The September theme "Moving Women: 100 Ways to Sweat", we in-depth sports, but also to those who walk in front of us, the courage to move forward through the boundaries of athletes. Today, I'll introduce you to the legendary women in sports history:Babe Didrikson Zaharias, who has been voted by The Associated Press as the greatest athlete of the century, what's the story? (same field Gayon: The first woman to cross the western Emilia )

You may have heard the motto of the Olympic Games, Citius,altius,fortius faster, higher, stronger, three simple words, the way to do the athlete for their own never satisfied, for the limit never admit defeat, the spirit of never bow to the challenge.

Athletes know, the goal is in the front, we sweat panting, after failure, there is still no reason to move forward, want to start the idea, it is the same. Even if the spirit to listen to neutral, in your mind, exercise is neutral?

Most movements are marked with "masculine" equals, as if people were sweating in order to multiply the masculine character, close to the original warrior Sea-man. and "Sports girls" are sometimes cast with strange eyes, as if she is compared to man, because of some negative qualities, to have today so good success. (Recommended reading: Asian Games Weightlifting gold medal: see Lin Zixi to reinterpret the feminine)

And this, as early as half a century ago, Babe Didrikson Zaharias has a profound understanding. As the world's first female golfer, but also active in baseball, basketball, athletics, diving, skating, bowling and other sporting events, she looked at the female athletes often exposed to the helpless; she was reported to be called "it", people do not want to believe that women can win gold, I had to tell myself that she was definitely not a woman, she became a beast that could not be defined.

Babe Didrikson Zaharias Once in a physical collision with the world dogma, with the practice of writing a rigid-flexible and economic women's movement history, behind each milestone is blood and sweat.

Watch Babe conquer the world: win the gold medal of the Olympic Games

"I have never been afraid to clash with the rules, I have the confidence to win." "---Babe didrikson

Born on June 26, 1911, Mildred Ella Didrikson Zaharias, born in a family that believes in physical training, Didrikson like to play with her brothers from childhood, sports is her playmate.

One time, Didrikson played five home runs in a baseball game and was nicknamed Babe by his family (Babe Ruth was a baseball player who was called the Home run king). , did not expect the nickname to follow her like a ghost, suggesting that she has a close relationship with sports.

Although most talk about her golf achievement, Didrikson was the first to gain attention in college basketball and then to shine in the field. At the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, Didrikson won two gold medals and a silver medal. At the time of the Olympic Games, women can only participate in three activities, but she has 80 meters hurdles, javelin, high jump broke four world records. (She has broken two world records with a 80-metre hurdle) Didrikson's name spreads quickly between families.

"didrikson is the most gifted athletic player I have ever met, male or female. "The sports writer Paul Gallico to write down such a sentence.

Harmony, rhythm, elegance, write down golf history

Didrikson started her golf career in 1931, she kertes to professional golfer Stan, and insisted on practising 1000 balls a day until her hands were full of blisters. Gifted with an acquired practice, Didrikson once said, "Do you want to talk about luck on the court?" Yes, but you have to have a long practice and the ability to think under pressure. 」

In 1935, she started playing as an amateur, winning the championship in Texas Women's Amateur Invitational, but the American Golf Association canceled her title because of her achievements and income in the field of basketball and baseball.

In 1938, she challenged the Los Angeles Open of the Professional Championship (PGA), only to have other women challenge the tournament for 60 years. She became the first American golfer to win the championship in the 1947 British Women's Amateur Championship, with viewers calling her "Superman's sister" for her strength. In the same year, she officially became a professional golfer, and for the next six years she dominated the golf industry. From 1933 to 1953, she won a total of 82 golf Championships.

In addition to the women's Championship, Didrikson participated in the PGA Los Angeles Tournament in 1938 and 1945. She also announced that to participate in the U.S. men's open, attracted many men worried, led the Main Committee immediately drafted to prohibit women to participate in the U.S. Open. In 1949, Didrikson the other 13 golfers to set up the Women's Golf Association (LPGA) to promote the visibility of women players in the golf world.

"Golf is a sport that is coordinated, rhythmic and elegant." Women are very good at this. "---Babe didrikson

In 1953, after the Didrikson surgery, she returned to the golf course in just 3.5 months and won the American women's Open, as if the field was the place to give her life.

1956, cancer second buckle door, this time perseverance to the disease bow, September 27 cancer Let Didrikson life, that year she 45 years old. The day after his death, almost every newspaper media used "The world's greatest female athlete to die" to commemorate the glorious days she brought to the stadium.

is exercise neutral? Babe to live a legend.

The victory on the sports field has brought more public pressure to the Didrikson. The media accused her of having a short haircut, not a man or a woman, a reckless temper, and even no partnership. The New York World Post even has this sentence: "I would rather didrikson with her fellow-travellers to stay at home, to dress up nicely, waiting for the phone to ring." "didrikson on his own strength into the palace of sports, but because of gender stereotypes were hunted down. Women's gender identity, let her always face people for the beauty of the model imagination. (Recommended reading: nude photography: The athlete lets you see the aesthetics of power )

Perhaps as Didrikson said, "Golf is never just a hit, you take off your belt and let your ball fly." "Forget the limitations imposed by sex, and her balls are as free as her heart."

Babe Didrikson Zaharias to live as a legend, her name followed her to die, her story stayed, with more women to write the history of women's sports. (Recommended reading: The first woman to run into a marathon )

When people think of her, will remember the young she had sent down boasted: " My goal is to become one of the greatest athletes in the world ", will remember her jumping in the Olympic Games on the figure, will remember her waving clubs, but also for their own design golf attire, will remember her strong and gentle to the contemporary people to prove that athletes should be neutral.

People remember her as an athlete, there is no debt to the movement of this road, she walked to the dead side, but the contemporary society owes her too much.

September Theme "Move women: 100 Ways to Sweat"