opening the truck and finding the car packed with corpses and rotting in the heat. The 71 refugees were from Syria, covering 4 children, the youngest of whom was about 1-2 years old, and the other three boys aged 8-10.

Since the beginning of this month, Hungary has mobilized 9,000 soldiers in the 130 10-kilometer border with Serbia to build a four-metre-high wall to prevent the refugees from being blocked. However, most of the refugees are from Gang Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving for Europe mainly for escape and a few for a better life.

EU leaders agreed in April this year to raise immigration funds to 1€ 200 million after a debate. However, the European International Border Management Agency (Frontex ) said 8 months that it had not received sufficient commitments from the EU to help Greece and Hungary to deal with the influx of refugees.

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8/30: heartbeat Heartbeat, see the Story of Covent Park

Garden Covent Park, London Covent, is exhibiting a "heartbeat heartbeat""of device art. This was created by the French artist Charles Pétillon, 45 meters wide 12 meters, with 100,000 balloons to complete , in the process of the exhibition, the use of 25 people, spent 5 days to fill the air, Far look like a white cloud floating in the air.

Charles Pétillon hopes to remind everyone of the history of the region by this clear balloon. This is one of the Covent Cultural and artistic projects of the park, because Kuffing is the heart of London, looking forward to the gentle power of art, so that people can just look up and be able to pick up the buildings and the surrounding years.

"The balloon invaded the building, the metaphor I created. "charles Pétillon says," The goal is the ones that we live with every day and we never really notice. " I want to connect the past with the present by "Heartbeat Heartbeat", allowing visitors to re-examine the role of Kuffing in London life. 」

Open another window of the world 〉〉20th century female Pop art pioneer: Cindy Sherman

8/31: The opening of the United States Tennis Open

The United States open (United States Open Championship) today, Google Doodle also specially changed into a lovely game of tennis animation, showing the focus of this sporting event.

But in the sports world, female athletes are often criticized for their shape and posture, not for their athletic ability.

If only a few days to defeat the opponent Garbine Muguruza, won the sixth Wimbledon champion Serena Williams Small Williams, even if the career achievement extraordinary, write down took four championship, cumulative 21 Grand slam champion's glorious history, Still accused of "not enough feminine", "like a Man".

Who is to define a woman's taste? Who should make the standard for "qualified women"? On this attack, Harry Potter author JK Rowling has jumped out to force very small Williams, said she is a "real athlete, true role model, real woman!" 」

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9/1: The Press Festival

Today is the Press Festival of the Republic of China. The festival, set up in 1933 , reminds us that the predecessors of the Chinese press had sacrificed their lives for the Freedom of the press and exchanged blood for this day as early as the early part of the century. Even compared to the creation of World Press Freedom Day (May 3), the Press Festival of the Republic of China was 60 years early.

In that turbulent era, except for the Kuomintang's failure to rule the entire country effectively , the warlords were severely cut. And Japan's ambition is to peep, there is also the internal struggle between the Kuomintang. At that time, there was still a ban on newspapers, prisoners killed journalists, such as injury news from the incident.

In this age of insecurity, there are still journalists who do not forget the strength of character. "Jiang daily ," the manager and Liu Yusheng, accusing Zhenjiang County government for forcing farmers to pay rent, unreasonable detention of farmers for several days. Also photographed officials close to prostitutes, smoking opium scene , and thus offended the president of Jiangsu Province, Guzhutong, and in exchange for the fatal disaster.

Liu Yusheng was killed after a few days, Shanghai "new News" reporter Wang Yu-san, in Nanjing, outside the gate was assassinated. Made the whole country angry. The following year , the Hangzhou Press Association to the National press recommended the establishment of this day as "press Day", and a direct continuation of the day of Taiwan.

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9/2: Miley as host of the VMA award, insisting on "being yourself"

The MTV Music Video Awards (VMA award)8/31 in Los Angeles, this year's moderator Miley Sheila (Miley Cyrus) transforms multiple sets of costumes, defying outside criticism, with a bare gesture of red carpet and hosting.

Miley in 2006 because of the Disney reality "Menghanna", as young as 13 years old in the United States, now 22-Year-old recalled the past, in order to play the "Menghanna" Corner, and was taught as "girls should be", must wear a gold wig, shiny jewelry, and Gave her a "body freak phobia."

At the time she was too young to be overly concerned about her appearance, often exaggerating the flaws of her appearance and being extremely frustrated.

Now Miley finally regained self-confidence, facing the outside world repeatedly called her "out of control ", "exposure", many parents even complained that she would bring bad children, but she does not mind, only stressed: "To be yourself is the most important." 」

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9/3: Join in a joint petition against two sisters in India retaliatory sexual violence

"The body of a woman is not the property of a family, nor should it be used as a means of retaliation." 」

July 30 in northern India Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh) Baghpat a village, its unelected and fully Male village council ordered the sexual assault of a Dalit class of women and her more than 10 -year-old sister, and paraded naked. The sisters and their families have fled the village and are currently in Delhi.

May 24, the 23-year-old Me Enakshi Kumar and his 15-year-old sister and family fled in Baghpat, as his brother eloped with a married woman from a Jat (senior caste) family, fearing violent retaliation. Village of the district.

May 30, their house in the village was ransacked. July 30, non-elected and all men of the Caste Council (PanchayaT) members of the resolution ordered the sexual assault Meenakshi Kumari and her sister, naked Parade and black face, to punish Punish her brother for her behavior.

Sister families are still worried about their own safety. Sumit Kumar, another brother at home, said: "In the Caste Presbyterian meeting, Jat the final decision ." They don't listen to us, the police are the same. Police say that anyone can now be murdered. 」

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