"Island song, please hold the wind, pass my love to the past"---Shakawa, island

Landed in Okinawa, feel that summer in the heart and live over, in a more warm and pleasant way, let you write down the first summer waves and sea breeze. In Guam, Hawaii, Long Beach Island, Bali, another closer to your choice-Okinawa.

A Orion beer a purple potato, a beach a Atami, Okinawa romantic has the human warmth. Okinawa, regarded by the Japanese as the best resort, has overtaken Karuizawa and Hokkaido as the most new wedding place. Okinawa distance from Taiwan, the flight time of 75 minutes, many flights, at the same time with the atmosphere of tropical islands and Japanese-style exquisite service quality, safe and secure, even Takuya Kimura has been in the North Valley of Okinawa quietly placed production, for the holiday to prepare.

Some people say that the sea of Okinawa, there are seven levels of blue, women fans for you non-stop Okinawa Inventory of seven of the taste of the Okinawa church, with seven love confession, so that you choose the most suitable for their wedding church!

Voyage de Lumiere exquisite French romance!

"Marriage, and two people together to travel in the bright place." 」

Voyage de Lumiere, located in the American village of Okinawa, is the opening of a new church in less than a year. In French, the Church of Light tour was designed and planned by the top Japanese designer Sounton, the style is exquisite and elegant, the interior of the church with white and beige as the main color, the large glass of the window reflected the waves on a layer of sea blue. The church can accommodate 40-50 guests, blessing the bride and groom a bright future. Voyage de Lumiere means the journey of light, and marriage is such a process. (Recommended reading: marriage is not married?) Let ' s Marry me! )

Choose the finest local ingredients carefully built Course Menu most impressive, purple potato made of cream soup, fish fishing creative cuisine, exquisite, pondering French style, absolutely can meet the appetite of eat guests. At the same time there are special offers to Asian guests exquisite package, according to each person's budget has the freedom to handle the scale.

There are no accommodations in the church, but there are plenty of restaurants to choose from near the American village, so don't worry. Voyage de Lumiere is suitable for couples who like French exquisite style.

Monterey Lumer Xu a white wish!

"White just like you, is so I can't ignore the color." 」

When it comes to weddings, it always makes people think about white the first time. Located in Okinawa Onna village, Monterey Lumer not only has a large sandy beach on the waterfront, but also allows you to be pure white, to satisfy the illusion of a romantic church prototype. The church looks all white, the big white staircase is full of momentum, the church inside also with clean white as the keynote, in addition to the surface of the sea of large glass, Monterey lumer on both sides also have to let the sun to enjoy the large glass, the atmosphere of the church seems particularly romantic. (Recommended reading: Century Shanghai Xujiahui Catholic Church: Before the romance, we first observe the rules )

Monterey Lumer is affiliated to the superior resort Monterey, facing the Okinawa famous Tiger Beach, is the Tripadvisor vote for the 2015 family Travel class Hotel Grand Rewards! Apart from the fact that the Church itself does not need extra worry about lodging, it is also quite handy to take photos. The resort is seamless with the natural scenery, and each room is a sea-facing room.

Monterey Lumer is ideal for couples who aspire to dream weddings and ocean beaches.

eines Villa di Nozze Five senses of ultimate experience!

"I kiss you with my ear, taste you with my eyes, let us love each other with five senses." 」

Come to the north of eines Villa di Nozze, there is a "dear, I wrapped you a small island" illusion. eines Villa di Nozze is the main five-feeling experience of the wedding village, I believe that the wedding should be visual, tactile, smell, taste, hearing of the five heavy enjoyment, new and guests need to walk through the quiet black corridor, and then the church door pushed open, more immediate beauty shock. The church aisle has coloured glaze blue, the glass reflects the sky blue, the large surface sea glass already is the Okinawa Church must, eines Villa di nozze Both sides glass ingenuity has the water to float, the vision is rich. The boss has the confidence to say that there are so many foreign tourists married here, absolutely let you meet.

eines Villa di Nozze show meticulous intimate, the beach on the row let people feel happy Happy wedding words, at the same time prepare only for the new arrivals villa-style sea hotel and dining restaurant, let the newcomer experience the two people after the marriage of the world. eines Villa di Nozze built resort, inviting lovers with five sense of good love, came here to let people suspect that they have done a too good dream, more longing for the life after marriage.

eines Villa di nozze are suitable for lovers who pursue romantic details.

Diamond Ocean overlooking the blue of the mountain sea!

"Looking into your eyes, I think of the ocean. When you are by my side, there is always a blue in my heart. 」

Okinawa Ocean Diamond Church Diamond Ocean is located on the hill on the choice of the church, not directly adjacent to the sea, but overlooking the sea and the forest, will Okinawa's natural customs panoramic view. 360 degrees of glass curtain angle of view, let a person in the heart of a cool. has been operating for more than six years Diamond Ocean, was a Korean drama "Originally is the United States men" of the place, Diamond Ocean Church is equipped with classical romantic, under the blessing of the Mountain Sea, made to each other's commitment. (Recommended reading:"30 years old, it's time to get married?") "Find a man before you fall in love, don't get married first"

Diamond Ocean is affiliated to the hotel group Kariyushi Church, the chain hotel management people at ease. The church has a beachfront swimming pool, ballroom sea ' s can accommodate 80 or so guests, in the ground food ingredients into the dish, the dish name attentively to two people's blessing design, the weight is just right, let people feel full of happiness when eating. Diamond Ocean Chapel from the wedding, dining to the accommodation omni-directional, calm the new people to the wedding busy heart.

Diamond Ocean is suitable for lovers who are interested in solving the size problem once.

Coralvita Chapel It's okay, it's love!

"Who said that love has only one appearance?" We all have our own, it doesn't matter if it's love. 」

Red roof tile with the Goethe spire design, Coralvita Chapel shows another kind of white outside of the happy appearance. With Cora (coral reef) and Vita (life) as the name, Coravita Chapel with the beautiful Coral Sea to bless the new people will go hand in a fresh life. The design of a glass window with a church organ and stained glasses adds classical flavor to the church. Looking out of the window million (Korean TV series "Never Mind is Love ah" in the famous scene) and the couple rock, the sea view of the dazzling and new happiness has become a direct proportion. Church outside the big white staircase and happy Bell, for the wedding after the flower petal bath and Bell toast to prepare, let the wedding more complete in place.

On the day of arriving in Coralvita Chapel, a group of new people from Taiwan are dressing for the wedding, which also infects the happiness. Coralvita Chapel is located in the Intercontinental Hotel ANA Marriott, excellent location, accommodation is very convenient, but also sitting on the west side of Okinawa, a large coastline, suitable for with 35 friends and relatives to stay together!

Coralvita Chapel for couples who are meticulous about wedding details.

Aqualuce Chapel you are my journey!

"Rest is to go a long way, you are my journey!" "---The Good things", sir.

The Aqualuce Chapel, known as the Shell Church, is also part of the Intercontinental Hotel ANA, which has a different style from the Coralvita Chapel, which is designed with pure white shells, as well as a sugar-heart-egg profile, a magnificent atmosphere, a memory point, and a more modern one. Open the door of the church, greeted by a refreshing and elegant style of the church, Aqua is water, Luce is light, aqualuce with white main colors, with the color and skylight, the church stained glass and organ, the protagonist back to the new lovers.

Ching MV "Good Thing" has also been to this framing, male and female protagonist a white elegant memory of love. The shell chapel is exquisite and solemn, suitable for lovers who like modern minimalist style.

Blue Moon simple and elegant!

"Marriage, is I want insipid and meaningful with you walk the road of life." 」

The Blue Moon Church, eliminates the too complex gorgeous decoration, gives the person to be able to go to the basics the feeling, the happiness actually can be so simple. Imitation Ryukyu Limestone in the church, surrounded by small landing glass sea, simple and elegant, such as blessing the new not only 1:30 engraved romantic feelings, but can long-term together a simple but plain but tasteful life.

Blue Moon Church is located in Moonbeach Hotel, the Moonbeach Hotel is Okinawa's first resort-style hotel, although has a long history, but. Inside the hotel, there is a sea of green sand beach, close to the natural heart of Okinawa, the main Hawaiian holiday amorous feelings with the family to share the day. It is recommended that the Moonbeach Hotel Ballroom meal, sea grapes, purple potato soup, cartilage and other ingredients in the ground to French exquisite method of cooking, to create a wedding with friends and relatives of the happy good times.

Is there such a person around, so that you are willing to think of the future a little farther? Perhaps marriage is not in your plan, or you may not want to go to the island to marry, but perhaps in the church to see the introduction of the time, you also think of such a person, sweet in the heart.

Share seven kinds of confessions, seven kinds of church flavors for you, but also for those of you who have different love relationships. Waiting for the time to mature, said together, "Dear, we go to Okinawa to marry!" (Recommended to you: love him in the right way!) The true needs of five kinds of love and being loved )

Yes I do! To measure the romantic wedding you've been destined for.