If you feel that the secret of the model head is very much like a long and soft fluorescent stick, then you can get half the answer.

Yes!The model is plastic. Although it looks like a fluorescent stick, it's because the use of the black cloth is very promising. In fact, in the art gallery in New York Tomaas's series of works , the materials used are only plastic.

is very much like a large-like, large contact lens, which is of course plastic.

series of work Tomaas provides us with a kind of overrealistic imagination: Although we use cheap materials that we can see everywhere-plastic, it seems that it has gone beyond the modern era of centuries!

See what this transparent sea is?The answer is plastic forks!The next time the sea is broken, it may be possible to replace the plastic forks.

The lost wizard in the dark, except that she is wearing a tin foil cap, and a bundle of fresh-film blouses, probably careless breaking into the kitchen of the people's house.

Feel somewhat like a cross-annual pyrotechnic of the North 101 Building.

The headwear and necklace of European nobility.

A large black plastic bag that is common at the roadside, it looks evil now, so please don't throw trash out, yo.

Like a water bottle helmet of a missile, it feels that it can be used in a war time (to kill the enemy and to supplement water).

I don't think plastic can be used as well as fashion!So don't take a look at the plastic bags sent by the lunchshops, but they would have had the chance to go at the point of the times!

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